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Cancer is Not a Disease but a business!

Cancer is Not a Disease but a business!

There is No doubt that Cancer is widespread today. Previously doctors do not know the cause of Cancer. But there is no such disease which is without any reason. In the previous article, a discussed Cancer, its causes, and treatments. But after many research, I came to know that Cancer is Not a Disease but it is a business. I know you people are shocked to know this, but it is true. So, let’s discuss what Cancer is? Read the whole article as this will expose that cancer is not a disease

The Cancer Industry

People just know one side of Cancer not the other. They only do the costly treatments carried out for Cancer, but they are unaware of conventional ways to prevent and cure Cancer. According to American Cancer Society, Cancer is not a single disease, but it has over 200 types! Half of the thing is right but half not. As Cancer is Not a Disease. Those who are running pharmaceutical Company have made a way to earn a lot of money. You would be curious to know if Cancer is not a Disease then what it is? Now let me tell you that Cancer is Not a Disease but deficiency of B 17. The Cancer Industry has made cancer an advantage to have the high income.

I am telling you we are living in a Drug Society in which we just need a pill to have a cure for any disease. These medicines have substantial side effects over us, but still, we go for them. Why is it so? Why don’t we research and try to know the prevention instead of spending the tremendous amount of money we could save our lives. As Cancer is not a disease but a deficiency of Vitamin B 17 so why don’t we circumvent all type of Surgeries, Chemotherapy and, Radiations and the intake of pills that have substantial side effects.

Do You Know?

Do You Know that the book named World Without Cancer written by G. Edward Griffin was averted for being translated into different languages? As this book tells the story of Vitamin B 17.

Let me tell you an incident from past. Some seamen were traveling and lost their lives because of a disease called Scurvy. Later researchers and discoveries prove that Scurvy was not a disease but a deficiency of Vitamin C. Now you can inter-relate Cancer with it which is also a deficiency of Vitamin B 17.

The Cancer Industry proliferate after World War II. However, the cure for Cancer was found long ago. You do not need to spend expenditures for the treatment. Let’s discuss some conventional methods.

Cure for Cancer

  1. Eating 15 to 20 stones of Apricot or any fruit every day.
  2. Having wheat buds or wheat sprouts. These are named as Laetrile (rich in liquid oxygen)
  3. The cure for cancer is also present in fruit stone of Apple. This contains extracted form of Vitamin B 17 (Amygdalin)

Sources containing Vitamin B 17

  1. The seed of fruits, providing the highest amount of Vitamin B 17. E.g., Apple, Apricot, peach, pear, and prune.
  2. Conventional beans and grains including lentil sprout, Lima beans, and pea.
  3. Kernels of Bitter Almonds and Indian Almonds, a rich source of Vitamin B 17.
  4. Any sort of Mulberries including black mulberry, blueberry, raspberry, elderberries or strawberry.
  5. Sesame and linseed. Linen seed or flax-seed.
  6. Groats of oats and block wheat, barley, cashews brown rice, millet, and rye.
  7. Grains, brewer’s yeast, rough rice, paddy, and pumpkin.

The above-given sources are the foods containing Vitamin B 17. Now you know what cancer so act upon it.

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Cancer is Not a Disease but a business!


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