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Muted is a digital magazine for men who believe their time is irreplaceable and that buying quality well designed products is a necessity.
2023-03-21 21:28
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12 Of The Best Down Vests For Men
2019-12-30 14:20
This buying guide will show you 12 of the best down vests for men we could find. While some are meant for warmth and others are more fashionable they are all from top-notch manufacturers. Be… Read More
A 4 Season Capsule Wardrobe For Men
2019-12-13 18:13
At we love capsule wardrobes. When building a capsule wardrobe you should look to achieve three things: 1. Interchangeability – When building a capsule wardrobe you should ut… Read More
Charge Automotive Electric Mustang
2019-07-10 14:39
London Base Charge Automotive just opened up 499 reservations for their Charge Electric Mustang (£300,000). Charge has previously worked on other projects with major car brands like Mc… Read More
16 Of The Best Travel Backpacks For Men
2019-02-23 16:09
Looking to jet off for a weekend away? Whether you’re heading for an adventure or looking to unwind in luxury, you need a bag that is versatile, lightweight and convenient. Our guide… Read More
13 Best EDC Multi Tools
2019-02-12 22:08
Have you ever found yourself in a jam where you needed a specific tool but just didn’t have it handy? Is your toolbox sitting at home, gathering dust because it’s never around wh… Read More
10 Best Ice Scraper For Cars
2019-02-12 21:36
When winter hits you not only have to worry about snow, but you have to be prepared to take on freezing rains. Our buying guide, 10 Best Ice Scrapers For Cars, will show you top choices. We… Read More
10 Best Winter Boots For Men
2019-02-12 21:24
My 10 Best Winter Boots for Men guide will help you find the right boots for Winter. The information in this guide will at a minimum keep you comfortable and at most keep you from experienci… Read More
7 Best Extreme Cold Weather Boots For Men
2019-02-12 21:15
Winter is here and it’s time to find a pair of extreme cold weather boots for men that handle extreme weather conditions. We’re talking about boots that will not only keep you wa… Read More
2019-02-12 15:09
Whatever the task, the weather condition, or your environment our buying guide for the best men’s backpacks will have something you’re sure to love. Backpacks on this list includ… Read More
25 Of The Best EDC Pocket Knives
2019-02-11 21:07
If you’re looking for the best EDC pocket knife, then you’re looking for a knife that will handle your most common daily tasks and hold up under those conditions. The pocket kniv… Read More
2019-02-11 19:35
If you’re shopping for the best EDC flashlight, you’re going to want something that can stand up to the rigors of daily carry, puts out sufficient light, but is small enough to s… Read More
11 Of The Best Men’s Hoodies
2019-01-25 15:32
My Best Men’s Hoodies is not a guide to the top teenage hoodies of yesteryear. No, you won’t find any artifacts of your adolescence here. Hoodies have undergone a revolution of l… Read More
15 Of The Best Men’s Sweatshirts
2019-01-17 20:52
Tis’ the season for sweatshirts. In this article I’l be talking about crewneck sweatshirts, but if you’re like me you live in your crewneck or hoodie. There is nothing more… Read More
10 Of The Best Men’s Denim Shirts
2019-01-03 19:08
Men’s Wardrobe Essentials: Everything You Need to Know About Denim Shirts Denim shirts were originally worn by Cowboys, but now they’re a wardrobe essential for a very good reaso… Read More
20 Of The Best Men’s Slides
2018-12-29 17:45
This guide isn’t about flip-flops or sandals. Our best men’s slides guide is only about slides. If it’s got a thingy that goes between your toes, or a strap that goes behin… Read More
13 Of The Best Men’s Oxford Shirts
2018-12-21 00:22
Every single guy reading this should have an Oxford in his wardrobe. Along with Chino’s and Jeans, Oxfords are the workhorse of your closet. I love my Oxfords. They are less formal tha… Read More
5 Of The Best Men’s Dress Shoes
2018-12-20 23:13
One of the most important aspects of your wardrobe is your dress shoes. You can tell a lot about a man from the dress shoes he wears and what he wears them with. Dress shoes can be worn with… Read More
5 Of The Best Men’s Dress Shirts
2018-12-20 15:02
Men’s fashion has come a considerably long way in recent years. We’re no longer required to wear the same overdone suit time after time. We have choices in colors, styles, and ev… Read More
16 Of The Best Men’s Chinos
2018-12-17 13:47
Men’s chinos are one of the most important pants in a man’s essential wardrobe.  Finding the right brand for you can, however, be somewhat of a challenge, I am here to help… Read More
6 Of The Best Men’s Jeans
2018-12-14 18:19
