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Antennas Direct TV Antennas Cause Spontaneous Happy Dances

We love hearing from happy customers. It’s one of our favorite things, right up there with the money we save by cutting the cord and cake. Cake is pretty nice.

We recently received this letter from a happy customer who has gone above and beyond being an average cord cutter to now being a cord cutting enthusiast, installer and evangelist! Letters like this puts a smile on our faces and lets us know that what we’re doing is making an impact on people’s lives. Check it out.

Just wanted to share some very happy news about this last weekend’s Antennas Direct products I installed at a dear friend’s house.

My friend and his wife, both professional portrait photographers, had asked me, “Mr. Antenna Guy”, if there was anything I could do to help them with their $1,200.00 annual cable TV bill.

“Why, YES O YES!” I replied.  Upon having them purchase the appropriate Antennas Direct products I suggested to them, based on their house’s geographical location in our city, I had all the products ready to go. This would be a rooftop, whole house installation.

Before installation, weeks ago, I made sure that we discussed their TV viewing habits and favorite channels to make sure they understood the difference between “cable TV only channels” versus “free broadcast major network TV channels and sub-channels”.  Once they looked over our city’s 18 available broadcast TV channels, they were plenty satisfied with receiving all five major broadcast networks plus all their affiliates sub-channels….for absolutely free.  No more cable TV bill – ever!  For just their two favorite cable network channels they would not have now with a free TV set-up, I showed them how to see this programming on-line for free, on demand, anytime they wanted, for no charge – ever!

The installation was quick and easy.  We were smiling as we went through their house to remove 4 monthly rental cable TV converter boxes, and all the wiring with their giant and complicated remote controls that went with them, and placed them all in a box to take back to the cable TV office.  My friends were beyond thrilled that their counter top HDTV sets and living area HDTV sets were suddenly less cluttered and less wired without all those expensive cable TV converter boxes adding un-necessary electronic clutter to their furnishings!  The savings on all that extra electricity those boxes require will also be gone.

And then after I had completed my signal testing, antenna pointing, and channel scanning for all 5 of their TVs……I turned on the living room HDTV and showed them what a free HDTV broadcast picture looks like…. for what was their very first time seeing one.  To my unexpected surprise, they just about fell off their couch when they saw the crystal-clear HDTV picture.  They were floored that their same HDTVs now had such greatly improved HD picture quality with incredible resolution and detail over what the cable TV company was giving them via compressed video signals coming out of those dumb cable TV boxes!  They never realized how poor in quality our city’s cable TV system is with regard to full HD picture quality, and quite frankly neither did I until I saw what cable TV looks like today in comparison to free broadcast TV.  I hadn’t seen a cable TV picture since 2009 when I cut the cord myself. 

“Why is the HDTV picture so much better with magnificent detail and sharpness with our new antenna?!”…. they asked me. I responded with…

“Cable TV MUST compress all the TV signals to run them through their own tuner/converter boxes to force-feed those 100+ channels of junk in a limited amount of band-width that their customers are forced to pay for, whether they want all those or not.  The cable TV boxes also allows the Cable TV company to have full control over the channel packages you pay for, and to block those channels that are not in the customer’s TV package. Therefore, as a cable TV customer, you have NEVER been allowed to use the high quality (HD) High Definition tuner that came within your new HDTV sets!!!  High Quality, UNCOMPRESSED HDTV broadcast signals, FREE Broadcast signals, that are transmitted as a public service from each local TV stations’ towers, directly to your house’s antenna, is the very best way to watch true HD television.”  Local TV stations have been telling their viewers this for years.

“So we have been paying $110.00 dollars a month, with monthly equipment rental charges of $7.00 per converter box for each of our 4 boxes….to only see squished, letterboxed and/or compressed TV pictures that looked nothing like we’re now seeing with our new antenna?”…, they asked.   “Yes.  Welcome to the wonderful world of cord cutting with free broadcast HDTV viewing thanks to the great American Made high quality HDTV antennas and accessories from Antennas Direct!”,  I said with a smile.  That $1,200.00 annual cable TV bill, now gone, gone, gone, will give my friends a much less expensive retirement with money to spend on more important things as they enjoy much better FREE TV viewing from now on. 

As an epilogue to my little story, my wife went with my friend’s wife to the cable TV office this morning to return that cardboard box with all the cable TV converter boxes and remotes to the customer service desk.  The cable TV rep there said they were sorry to lose a customer but quietly understood that their customers are disconnecting their expensive monthly cable TV service every day since they jacked-up rates to an all time high, charge $7.00 per converter box per TV in their house, have relatively lousy HD signal loss, and still do not give customers any choice over getting rid of junk channels that they are forced to pay for. My wife and her friend did a “happy dance” in the cable TV office’s parking lot on their way out, and went shopping with all that saved money! 

Tom K.
Eau Claire, WI

A big thank you to Tom for sending us this note. We’re thrilled that not only you are happy with your antenna and reception, but now you’re converting friends and helping the world save money! Your wife and friend might have done a “happy dance” in the Cable TV office parking lot, but we just did one in our break room after reading your letter out loud to the team.

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Antennas Direct TV Antennas Cause Spontaneous Happy Dances


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