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Wiley Brooks, Our Breatharian Mentor

Breatharian Wiley Brooks on Tomorrow Show

Breatharian Philosophy Pioneer

Back in the early 1980’s, the Breatharian Philosophy and Breatharian Movement was initiated by Wiley Brooks. According to Wiley Brooks, Breatharians are people who can, under the proper conditions, live with or without eating physical food. Wiley Brooks also says that we all are Breatharians because we all are spiritual beings sustained by The Breath of Life.

“Most people are interested because they hear about Breatharians from the view point that Breatharians that they’ve heard about are people that can live without eating food. That is the main information that is in the world and of course that was not really the main purpose of even really making that knowledge known. The purpose was to make people aware of the possibilities that we could do something way far beyond what they have been thought to believe.”

— Wiley Brooks, The Founder of The Breatharian Institiute of America

Wiley was first introduced to the world back in 1981 when he appeared on the national TV show THAT’S INCREDIBLE! demonstrating his strength by lifting 1100 lbs of weights, nearly 10 times his own body weight. When in a non-polluted environment (air or electro) he sleeps 1 to 7 hours a week. Wiley was truly a ‘superhuman’, I mean, he was in his 40s around the time he lifted those weights! What an incredible light being!

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Discovering Wiley Brooks

I remember seeing the term ‘Breatharian’ on my Facebook Feed. Taylor Budd was making posts on the fact that Breatharianism was the best way of living. I also remember coming across a post from someone by the name of Jeff Pierre. Jeff Pierre was a really amazing and enlightened being. Jeff spoke to me about a specific and special diet and I researched his diet. I then found out that it came from Wiley Brooks’s website. I was intrigued.

I did a lot of research on Wiley Brooks because at this time I was pretty much living on iHerbal Arts and Fruit. I looked into many of Wiley Brooks’s interviews and I realized that he was a very honest and integrity-filled being. I couldn’t innerstand how such a spiritual being could recommend such a diet. Here are the instructions for the diet that I found on Wiley Brooks’s website:

  1. Jot Niranjan

  2. Omkar

  3. Rarankar

  4. Sohang

  5. Sat Nam

Start meditating with these magic words for at least 30 minutes a day to begin with and increase your meditatiing time to 2 hours a day as soon as possible. Repeat them in the exact order that they are.

It is better to have some diet coke in your bloodstream (if possible) before starting the meditation exercise. You may drink as much as you desire of diet coke in the 1 liter size (include lots of ice) and at McDonald’s (with caffeine) in the plastic bottles only. The double-quarter-pounder/with cheese meal at McDonald’s is the other part of this diet. Try to eat at least one meal a day for at least for 1 month (30 days) to get started. Go back to my web site periodically to see if you can start to feel the magic/love (The love energy from my writings) after reading a few paragraphs.

It is OK to drink from the cups when eating at McDonald. I highly recommend that you eat at McDonalds when ever possible. All McDonalds are constructed on properties that are protected by 5th Dimenstional high energy/spiritual portals. As you continue to use this meditation/diet program you will start to feel the difference in the atmosphere when eating inside of a McDonalds and outside.

If you are in Europe: substitute the HAMBURGER ROYAL WITH CHEESE for the double-quarter with cheese and COCA COLA LIGHT for the diet coke. (DRINK ONLY THE COCA COLA LITE).

It is also acceptable to combine 2 quarter-pounders with cheese burgers to make one double-quarter pounder. if you can’t get the double-quarter-pounder with cheese where you live.


— Wiley Brooks, Breatharian and Founder of The Breatharian Institiute of Americaa

After much mental unclarity, I decided to give the regime a go. I did it and to my surprise, I felt perfectly fine, happy and healthy. This made me more intrigued. This was around the same time my wife and I were just ‘friends’. She had just finished a 28+ day iHerbal Arts Fast that I put her on. I spoke to her about Wiley’s regime and she did it for 30 days. She was liberated and so was I.

Wanting to innerstand the regime on a deeper level, I would call Wiley Brooks as much as I could. I’d donate money to his Institution, I would wonder, I would experiment and I would research. I did find out that pretty much everything Wiley Brooks stated over the years of his journey was absolutely true. Wiley Brooks stated that we are all creator gods, multi-dimensional spiritual beings living in physical human bodies. Wiley Brooks also mentioned that the only true source of life is our own god energy, our essence, our spiritual energy and the breath.

