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17 Uses for Your Old Smartphone

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They’re called smartphones for a reason They’re smart, right? So keep using these smart devices after you trade up to something new and, well something smarter. In a world of re-purposing, up-cycling and finding other uses for items laying around the house, it’s easy to find another use for your old favorite. Here are 17 new things you can do with your old smartphone.

17 Uses for Your Old Smartphone

1. Security Camera

17 Uses for Your Old Smartphone Security Camera

Put your old smartphone to use as a real time security Camera. First you’ll need to select a securtiy camera app for your phone. Download free apps like Manything, Presence or IP WebCam and easily transform it into a security camera. Once you are all set up you can monitor your home or business and control the camera from anywhere, right from your new smartphone.

2. Dash Cam

The road ahead can be an adventure you may want to capture to protect yourself in the event of an accident or fender bender. Dash Cams are becoming more and more popular and old smart phones are being repurposed into these information dynamos. Not only are there many kits on the market to create a holder for your camera, there are many apps to download transforming your old device into a worthwhile camera. Dash Cam, Car Camera and Dash on the Road are a few apps that easily get the job done.

3. E Reader

17 Uses for Your Old Smartphone E-Reader

Move over Kindle, there’s a new smart phone in town. Today’s book worms have the world of books at their fingertips thanks to apps like Google Play Books, Amazon Kindle, OverDrive and more. Some libraries will allow you to “check out” their books electronically, thanks to your old smartphone. And since this device is no longer set up to receive phone calls, you can read without distractions. Just remember to put the new phone on silent. Now that’s well read!

4. Donate It To Charity

Give back to someone in need. There are many organizations and charitable foundations that can put your old smartphone to good use. Organizations like Hopeline that gives phones to victimes of domestic violence, Cell Phones for Soldiers who gives soldiers all over the world phones so they can keep in touch with their loved ones or Good Will who works to recycle old cell phones.

5. Digital Picture Frame

Thanks to smart phone technology, we take more and more photos then ever before. The only problem is unlike the past, we don’t take the film to the local camera shop to get them developed. The pictures are stored inside our phones just waiting to be shared and enjoyed. Problem solved. Use your old smartphone as a digital frame to run a slide show of your favorite photos. An Android app, Instant Video Slideshow or iOS app, Digital Photo Frame can get you started creating slideshows.

6. Emergency Device

17 Uses for Your Old Smartphone 911

Keep an old smart phone, or any cell phone charged “just in case” there is an emergency. Keep it handy at home or in your car so if an emergency happens and your new phone is unavailable you can connect to 911 to get the help and assistance you need.

7. Camera and Camcorder

In the world of battery draining technology, save the new phone’s battery and use the old phone for your camera and camcorder. You can access public Wi Fi or upload the pics to the cloud, share them on social media or put them in your Dropbox so you can access them quickly an easily.

8. Portable Recording Studio

Musicians take special note to this idea. Use your old smart phone as a recording device for your favorite music. Smart phones are portable so they are ready when the inspiration hits. Connect a guitar to an iPad, load up Garageband or download the KORG Gadget app and start rocking!

9. Smart Baby Monitor

17 Uses for Your Old Smartphone Baby Monitor

Now you can get peace of mind compliments of your old smart phone. Your spare smart phone can easily be transformed into a high tech baby monitor with the android app Dormi or iOS app, Cloud Baby Monitor. This real time video with a two way audio feature allows you to not only watch your baby from afar but sing lullabyes or say good night even if you are miles and miles away.

10. Music Player

Keep your old smart phone and play your favorite playlists like you would an MP3 player. Apps like Tunein Radio allow you to listen to your favorite radio station thanks to WiFi and a portable Bluetooth speaker. Take it along in the car too. Create your favorite playlists, connect via Bluetooth and off you go. No more hassles with playing music, taking phone calls and referring to the GPS directions. One less thing to have to worry about while out on the road.

11. In The Name Of Science

As if your smart phone isn’t smart enough already, they’ve found a way to use your old device for scientific research. Thanks to a program, BOINC, short for Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing, an old smart phones that still operate and can hook up to the internet can help scientists find new research for AIDs, search for stars in the solar system or even find cures for cancer.

12. Wi Fi Extender

17 Uses for Your Old Smartphone Wifi Extender

If you’re like thousands of Americans who are plagued by weak, Wi-Fi, your old smart phone might be the answer to a faster experience. It’s easy when you install an app like fqrouter2 on your old device. This amazing app will pick up a signal and repeat it. All you need is a rooting device that can be easily installed.

13. It’s For Child’s Play

Toys come in all shapes and sizes and now your old smart phone fits right into that category. Instead of sharing your new device with your children, set up a restricted profile on your old one to limit their access and install kid friendly apps like Angry Birds and Candy Crush and give them hours of worry free entertainment.

14. State of The Art Media Center

Talk about entertainment! With streaming devices like Chromecast you can download apps like Hulu, Pandora and Netflix among others to play your favorite movies and play your favorite music right from the comfort of your own home thanks to the smartness of your old smart phone.

15. Video Chat Terminal

17 Uses for Your Old Smartphone Video Chat

Create an extension to your office by creating a video chat terminal with your old smart phone. As long as there is Wi-Fi available, download the apps Google Hangouts or Skype and enjoy face to face video conferencing from anywhere in the world.

16. Time For A Fancy Clock

Transform your old smart phone into a clever clock and conversational piece. Check out the free Timely Alarm Clock and Beautiful Widgets Pro apps that offer features like current time and temperature, animated weather information as well as beautiful screensavers.

17. Sell It and Make a Buck or Two

Share your old smart phone with someone new. List your device on Ebay, Craigs List or even a local marketplace or go one step further and Amazon or Best Buy who offer buyback programs for mobile devices. There are also specialized services like Gazelle and Glyde who provide instant price estimates for devices. Here’s some food for thought: Before passing it on, remove any sim cards and perform a factory reset on the device to keep your private information, private.

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17 Uses for Your Old Smartphone


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