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12 Best Root Apps for Android 2018

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Top Apps to Download After Rooting Android 2018: Rooting of a phone is a process of granting administrative privileges to specific features and settings via ROM flashing.

Rooting an Android has several benefits which are not limited to the following:

The ability to,

  •  Install custom operating system,
  • Control the frequency of the CPU and GPU,
  • Install apps which were once non-compatible,
  • Increase the battery life of your device,
  • Make Inbuilt storage expandable,
  • Remove the system's bloatware.

How best can you optimize your Android phone after rooting?

By using the best root apps for 2018 whose quality has been reviewed by Techlass, where each serves one purpose or the other to give a more enhanced level of performance on your Android phone.

List of Best Android Root Apps For 2018

Given below, is a list of the best root apps in 2018 which will enable you to make the most out of your new found rights and control most of the device's operations.

1. Greenify

One of the best free root apps to maximize the battery life of your Android phone and ensure your phone stays powered on for days after full recharge is Greenify.

Not only does it improve a device's battery life, but it also ensures that it does not lag occasionally.

If you're using a smartphone whose battery capacity is around 1000mAh and also less than 3000mAh, then there might be a need to increase battery life from a few hours to over a day.

Yet still,

If your Android's battery capacity is higher than the specified range above, but you're not an average user, the battery will not last over a day because of the various operations the phone undergoes.

Asides that,

Graphics-intensive apps/games will also tend to drain the battery at a faster pace as well as the phone's display screen.

Also, while every active app makes use of a particular amount of RAM space, more running apps mean slower operations on the smartphone especially for those whose phone has a RAM capacity below 2GB.

That being the case, the latest version of Greenify 3.8.3 is the root app you should use because it keeps both battery and memory under check.

How does Greenify work?

It ensures that apps are not running in the background while your Android phone is not in use.

It does this by using the Android 'Force Stop' feature to move active apps into a hibernate mode where the apps cannot restart automatically.

Now the best part of this app is that it allows the user to select individual apps they will like to make idle instead of automatically closing all active apps.

This way, one is left with a choice of leaving the most essential apps such as Alarm clock, Notepad, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc., running in the background excluding unnecessary apps.

It gets better!

Whether your device is rooted or not, this app works just as well, but there are limited features offered when used with an unrooted device.

Significant features of Greenify include:

  • Aggressive Doze and Doze on the Go,
  • Wake-up Tracker,
  • Allow GCM push message to wake hibernated apps,
  • Keep Notifications after hibernation.

You can download the latest version of Greenify here.

2. Titanium Backup

One of the disadvantages of installing a new custom ROM on Android is that it usually leads to loss of data and the device's configuration.

With a backup utility for Android such as Titanium Backup, this is not something to worry about anymore.

Due to the importance of backup, It is one of the most useful Android root apps ever, and I highly recommend it for those who want to flash their Android phone.

How does Titanium Backup work?

It has a significant function of creating a backup of the ROM; generally, all apps and their data are backed up to another storage which can easily be restored back to the phone.

By duplicating the original copy of your apps (system apps and data on SD card), it means you are assured your data won't get lost via flashing, rooting, and even virus attack.

The Titanium Backup operations are not limited to the listed above as it also includes a Freeze app feature that stops apps that are running in the foreground to preserve battery life

It also gives Android users the ability to uninstall the systems' bloatware that drains the battery, use extra memory space and start automatically, in order to use the phone to its full potential.

Other features of Titanium Backup include:

  • 0-click batch restores,
  • Allows multiple backups per app,
  • Backup Texts, calls, bookmarks, Wi-Fi AP as XML and restore them,
  • Sync to/from Google Drive,
  • Sync to/from Dropbox,
  • Integrate system app updates into ROM.

You can download Titanium Backup here

3. SuperSU

What if you could get administrative privileges to every application installed on your phone?

There's a lot you can achieve even the ones you consider impossible on an Android device.

Here's one:

You would be able to tweak apps and customize them to best suit your taste, thereby getting advanced features that are not accessible to the average smartphone user.

SuperSU is an Android root app that can make that possible by actually transforming you into a 'Super User.'

It is an access management tool that grants you administrative privileges to your device and installed apps.

Instead of performing a permanent root on Android, it conducts a temporary rooting that makes you enjoy all the features users of rooted Android devices benefit from.

With access rights gained, one can manipulate several features on their Android smartphone.

The user is also notified whenever an app tries to use specific features on their phone, and with an access prompt, is allowed to make exceptions.

You can download SuperSU here.

4. Link2SD

As the name implies, Link2SD root app for Android allows you to move any app with its data, games, files, and documents to your microSD card.

If your Android phone's inbuilt storage capacity is small, let's say around 8GB to16GB, then an app like this will be handy.

How does Link2SD work?

Here, any app installed directly in the phone's memory can be moved to a separate partition in the user's memory card, allowing you to free up space for new apps and files.

This means that you get an internal memory space, SD card storage, and a second SD card storage created via a partition on the SD card.

But why stop there?

Instead of manually moving these apps to a new location, you can specify where they should be automatically installed, which in this case is the microSD card.

Although there are stubborn apps that do not support moving to SD storage, with Link2D's 'force move' feature, that is not something to worry over.

Other than moving apps, Link2SD just like Titanium Backup also allows you to uninstall the system's bloatware.

Conclusively, it combines some of the major functionalities of the root apps mentioned above since it can handle freeing of apps and memory management.

