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Loveairian Fasting & Consciousness Restoration

When one connects to their Loveairian Consciousness, they remember that the flow of abundance is natural. The thought of fasting is an action of feeling abundant enough that Love-source energy can provide all of your physical body’s needs. The mindset of one’s consciousness soul is also the mindset of the consciousness that operates the body. Fasting is a way of allowing only the frequencies of one’s consciousness inner-soul to rejuvenate and influence the body’s operations.

If you take a very mentally and physically imbalanced being and put them on a fast in a balanced, loving, joyful and peaceful environment, their Loveairian Consciousness immediately begins to restore, their physical body is healed and one remembers the true self. The more complete one feels, the more complete the physical body feels and less is needed. The appetite for many things (including physical food) immensely reduces.

The desire for food that we all feel is not necessarily a desire for food sustenance but a desire for divine love.

Digesting Love, The True Source of Life

Love is the total and complete acceptance of what is. Love allows. When one another can truly accept each other for who and what they are they are exemplifying the energy that we call love. From an electrical standpoint, love simply means a balance of frequencies being able to accept and allow each other aka harmony. Our digestive system extracts the Sound and Light frequencies from our thoughts-feelings, words, actions to condense them into liquid light that enters the blood. Being the natural Loveairians that we are before we come focus into the physical perspective allows liquid love to flow through our blood.

When food is consumed, the vibrational frequencies of its Sound and Light are taken in. The Solar Plexus Chakra is located within the area of your abdomen, above your belly button. It is the energy center responsible for personal power, self-esteem and confidence. This is why the vibrational frequency of the foods that one may consume affect one’s emotional state of being. All emotions are manifestations of vibration and thay are the most important manifestations. Having a balanced, loving and good feeling emotional state of being allows love, well-being and abundance to flow to one’s physical and spiritual bodies naturally. Allowing Sound and Light frequencies of liquid love to flow through and rejuvenate the entire system.

The physical body runs on a proper harmonic balance of Sound and Light frequencies; demonstrating that it is truly a love desiring bio-machine. When the physical body doesn’t get enough love from the Loveairian who is inhabiting within it, then the imbalances manifest externally and the physical body doesn’t receive enough love from its external light sources such as the Sun, Air, Stars, etc. The habit of having to eat to sustain love, ecstasy and physical vitality is truly an act of lower vibrations; not having enough balanced energy from the consciousness soul. This habitual act of having to eat requires one to always have to take light from another lifeform (lightform) to maintain the proper love frequencies within. One should be able to eat or not eat and still live lovely, happily, spiritually and physically strong. One’s physical body can solely operate on the spiritual love energy that one’s inner-soul can choose to provide it.

The heart and heart energy center of the physical body is a love digestion organ for the Loveairian. When we have enough love energy, we feel complete. Since our love energy is still being restored, it is maybe still necessary for us to obtain certain love energy from other living light beings such as plants and animals. This way of obtaining love energy for bodily energization isn’t as efficient as surviving on just love-source energy but it will have to do.

The thinking that physical food supplies the energy brings about a dependency upon food. Fasting can peacefully snap this belief in half and unleash the mind from all forms of limitations and dis-ease. All participation of eating is a try-to moment of filling the void of divine love-source energy. This is why proper happy fasting is very effective. Because when the distraction of physical food fades away, love-source energy fills the void that is there within the physical perspective. Demonstrating that we are truly spiritual beings sustained by the spiritual essence of life; love.

Law of Attraction-Magnetism (Deliberate Creation)

At all of our core essence, we are all unconditional love. The non-physical part of all of us (our consciousness, inner-soul, inner-being etc.) is pure unconditional love. Unconditional Love is the energy that we are. Unconditional Love is our truest and most powerful vibrational form of being. We are to always self-love and love all that we see regardless of the conditions. Loveairian Consciousness is the true and most natural, powerful, abundant and divine state of being.

One will gradually feel better and better the more you step into your natural feelings of unconditional love. In this spiritual vortex of unconditional love, all of your desires can be and will be manifested with ease. Always do your best to focus on unconditional love and staying within your natural spiritual vortex of unconditional love. Gratitude is your greatest tool when you are looking to love self and the world without conditions. Being in the vibration of unconditional love allows you the creative power and energy of unlimited manifestations. Unconditional Love charges you up, tunes your frequency, nourishes your bodies and rises your vibration.

When you live in ecstasy, you manifest and magnetize all that will continuously support your vibrational feelings of ecstasy.

“Your mood is your only business.”

— Abraham Hicks

Performing a proper fast by focusing on the abundance of love (that is all around us) heals the body of anything. Abundant Love from love-source energy allows one’s consciousness soul to focus with more clarity within the physical perspective. With this clarity comes great power and no responsibility. Clarity of the mind brings about firm thought-feelings that bring about a firm desired reality. When the mind is clear and focused upon certain desires, the desires are manifested. When fasting is done with the correct focus, immense prayer and abundant feelings. One’s reality will represent the vibration of the focus and abundance that one is feeling when and after a good fast.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

— The Bible (Matthew 7:7)

When you are filled with the cosmic intelligence of love, you begin to live in the now and your love for life is unconditional. Regardless of the circumstances, you feel immense appreciation and happiness for the life that you are able to experience. This unconditional love that you feel for life is the art of allowing, the art of love since allowing is loving. You allow life to be as it is because you realize that you are the creator of your reality. When one partakes on a fast and meditates upon the proper thought-feelings of love, health and well-being, abundance and creativity… that is all that one will come to experience. Time does not matter when it comes to the art of loving life. Focusing on all that is beautiful without focusing on all that has yet to come allows one to attract with immense speed.