Jeans, simply put, are an absolute men’s essential wardrobe item and finding the Best Men’s Jeans is especially essential for most guys since we wear them almost every… Read More
15 Of The Best Men’s Plain T-Shirts
2018-12-13 23:42
Every guy wears t-shirts. That’s why I created The Best Men’s Plain T-Shirt Guide. I not only show you where to get the best plain t-shirts, but I show how the should fit, what c… Read More
6 Of The Best Men’s Blazers
2018-12-13 18:40
In this guide I not only show you 6 of the best mens blazers for any budget, buy I show you exactly how to wear them to look great. Jump straight to the best mens blazer buying guide. Every… Read More
15 Of The Best Men’s Wool Trousers
2018-12-13 17:20
In my 15 of the Best Men’s Wool Trousers Buying Guide, I’m going to not only the best options for wool trousers but how to wear them so you look great. Jump straight to the best… Read More
6 Of The Best Men’s Chino Shorts
2018-12-13 16:56
Everybody I know loves wearing chinos. But a lot of those guys don’t look great wearing them. They tend to wear them too baggy, too tight, too short, or too long. Or simply have no ide… Read More
16 Of The Best Men’s Denim Jacket
2018-12-13 15:25
If you’re on the lookout for some of the Best Men’s Denim Jackets, then look no further than this article. I not only show my top choices, but I also go through what colors and w… Read More
22 Of The Best Men’s White Sneakers
2018-12-13 14:24
In 2017 I put together our top picks for best men’s white sneakers. But I wanted to go into a little more detail on why white sneakers are soo cool. Why their such an integral part of… Read More
22 Of The Best Men’s Winter Coats
2018-12-13 13:49
When it comes to buying the best mens winter coats, there should be no compromise on either warmth or style. But there is no reason you can’t get both.  You just need to take a co… Read More
6 Best Men’s Polo Shirts
2018-12-12 21:10
Polo shirts are essential to any man’s spring & summer wardrobe. They’ve been around for over a hundred years for a reason. If done correctly a polo can go from super casual… Read More
6 Of The Best Men’s Navy Blazers
2018-09-17 16:40
Every once in a while you want to dress up a bit without going all out with a suit. That’s why one of my favorite men’s wardrobe essentials is the navy blazer. A blazer can be wo… Read More
5 Best Men’s Oxford Dress Shoe Brands
2018-09-14 18:10
A pair of black oxfords is an absolute must for any man’s wardrobe. Check out our mens dress shoe wardrobe essential guide for outfit ideas and additional brands. But for the purpose o… Read More
5 Of The Best Men’s Denim Jackets
2018-09-13 00:07
Putting on a denim jacket has a feeling all its own. It is a piece of American history that’s lasted for decades and seems to grow stronger with each one. The jean jacket is a men&rsqu&hell…Read More
5 Of The Best Men’s V-Neck Sweaters
2018-09-12 21:18
Men’s fashion has come a long way in recent years. Rather than depending on fashion trends, men are starting to go back to the classics. And that’s what Muted is all about. Among… Read More
5 Of The Best Men’s Dark Wash Jeans
2018-09-06 20:21
Jeans, simply put, are an absolute men’s essential wardrobe item. For casual or business casual wear (yes business casual), they are the perfect addition to any versatile wardrobe. All… Read More
Anatomy Of A Men’s Suit
2018-09-06 14:40
A man in a suit is a must in any men’s essential wardrobe. You can be on the fringes of society, but wear a suit and look like a million bucks. And no matter how often you wear a suit… Read More
5 Of The Best Men’s Chinos
2018-09-04 16:24
Men’s chinos are one of the most important pants in a man’s essential wardrobe. They can be worn with pretty much any in your closet. From broadcloth dress shirts, and Oxford dre… Read More
Anatomy Of Men’s Dress Shoes
2018-09-04 04:28
Dress shoes are an essential part of any man wardrobe. If you do it right dress shoes can be worn with almost anything in your closet; dark wash jeans, chinos, or wool pants. There are a wid… Read More
How Should A Men’s Dress Shirt Fit?
2018-08-31 12:51
The Men’s Dress Shirt is definitely a men’s wardrobe essential and attention should be paid to make sure the fit is on point. Putting on a pair of dark wash jeans and a t-shirt i… Read More
How Should A Men’s Blazer Fit?
2018-08-20 15:49
Few articles of clothing make as bold of a statement as a men’s blazer. Men’s Blazers can be worn for a variety of different situations from formal affairs, to business lunches… Read More
How Should A Suit Fit?
2018-07-16 21:11
Every guy on the planet should have a beautiful suit. When you put on a suit you should feel confident and ready to take on the world. A well-fitting suit will hide everything that’s a… Read More

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