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Ultimate Cycler Nigeria- Create Account, Register and Login

Ultimate Cycler is an online networking program that offers you an opportunity to earn ₦50,000 within one week, with an Investment of just ₦12,500 ($25). Unlike other networking schemes like MMM Nigeria and MMM United, which require that you wait for 30 days before getting 30% or 100% increment on your Investment, Ultimate cycle is the reverse. You can get 100% profit from a one time investment of ₦12,500 in  less than or about one week.


Like the working principle behind other networking programs, which require that members donate their spare money to help other members, Ultimate Cycler uses the same. Its newly registered members have to make payment to other members, hence, no one actually pays money into a central account. In MMM terms, you Provide Help, to Get Help, but with a fixed deposit amount for all members and profit for level 1. This post has been updated to meet the current user Interface on Ultmate Cycler

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How Does Ultimate Cycler Work? 

  • First, you have to register on Ultimate Cycler's website, then pay ₦12,500 (25$) to the person you're specified to pay to. Within about 2 to 7 days, four other people will be matched to pay you the sum of ₦12,500 each, amounting to ₦50,000.

Here's the trick.

  • To get paid faster, you can refer atleast two people to register under you, or register under someone that has several referrals, for e.g using my referral link where thousands of visitors have visited this page, and several more are currently viewing the page hence, more potential members. With Spillovers from my referrals, you might get 2 people under you on registering. 

Most people have complained about their inability to convince others to join Ultimate Cycler, but then, you can register under someone who has lots of spill overs. By registering under someone that has several referrals waiting to pay the ₦12,500, you can get paid ₦50,000 within 3 days, instead of waiting for a whole one week. Nevertheless, you will still get your full  ₦50,000 payment whether or not you refer anyone to join Ultimate Cycler.

Steps to Join Ultimate Cycler

  • Click here to Register on Ulimate Cycler.

  • Enter your details on the registration page. Details like Your  First Name, Last Name, Country, Phone Number, State, and City. Note that all fields are compulsory. (For the Paypal Field, enter your Paypal email. If you do not have a Paypal email, you can enter any email address or you goto and create an account).


  • Then Click on  'Create  My Account'.

You will be prompted with a page to pay your 10$ admin fee using either Paypal, Visa Card or Master Card. This admin fee is optional. It is for those who will like to upgrade to different levels in Ultimate Cycler. For example, from level 1 of 25$ to level 2 of 50$ and so on. If you want to pay the admin fee, follow the instruction on the page. If you don't want to, then goto and login using the username and password you just signed up with.

Keep in mind that if you do not pay the 10$ admin fee after registration, you will have to pay it each time you want to upgrade to a new level, that's if you intend to. Paying it immediately after registration makes it a lifetime payment where you will not have to pay 10$ each time you wan to upgrade.

After Registration

You will be Matched with someone immediately or after a few hours. Pay using the bank details of the person you are matched with, then confirm that payment has been sent. The Ultimate Cycler Participant you sent the money to will be notified that you have made payment, and your account will be fully activated. You can also call the person to notify them and have them confirm it immediately, so that you will be matched on time with other people that are to pay you.

Also, ensure that you fill in your payment details, because it will be displayed to those that are to pay you, to do this:

  • Click on the tab, 'My Account'
  • Select 'Payment Options'.
  • You can either receive your payments using Paypal, Bank Transfer, Bitcoins, Payza etc. But since you will be working with Nigerians who might find bank transfer more convenient, you can opt to receive your payment directly into your bank account
  • In the text box provided for bank details, enter yours
  • Then click on 'Submit'.


Levels In Ultimate Cycler

There are several levels in Ultimate Cycler. From Level 1 through 6, and at each level, members donate an amount  that is twice that of the previous level.

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Donation of  ₦12,500 ($20). You are matched with 4 people who pay you ₦12,500 each.

Donation of  ₦25,000 ($50). You are matched with 4 people who pay you ₦25,000 each. You earn ₦100,000.

Donation of  ₦50,000 ($100).  You are matched with 4 people who pay you ₦50,000 each. You earn ₦200,000.

Donation of  ₦100,000 ($200).  You are matched with 4 people who pay you ₦100,000 each. You earn ₦400,000.

Donation of  ₦200,000 ($400).  You are matched with 4 people who pay you ₦200,000 each. You earn ₦800,000.

Donation of  ₦400,000 ($800).  You are matched with 4 people who pay you ₦400,000 each. You earn ₦1.600,000.

Donation of  ₦800,000 ($1600).  You are matched with 4 people who pay you ₦800,000 each. You earn ₦3.200,000.

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Ultimate Cycler Nigeria- Create Account, Register and Login


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