Rejuvenating the physical body is an act of deliberate creation. Healing the physical body while fasting via visualization of immense vitality is an act of showing that one has deliberate control to allow the body to heal itself of anything. The physical body is a light expression of the consciousness soul’s thought-feelings when it is focused within the physical perspective. This is why sleep can tend to aid with bodily rejuvenation because the consciousness soul withdraws focus upon the body and the consciousness of the body can ‘do its own thing’.

Physical Body Consciousness

Everything runs within cycles and all activity requires beneficial rest. Resting is good. It is good to rest the power of one’s consciousness soul and the power of the physical body’s consciousness from food consumption and assimilation. Giving your physical body a rest demonstrates much gratitude for the consciousness units of the body. Allowing the consciousness units a rest and a break from the digesting and transmuting of food frequencies allows health and well-being to overcome the body in all ways possible. The physical body surely has a consciousness that can and does even talk to other beings bodies of consciousness. It is always a good thing to give the physical body attention since consciousness attention is love energy. Speaking to the physical body and asking it to rejuvenate certain parts of it works wonders; focusing only on the image that you wish to manifest.

The body is filled with one’s consciousness energy and the more imbalanced one’s consciousness energy is, the more imbalanced one’s physical body manifestation will appear. The body is a reflection of one’s spiritual frequency, the more the body needs the less complete and the less perfect it has become due to it being an exact reflection and representation of the divine being that is living within it; you, the soul within, which co-created the body. Restoring one’s natural Loveairian Consciousness Soul will restore the consciousness of the physical body while simultaneously restore true love, health and well-being, abundance and creativity.

Living On The Breath of Life

The Breath of Life should truly be called The Love of Life. Air is spiritual food, universal space, universal consciousness, universal love. The air we breathe is the result of the direct karma we all have collectively created. We create what enhances our vibrational momentum, our air quality supports the vibrational quality of our blood. Liquid Love within the blood will manifest air filled with love to support that blood quality.

If we operate in perfect balance with oneness, separation, love, light and dark, our air will be of higher spiritual vibrational quality and will support the eternal living vibrations of balance. The quality of air that we breathe is a consciousness external representation of the space within the consciousness beings inhabiting the Earth Plane of Existence. Improving the quality of consciousness light capacity to handle more light will improve the air that we breathe and the electromagnetic fields that we embrace.

Loveairians are self-sufficient and get very minimal sustenance (if any) from the liquid and solid food that they choose to eat. All of the Loveairian’s sustenance comes from divine consciousness love-source energy (the being within) and the love vibrations within the air they breathe. When you restore a certain level of love within you, you will be able to consume whatever you chose to and still maintain an extremely healthy physical expression (physical body).

There have been many yogis and beings such as Wiley Brooks, Jasmuheen, etc. that speak on how the body can live on air alone. There have also been others who speak on living on the love-source energy of life alone without needing air. Air can be looked at as sort of container of love energy. Air isn’t needed for living but it is okay to focus on living on air alone because it is truly an easy step to reach from consuming physical liquid and solid foods to the physical and spiritual properties of air lone. Fasting allows one to obtain and restore the sight of this ability. Properly fasting will change your life forever.

Proper Fasting, Balanced Fasting

There are many different methodologies when it comes to fasting but the innerstanding of what is actually fueling the body is the importance. Love is the Source of all life. God is Love and the particles that make up your consciousness soul is of love energy. Innerstanding that love energy is abundant and infinite will help one to realize that they can go many hours, days, months and years without a drop of water. This can only be done with the proper mindset of love. So the next step ‘down’ from this would be to consume as much as water as one pleases while taking in nothing else. The next step down from this would be to consume water and iHerbal Arts (or Herbal Plants). Any of these methods will do one really good.

One should definitely get as much rest as possible and stay around good hearted beings. Since the human body is a bio-machine it is no surprise that the heart literally pulsates electromagnetic radiation that can enhance life or do the exact opposite. Having a pure heart very much in the non-physical of things but since the non-physical manifests the physical, having a pure heart can purify the world. Those who you are around are affected by the vibrations of electromagnetic radiation that your heart radiates. This is the same for those who you are around. Be very careful who you choose to be around because you are literally and physically putting yourself in different electromagnetic fields depending upon whose hearts you choose to exchange energy with.

Solar Gazing is another great way of slowing or halting thought feelings of imbalance while taking in the love-light energy of the Sun. Solar Gazing is a form of meditation that allows one to be within the now and feel the natural frequencies of love and abundance. The Sun provides much light (information of love) to all living organisms on the planet. If you want to increase your energy while fasting, it’s best you do your best to get as much rest as possible, as much sunlight as possible and as much peace as possible. Make sure to follow your intuition. If you feel to stop fasting, then stop. You have nothing to prove to anyone. You are already worthy of all things because your consciousness is liquid love. You are the chosen one. You are the one.

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Loveairian Fasting & Consciousness Restoration


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