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Facebook Reactions: How To Dislike a Facebook Post

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Few months ago, there were rumors circulating the internet that Facebook was going to launch a ‘Dislike Button’, considering the facts it seems unlikely. Facebook as a social network is all about positivity and making the internet a better place and as such would not add a Dislike button to its options.

There is every possibility that a dislike button would be a means to breed hate and negativity on Facebook’s social platform, however Facebook is testing a series of other ‘Facebook Reactions’, a button with which users can express other emotions such as surprise, displeasure and empathy amongst others on a Facebook post.

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Basically all we have right now is the ‘Like’, ‘Comment’ and ‘Share’ buttons.  The ‘Like’ button which allows you to convey a feeling of satisfaction, agreement, appreciation or amusement, although it is often used to convey other meanings. The ‘Comment’ allows a user to fully express one’s self on a post. A user might ‘Like’ a sad post and then add a comment to express sympathy.

Many users have clamored for a ‘Dislike’ button, According to Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, “What they really want is the ability to express empathy. Not every moment is a good moment…” ‘Facebook reactions’ would provide users a way to convey feelings of support, empathy and other emotions when a user posts for instance about the death of a close relative.

It would indeed feel weird to ‘Like’ a post such as one about the death of a close relative, although some people still hit the like button and go ahead to really express themselves in the comments.

As little as it may seem, we all can tell what positive feeling that engulfs us when our posts or pictures are liked on Facebook or Instagram, there is always this satisfaction that comes along with knowing that someone likes your pictures/posts, especially when it’s someone you admire.

In the same manner, there would be negative feelings when you get to know that the amazing pose in your just uploaded picture was ‘Disliked’ by someone you really admire. Users can take advantage of a ‘Dislike’ button to attack other users and their posts, hence breeding hate and negativity on the social network. For this reason, we might not see a Facebook dislike button anytime soon.

What is Facebook Reactions?

Rather than adopting a ‘Dislike’ button considering the cons, Facebook has rather been experimenting other ways to express feelings which the ‘Like’ button has been unable to express – Facebook Reactions.

The addition of ‘Reactions’ will not change the look of Facebook, rather when a user hits the ‘Thumbs Up’ icon which normally represents ‘Like’, other options would pop up from which they can select the appropriate ‘Facebook reactions’ to that particular post.

While experimenting the ‘Reactions’, Facebook is reportedly consulting with Sociologists on Human Emotions to ensure that these new Facebook reactions do not breed any negativity on the internet.

You recall the option that allowed users to add the French Flag overlay on their display pictures after the sad incident that happened in France in November 2015? You remember the safety check option after the Yola bombing in November 2015?  These are just a few of the options which Facebook experimented in order to express feelings that the ‘Like’ button failed to express.

How To Express Empathy On A Sad Facebook Post

Until ‘Facebook Reactions’ are launched, the only way one can effectively show empathy to a sad post on Facebook is by adding a comment and expressing yourself fully.

Another way to do this is by sending them a message which would not be public, rather private. Facebook messenger allows you to send private messages to users.

If you know the affected user in person, you call them on phone, text them or even pay them a visit.

Hopefully, ‘Facebook Reactions’ would roll out soon, and then we’ll be able to take advantage of it.

How To Show Displeasure In A Facebook Post

Someone might have uploaded a video that disgusts you, a picture you wouldn’t like to see or a status update or comment that might be offensive to you. There is a proper way to deal with such posts that displease users on Facebook.

If you just do not like the post, comment or update, and you never wish to see it again, this is all you need do. There is a downward arrow at the top-right corner of every post, you can use this option to hide such a post and you’ll be sure it would never display on your Timeline again.

In a case where the user has proven to be a repeat offender, you can ‘Unfollow’ such a user – this option won’t remove them from your friend list rather you won’t be seeing their posts on your timeline or you can decide to ‘Unfriend’ them completely.

Facebook also allows you to report posts. A click on the downward facing arrow at the top-right corner of a post would among other options display an option to ‘Report Post’, selecting also your reason for reporting the post.


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