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Free Kindle Books – The Ultimate Resource

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Free Kindle Books – The Ultimate Resource

We all love a bargain, and there’s no better value for your Kindle than Free Kindle Ebooks!

I’ve searched high and low for the best sources of free books for Kindle, and this is what I’ve come up with so far.  This list will keep growing as I find new sources, so keep checking back.

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If you know of any other great sites for free Kindle books – please get in touch or leave a comment!

The Different Types of Free Books Online

A lot of largest free book resources cover the same material – typically classics that are out of copyright, or other older books.

Other places to download free books will just be unsorted selections, or long lists of books which make it hard to find what you are interested in.

If you’re more interested in recent books or new releases which are on special offer, then the best bet will be curated sites – although it’s wise to bear in mind that many of these will be influenced by advertisers or payments from publishers or authors.

Ultimately, unless you specifically know the book that you are looking for, or you’re following a recommendation, it’s a good idea to rely on the reviews that the books have received.

Remember that if you download free Kindle books from sources other than Amazon, you may need to transfer them onto your Kindle. See these ‘How to…‘ guides on loading books onto your Kindle Fire or E-reader / Paperwhite for how to do this.

If you download them directly onto your Kindle (e.g. if you have visited a site below on your Kindle Fire, and downloaded a book directly), then the saved book will show-up in the ‘Docs’  section of your Kindle Fire Menu bar.

Ultimate List of Free Kindle Book Resources

Free Ebooks Resource
Book Types
Book Subjects

Amazon Top 100 Free Books (US)

Amazon's own top list of free books - this is the US list.

Biased toward fiction, but anything that is currently free may be represented on here.

However - each individual category has it's own top 100 free list - see Cookbooks, Wine and Foods for example.

Self-Published, Commercially PublishedMixedYes

Amazon Top 100 Free Books (UK)

Amazon's own top list of free books - this is the UK list, which is completely different to the US one!Self-Published, Commercially PublishedMixedYes

Kindle First

Kindle First is an Amazon Prime benefit for the US only.

Each month, 4 new release books from major publishers are offered, before they are officially published, and Amazon Prime members can choose one free.

Subscribe to Amazon Prime now to take advantage of this benefit

Commercially PublishedNew ReleasesYes

Kindle Lending Library

Kindle Lending Library is an Amazon Prime benefit.

Each month, the Amazon Prime account can borrow one book from the 500,000 on-offer.

Subscribe to Amazon Prime now to take advantage of this benefit

Commercially PublishedMixedYes

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a volunteer effort to digitize and archive cultural works.

While new books are published, the focus is very much on out-of-copyright classics.

If you are looking for an older free book, this should be your first port of call. It's also very good for classical books in other languages.

Public DomainClassicsNo
Free Kindle BooksThis is a very basic site, and repackages project Gutenburg books.

Now that Project Gutenburg publishes in MOBI format, it’s not strictly needed, but the more limited selection means that it may be easier to quickly find the common books you want.

Public DomainClassicsNo

Mobile Read

MobileRead is a ebook forum, covering a lot of different subject areas and file formats. The focus here seems to be more on the archiving and presentation of the books rather than the books themselves.

The books on this site are uploaded in a forum format, and the link here is to the Kindle Book forum.

The available books are listed in alphabetical order by author, and have a categorization flag against them, but it does not seem to be possible to sort them in other ways.

You can search each forum, but it does not appear to be the easiest site to use.

Public DomainMixedNo


Here’s something different! Munseys is a repository of over 34,000 books, mostly pulp fiction.

Also includes issues of Munseys magazine, which was a pulp fiction magazine published until 1929 – and obviously where the name comes from!

Public DomainPulp FictionYes

Planet eBook

Another classics site, with a limited selection of around 80 books in PDF format.

You may prefer books to be in the Kindle format, but the books are presented and well, so it’s worthwhile checking them out as an alternative to Project Gutenberg.

Public DomainClassicsNo


Feedbooks is a mixed paid and free bookstore, with around 6,000 free books available across both fiction and non-fiction.

The fiction side of things is biased towards fan-fiction (not necessarily a bad thing!), and non-fiction towards religion.

Where there are no formal reviews or star ratings (such as Amazon provides), some of the books do have comments to help you decide what you might want to download from them.

Self-Published, Commercially PublishedMixedNo


FreeTechBooks lists free online computer science, engineering and programming books, textbooks and lecture notes.

This is not a free ebook resource in the same way as most others here – you will not be able to download MOBI files in the majority of cases.

However, you will not find a many better sources of free technical guides on the web, so I’ve included it in this list.

Self-Published Technical DocumentationNo
FreeComputerBooksOne of the other great sources of free technical ebooks is FreeComputerBooks.

It’s similar to FreeTechBooks above, in that you can’t directly download most of the materials, and they are not hosted on the site itself, but it’s a great place to start your search for free computer ebooks.

Self-Published Technical DocumentationNo


JustFreeBooks does not host any books themselves, but is a search engine for 700 sites (including many of those listed here).N/A – Search EngineN/A – Search EngineN/A – Search Engine


Wikibooks is a collection of open content textbooks.

It’s part of the WikiMedia Foundation, which also controls Wikipedia, amongst other sources.

By its nature, everything is work in progress, but there are generally PDF versions of the latest versions of books available.

Open SourceTextbooksNo


Mobipocket is included here for completeness, and for historical reference.

A quick visit will make it clear that this site is well out of date, and that there has been no new activity here for a long time. It’s no surprise really, as Amazon acquired it in 2005 – I’m surprised that the site is still there!

The one point of historical note that’s worth mentioning is that Mobipocket was the developer of the MOBI file format.

Public DomainClassicsNo

You are never going to run out of things to read at!

There are over 6,000,000 public domain e-books. Your best bet is to just search and see if you can find what you need.

Books which are available to be downloaded, will normally be available in Kindle format.

Public DomainMixedYes

Google Books

I hesitated to include Google Books, as the books here are generally not downloadable.

However, it’s a good source if you’re researching, and can be accessed by your kindle through the browser.

Ultimately, to download books, it’s going to direct you to the Google Play store – there’s nothing on here that’s not available in the Amazon Kindle Free Books Lists.

All TypesMixedYes

Books on the Knob

Books on the Knob has a small daily selection of free books from Amazon that you might not find through other routes.

The links will take you to the Amazon site so you can download the books directly to your Kindle Library.

Because the books link through to Amazon, you can find the reviews there.

Self-Published, Commercially PublishedMixedYes

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Free Kindle Books – The Ultimate Resource


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