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Kodi is Officially Dead!

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A few times a week we get emails and calls saying, “I saw this video on Youtube about Kodi being Shutdown, Banned, Dying, Dead, Etc.” We normally have the person send us the link to whatever they saw online that told them that Kodi was being shutdown, banned, etc. We have a general idea of what kind of video or article we are going to see when they send us the link.

Here are a few examples of the types of videos out there spreading false sensationalistic information. We will explain why people do this and what exactly click Bait is below.

So why do people put out videos like this? It’s the main reason people do anything, Money!

What is Click Bait and how are you involved? 

Click Bait is a term used when people on Blogs, Youtube and Social Media use sensational titles on content to lure people to click on the link. Hence they are baiting you to click on the link by using a crazy title to attract your attention.

Ever notice ads on a website with titles like the below listed examples.

Doctors hate him, How John Doe is putting the plastic surgery industry out of business.

The Government wants him silenced, What are they hiding from you?

This guy turned $100 into 5 Million, see how he did it!

Kodi shut down for good, Click for the full story!

These are all examples of Click bait.

Why would they even care if I click on their links? 

People who put out stuff like this make money every time you click on their links. So it is in their financial interest to get as many people to click on their links as possible. So they create crazy titles filled with doom and gloom to get you to click.

How do these characters make money from your clicks?


Youtubers make money from you in a few ways. On Youtube these people make money each time someone clicks on their video and is shown an advertisement. If you skip the ad after 5 seconds they get a certain amount of money. If you watch the whole video they get paid a little more. Click on the video link to get more information and they get paid even more.

Blog Articles

If you have noticed, lately almost every blog has about 50 ads on each page. Bloggers make money each time an ad is shown to a visitor of their blog. If you click on an ad while on their blog they get paid a little more. That is why they want as many people hitting their blog as possible.

Offered Services

Many of these bloggers and Youtubers have links to different services on their blog or in the description of their Youtube video. If you click on the link and purchase whatever they are trying to sell, they make money. And don’t think that the click bait ends at the title. Many of these people use the same click bait tactics in the products or services they are trying to sell you. So be careful if you choose to click on a link from someone trying to click bait you into purchasing a service or product.

Why didn’t we call out any of these Kodi Click Baiters?

Because we are cool like that It’s not our place to call people out for putting out click bait videos. We are not the type of people who like to get involved in drama. This article was just to inform you what these videos are and why they are put out there.

So don’t believe everything you read or watch on the internet. If you do you may soon be wearing an aluminum foil helmet so the voices can’t get you

As always, Stream On!

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Kodi is Officially Dead!


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