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How is dried fruit healthy | Names and its advantages

How is dried fruit healthy | Names and its advantages

Do you know that, are dried fruits healthy for you or not? Which dry Fruit is good for you? Which dry fruit is benefit for what? I guess very few among you know this thing. But let me tell you that Dry fruits are healthy for your body in every possible way. In this article you will get to know How is dried fruit healthy | Names and its advantages. So, let’s begin!

Dry fruits are really very essential for every part of our body. In the previous days some mother and grand mothers used to add a lot of dry fruits in the milk for good health. Let’s take a glance on those dry fruits that are beneficial for your body.

Dry Fruit no. 1 – Almonds

is dried fruit healthy

One of the well known and common dry fruit, Almond. I guess it is everyone’s favorite! You should never skip eating almonds, Never! There are few consequences which will demonstrate you why you should consume a handful of almonds They are as follows:

For a Healthy Heart

Almonds are great to maintain best level of cholesterol as they are rich in Vitamin E as well as monounsaturated fatty acids. It also regulates the normal blood pressure due to the presence of Potassium and Magnesium.

The Weight Management

In almonds there is a presence of high dietary fibers, good fats and proteins. Due to this you feel full, thus this helps you to avoid overeating. Researchers says that almonds are a good source of weight reduction and body fats.

Controls Blood Sugar

As I mentioned above that Almonds are rich in Monounsaturated fatty acids. In taking of almonds after every meal will slows down the release of glucose, creating less chances of blood sugar.

Dry Fruit no. 2 – Walnuts

is dried fruit healthy

Having walnuts everyday after meal also have some advantages. Let’s proceed:

Food of Brain

Walnuts are vital for the brain as it enhance the functioning of the brain. Walnuts comprises of Vitamin E, anti-oxidants, omega 3 fatty acids, which helps in the cognitive function. They promote the sense of calm and fight against stress.

Fights Against Cancer

Consuming Walnuts daily, greatly reduces the risks of cancer specially breast and pancreatic. Apart from this is also reduces the escalation of  cancer cells.

Beneficial for Skin and Hair

As walnuts are a rich source of Vitamin B which prevents the wrinkles on the skin. Apart from this, there is a presence of Biotin which helps in strengthening of hair and reduces the chances of hair fall.

Dry Fruit No. 3 – Dates

is dried fruit healthy

How is dried fruit healthy? Another answer for this is Dates. Dates are really powerful dry fruits. This is the reason why Muslims eat dates immediately opening their fast, as it gives enough energy. However, it is beneficial in some other ways too. They are as follows:

Content of Iron

Dates are a good source of Iron. Due to this reason it is beneficial for those who are suffering from Anemia.

Boosts Energy

Dates can give immediate boost up in energy as they are rich in sugars like fructose, sucrose and glucose. As i mention previously that it is used to break fast, as it gives instant energy.

Improves Digestion

The content of fiber which is present in dates, improves digestion and gives relief from constipation. Secondly, presence of potassium in ripe dates are good to control diarrhea.

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So this was all about How is dried fruit healthy | Names and its advantages. I hope you like my article. Don’t forget to Comment and Share.

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How is dried fruit healthy | Names and its advantages


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