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What To Do When You Don't Know What Gift To Give Her

Yes I am doing away with the iphone 5 post for awhile coz I know it's starting to become annoying. . .

It's almost the holiday season and every guy who is in a relationship is already starting to save up for the best Gift that they could possibly give/buy for the Woman they oh so love/like so much. Wew! (inhales deeply)

And! it's also the time where in every woman is not aware of the dilemma that men painstakingly go through just because Women think that we are PSYCHICS that can read their minds and that we should already know what they want as a gift, therefore answering the most fearful set of answers (for men) that a woman could possibly answer of all time when asked the age old question of " What gift do you want? " this set of answers including...

Woman 1: " it's up to you baby "
Woman 2: " aww how sweet! I know you know what I want "
Woman 3: " anything will do "
Woman 4: " I would be happy with whatever you could come up with "
Woman 5: Just smiles...
Woman 6: " Surprise me! "

Yes Indeed!

Ok! I know that you women would be thinking that we should already know this because it's what makes it sweet, but come on! Not every man is like the guys you see on TV, we have limits! So this is what a guy wants to hear when they ask that question . . . A car! A phone! some chocolates, a new dress, perfume, a new laptop maybe, a dinner date, flowers and Stuffed Toys, a vacation, a watch, or maybe even some space. (I really hope not the last one). 

With all that said I came up with a list of things that worked for me of what you could probably do/get for the love of your life if she is not the frank type and gave you the dreaded answers after the jump!



If you have been going out for a month or maybe years already you should have picked up some of her so called favorites (that's if you are an attentive and actually who cared type of guy) so you should know what she likes may it be dresses, bags, make-up, perfume, and other material things. it doesn't apply just to material stuff, you could take her on a date on her FAVORITE restaurant, watch her FAVORITE movies at home, etc. Trust me this always works.


Monetary funds should never be the major factor when trying to give gifts! (not unless you are unlucky enough to get those gold-digging-ishouldnotsaythispart kind of women. Remember that women always love the original stuff the guys come up with. If you know music write her a song, If you know poetry write her poems, if you know how to cook, make her the best tasting food that you know. Effort my friend is the KEY! and this being almost free is a big plus to you.


Please do remember that if they say that anything will do and it's all up to you, maybe it really is, so try to be sweet and just spend QUALITY time with your loved one. but if this is your plan always throw in some kickers! meaning the traditional flowers, chocolates, stuffed toys etc. They will be expecting a gift and if maybe you can't find one at least have kickers to make her feel really special.


This maybe one of the hardest thing for guys to do because it requires you to lower your pride, get out of your comfort zone, and may or may not humiliate you in the process. When I say do away with the normal an example that I could give you is, maybe when you're in a bar and the band is playing, why not jam! and dedicate to her a song which will look like you didn't prepare for it but secretly been singing it all month long in the bathroom with matching actions, at least if you failed nobody knew you practiced so it's still going to be sweet! Those kinds of stuff. you get the picture right?


This will be your bread and butter, always Surprise her, never give her a clue, so that it will be very memorable, this will work well with the others above and it will be your main weapon! Always surprise her with what ever you've got planned. It builds up the excitement! Women's intuition are superhuman and mutant like so be very careful, they know you have something up your sleeve they just don't know what, don't give them that comfort! BWAHAHA Oh So Evil! but don't worry I'm sure in the end it will all pay off.


Now with all that said this guidelines are 90% effective based from my experience and the people I know, they are all battle tested and can help you in any occasion that your are facing (anniversaries, birthdays, monthsary, daysary, minutesary, sorry I got carried away.). Oh and please don't do the following...

1. Propose to her just because you can't think of any gift.
2. Give nothing just because she said I don't want anything.
3. Call in sick and that you can't meet her.( not unless it's all part of a plan )
4. DON'T EVER TELL HER YOU FORGOT! please don't be a jerk!

Ok one last piece of advice. If you really can't think of anything and you can't think of a plan a, or a plan b, please ask your friends for help, or ever her friends, that's why they're there, to help you in times of need and emergency  ( believe me if you can't think of anything it is! an emergency. ).

Thanks for reading! Any sharing or questions please hit the comments. If I get a good reaction from this maybe i'll write some more of this stuff! I know its long, so i'm very sorry! hope you enjoyed! Til next post!

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What To Do When You Don't Know What Gift To Give Her


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