More features of Link2SD include:

  • Convert system apps into user apps,
  • Convert user apps into system apps,
  • Clear data and cache of the application,
  • Batch clear data and cache of the selected app,
  • Freeze and un-freeze system and users applications.

You can download link2D here.

5. Smart Booster App

Judging from its name, this is a memory cleansing app that improves the operation of the phone especially when it begins to degrade.

After a long time of using a phone, one may experience lags and hangs due to the memory space running low as a result of malware, virus or hidden apps in the storage.

An app like smart booster clears the cache memory which leads to faster processing speed on your Android.

It also checks the memory needs of an App that wants to run, prioritizes it and based on its priority, kills the operation of low priority apps in the RAM.

This way, it can free up the RAM space with a cleanup which will better enhance the level of user experience.

Significant features of the smart booster app include:

  • Fast cache cleaner,
  • Disable system apps,
  • Backup or uninstall unused apps,
  • Show SD card partition,
  • Advanced application manager,
  • Hibernate rarely used apps to save battery.

You can download smart booster free cleaner here.

6. Root Firewall Pro

Some apps on a user's smartphone make use of internet access thereby running the user's mobile data.

They display ads, automatically send data from, and receive data to the device.

Most times, the user is not even aware that these apps contribute to the loss of data, but now there are ways of controlling and monitoring which apps use data and which apps shouldn't.

Here's how it's possible:

With the help of Root Firewall Pro app, any app on your phone can be blocked from using your internet access to pull data or display ads.

It can be seen as more of an ad blocker.

This app also separates 3G and WiFi data, allowing the user to restrict Internet access via either 3G or WiFi to certain apps.

Other features of the Root Firewall Pro include:

  • Test blocked app in a touch,
  • Block Internet access for any apps,
  • One-click widget enabled to toggle between enabling and disabling of internet connection.

You can download Root Firewall here.

7. Device Control

Another app you can take advantage of its many features is the Device Control root app for Android.

The Device control features a Task Manager, Editors, Entropy Generator, Wireless File manager, etc. that lets users tweak the device in more ways than one.

It monitors the operation of the CPU, GPU, and their speed and gives users the ability to enhance their performance.

It gets better!

Users can even see the performance of each core of the CPU in real time and schedule tasks for the CPU.

Here's the deal:

Users can improve the operations within their phone by making it speedy with the help of the Device Control app.

Voltage control, reduction of screen sharpness, uninstalling of system apps and fast charging support amongst others, are the many capabilities of this app.

Other features of  the Device Control Android root app include:

  • Knock on,
  • Monitor battery temperature,
  • Screen color temperature,
  • LCD power reduce,
  • Tweak vibration strength,
  • Voltage control & fast charge.

You can Download Device Control here.

8. Adblock Plus

Ever encountered annoying banners/pop up ads while surfing through web pages or you're easily distracted from the main content on a webpage by Ads while you surf?

Then here's an Adblocker for android which can be used as a Chrome extension as well.

This app answers to its name by blocking ads/Javascript on web pages while you surf.

When installed on Android, Ads will not be visible, but keep in mind that some web pages hide their content or disable certain features when Ads are not visible to a user or Javascript is disabled.

That being so,

You may have to disable this app occasionally when you encounter such web pages.

Also keep in mind that you have to be informed with Ads because most times, the type of Ads you see are usually crawled from your search history and frequent search terms.

But then, if you're out to make optimal use of your data, then try this Adblocker on Android phones.

You can click here to download AdBlock Plus.

9. Root Call Blocker Pro

Want to block calls and messages from certain people, and even from your Internet service provider?

 Then use the Root Call Blocker Pro.

The Root Call Blocker blocks spam calls and text messages.

Any number that is hidden or made private, the app automatically blocks their call.

You can download Root Call Blocker Pro here.

10. Root App Deleter

Another excellent app for rooted Android devices is the Root App Deleter.

Like the others, it manages apps on your phone and works by restoring apps that freeze or have been deleted.

It also provides cleaning or uninstalls of apps feature to free up memory space.

Other features of Root App Deleter include:

  • Uses less memory storage to run,
  • Compatible with smartphones with low memory,
  • Ability to disable background system service, such as 'Google background transport' and 'contact sync services'

11. ShootMe

Although some Android devices like the ones from Gionee running on the customized user interface Amigo, come with an inbuilt screenshot feature and hence do not require an app for this task, some do not.

The same could be the case for your smartphone where you can either take a screenshot on Android by pressing the volume key and power button simultaneously or install a third a party application.

We'll go with the later!

ShootMe is a screenshot tool for Android that captures the current screen on your device.

What makes it stand out?

Instead of clicking on buttons on your device at the same time, you can screen grab by either speaking into the mic, shaking your phone, or blocking the light sensor.

Either of these three is a fast method for taking screenshots on Android, and can also be used to record a video on the screen.

You can download ShootMe here.

12. Viper4Android

To improve the quality of songs from your phone's speaker or headset, you can use an audio root app such as Viper4Android.

This app installs an audio driver on your rooted phone, and its equalizer modifies the sound quality of songs played on your phone.

For devices whose sound quality is poor, it can be enhanced using this app to give a more entertaining experience and have more appreciation for the artist's song.

It is free as with other of the aforelisted apps, and is a must install on your rooted Android smartphone.

Follow this link to download Viper4Android from XDA-developers forums. The guidelines on how to install this root app on Android devices like Samsung have been given.


These are the best apps for rooted Android phones that will enable you to utilize the features of this operating system to the fullest.

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12 Best Root Apps for Android 2018


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