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Checklist for Selling Your Samsung Smartphone: Protect Your Data, Maxmize Resale Value and More

This checklist will help you protect your data and get the most money for your Samsung smartphone.

Ready to sell your Samsung smartphone? The following seven-point checklist will help you protect critical data and command top dollar for your device.

1. Backup your Samsung smartphone

There are several methods for creating backups of your Samsung smartphone; this is the simplest way (skip to "transfer your data" if you're using SmartSwitch).
  1. Download Samsung Kies on your PC or Mac
  2. Launch Kies and connect your Samsung smartphone to your computer via USB cable
  3. In Kies, click "Backup/Restore" and select the items you want to backup
  4. Click BACKUP and wait for the process to complete


2. Backup your apps

Kies will back up most of your data, but not your apps.

Browse to SETTINGS > ACCOUNTS > BACKUP AND RESET, then check "Backup my data" and "Backup account" to make sure your apps are backed up on Google's servers.

You might want to consider additional Samsung smartphone backup methods for redundancy.

3. Transfer your data

If you're switching from one Samsung smartphone to another, you can use either Kies or SmartSwitch to transfer your data. SmartSwitch works for all Galaxy devices and phones running Android 4.4 or later. If you're ditching Samsung and Android for an iPhone and iOS, you can use the Move To iOS app to transfer your data.

Kies restore
  1. Launch Kies and connect your new device to your computer with a USB cable
  2. In Kies, click "Backup/Restore" and select the backup file you want to restore to your new device
  3. Click RESTORE and wait for the process to complete


SmartSwitch transfer

This is by far the easiest way to transfer your data, no backup required!
  1. Download the Samsung SmartSwitch app to BOTH devices
  2. Launch the app on both devices, then follow the on-screen instructions to transfer your data


Move To iOS
  1. Download and install the Move To iOS app on your Samsung smartphone
  2. Open the app, then follow the on-screen instructions to transfer your data


4. Assess your phone's condition

You need to know what condition your Samsung smartphone is in so you can find out how much it's worth. Every buyer has their own condition guidelines, but they tend to follow these definitions:
  • New: Never out of the box
  • Like-new: No damage or blemishes
  • Very good: Works perfectly, but might have minimal superficial scratching
  • Good: Works perfectly, normal wear
  • Fair: Works perfectly, but very worn
  • Poor: Heavily damaged, but still works
  • Broken: Doesn't work

If your phone is broken or heavily damaged - like with a cracked screen - you might want to consider fixing it before you sell. In the next section we'll cover how to find out what your phone is worth; if it's in "poor" or "broken" condition you should identify how much it would cost to restore it to "good" condition. Then, determine whether the repair will be worth the increased payout. Read more about whether to fix or sell your smartphone.

5. Determine the value of your Samsung smartphone

Browse or search for your device on or by downloading and installing the What's My Phone Worth? app, which scans your phone and instantly tells you how much your phone is worth on the private market and to buyback companies.

The app will find your phone details automatically, except for its condition (which you will input manually). If you're not using the free app, you'll need to know:
  • The model (Galaxy S5, for example)
  • Capacity (16GB)
  • Carrier (Verizon)
  • Color (Sapphire Black)
  • Condition (Good)

Flipsy will show you the private market value of your phone plus current buyback offers from dozens of reputable buyers.
  • The private market value represents how much your Samsung smartphone will sell for on the private market: Ebay, Craigslist, etc. Samsung smartphones sell for the most money on the private market, but there is no guarantee of sale
  • Buyback offers show how much the web's highest-paying buyers are willing to instantly pay for your device. The offers will be a little lower than the private market, but the sales are instant

6. How to get the most money for your Samsung smartphone

Use or the What's My Phone Worth app to find the highest-paying buyback offers. Make sure you accurately represent its condition and follow the buyer's shipping and packaging instructions after you complete this checklist.

If you decide to try the private market, be sure to:
  • Know what it's worth on the private market so you can set an appropriate price
  • Accurately represent your device's condition
  • Take pictures of your device to prove its condition, which will result in a faster sale at the right price
  • List all of its features: capacity, carrier, color, and any accessories that might come with it
  • Add related tags in your listing to help it appear in site-wide searches
  • Protect yourself from scams: know who you're selling to, how and when you're getting paid, and avoid any situation that seems unsafe or makes you uncomfortable

7. How to completely erase your Samsung smartphone

Found a buyer? Great! The last thing you need to do before you complete your sale is erase the data on your smartphone. A simple factory reset won't protect you from identity theft, unauthorized financial account access, or having your private photos shared online. Here's how to completely wipe your device.

Encrypt your data
  • Create a free encryption key with Norton Identity Safe or another secure password generator (Android limits you to 16 characters)
  • Browse to SETTINGS > SECURITY > ENCRYPT PHONE and encrypt your phone


Reset your Samsung smartphone

Browse to SETTINGS > BACKUP & RESET > FACTORY DATA RESET, then reset to factory settings.


Overwrite your old data

A factory reset essentially "hides" your data from your operating system until it's overwritten by a new user. To completely wipe your Samsung phone, you need to fill it up with dummy data to overwrite your old files.

To do so, download an app like Secure Erase or Secure Wipe and follow the instructions.


Reset your phone again and remove your cards

Most buyers require your phone be factory reset when they receive it, so after you load it with dummy data you'll need to perform another factory reset as described above. Then, remove your microSD card, if you have one, as well as your SIM card.


Your Samsung smartphone is ready to sell!

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Checklist for Selling Your Samsung Smartphone: Protect Your Data, Maxmize Resale Value and More


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