“So the plan was, the plan has always been, long before this time of course, that we would have realized by now that we are spiritual beings, sustained by the breath of life, and that’s why I use the term Breatharians because Breatharians are people that breathe and live off breath, and that is what has been said for many, many years. Man was created, and I think the book says, ”God breathed into the nostrils of man and man became a living entity.” And that’s true; it’s the breath that keeps us alive. So the food was a temporary thing that helps to sustain us only because the external systems that were in place – before we were so called kicked out of the garden – were natural grids which sustained the human mechanism.”

— Wiley Brooks, Breatharian and Founder of The Breatharian Institiute of America

Breatharian Wiley Brooks With Glasses

Living on Air

After discovering the teachings of Wiley Brooks’s Breatharian Philosophy, we realized that the breath of life is pure love energy. Kimaya then came up with the term Loveairian and ever since then, we have been using that term instead of the term Breatharian. This is only because many have disregarded the true meaning, purpose and message of Breatharianism.

There are many Breatharians who call themselves Breatharians and speak only about the fact that Breatharians do not have to consume physical and liquid foods to maintain an immensely healthy body. However, Breatharianism isn’t just about not eating. Breatharianism is about realizing that we are much more than what we all believe we are to be. We are spiritual beings living in physical human bodies. We are sustained by love energy and the love energy that is within the air.

Air is spiritual food, universal space, universal consciousness, universal love. The air we breathe is the result of the direct karma we all have collectively created. We create what enhances our vibrational momentum, our air quality supports the vibrational quality of our blood. Liquid Love within the blood will manifest air filled with love to support that blood quality.

If we operate in perfect balance with oneness, separation, love, light and dark, our air will be of higher spiritual vibrational quality and will support the eternal living vibrations of balance. The quality of air that we breathe is a consciousness external representation of the space within the consciousness beings inhabiting the Earth Plane of Existence. Raising vibrations of our consciousness will improve the air that we breathe and the electromagnetic fields that we emit and embrace.

Loveairians are self-sufficient and get very minimal sustenance (if any) from the liquid and solid food that they choose to eat. All of the Loveairian’s sustenance comes from divine consciousness love-source energy (the being within) and the love vibrations within the air they breathe. When you restore a certain level of love within you, you will be able to consume whatever you chose to and still maintain an extremely healthy physical expression (physical body).

Air can be looked at as sort of container of love energy. Air isn’t needed for living but it is okay to focus on living on air alone because as consciousness souls, we go through our evolutionary stages. Fasting allows one to obtain and restore the sight of this ability. Properly fasting will change your life forever because it will allow you to see that it is your consciousness soul that keeps your physical body going.


As I remembered who I truly was, I began to really innerstand Wiley Brooks more and more. My wife and I’s bodies got extremely sensitive to certain foods, certain conversations and certain environments.

When you live on just air, the body is so sensitive in its normal state that even a small amount of pollution in the air – whether it be from automobiles or whatever – is a tremendous detriment to the system. So it’s impossible to live on just air alone on this planet except in very limited places. Do you see what I mean?

So in other words the times that I spent not eating here were not that many. One, because; it wasn’t what I came to do, but when I did do it I could only do it up in the mountains when I went away from the normal populations. You see what I mean?

So what I always said is that people can live without eating, in the proper environment. Now there are people that physically live on the earth – I’ve heard of some in Russia and maybe some in India but they are people that are designed to live that way and they live in an environment which is conducive to that particular situation.

But, under the circumstances we have in history and under the situation we have with the electricity and with all of the man-made (well, it’s not even a matter of being man-made,) it’s just that they are things that were counterproductive to the natural energies of the human body.

For example, radiation from electromagnetic forces like television station transmitters.

The number one problem on the planet right now is the AC power system. The AC power system is extremely detrimental to the body.

— Wiley Brooks, Breatharian and Founder of The Breatharian Institiute of America

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Wiley Brooks, Our Breatharian Mentor


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