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The Most Best Free Blogging Platforms Complete Overview

Choosing a right Blogging platform plays a crucial act in the blogging journey. Though there are plenty of blogging platforms out there. But, it could be a dilemma to choose the right one. If you are going through the same now, then you must go through the entire comparison of all the below free blogging platforms.

Once chosen a blogging platform, switching to the other one is possible, but sometimes it could be a huge pain.

We are listing few extensive free blogging platforms, to make it easy for you to choose the right one.

Most of the Free blogging platforms mainly focus for different purposes. We will make sure you will come to a decision after going through this article, according to your needs and according to your niche.

Listing few best Free Blogging Platforms:


You might have already heard about WordPress a lot before diving into the blogging field. Probably from the fellow bloggers. And you might think why the hell it is in the list, where we are about to talk about the best free blogging platforms?

Here I would like to clarify and are completely different. is a self-hosted, where you need to buy your own domain. And host it into the different servers, according to your preference.

In the other hand, you don’t have to get those for As hosted into their servers and it’s absolutely free of cost. You don’t need to spend a penny. And buying domain would be n optional, just in case, you would like to move from the subdomain.

Sounds Good? can be an ultimate choice who want to get started with a website within few minutes. Yes, that’s right investing your few minutes in signing up with, can make your website up and run. Upgrades Plan(Optional)

  • Basic – 0$ (Good enough for the bloggers who want to get started without investment)
  • Personal – 2.99$ (For attaching a custom domain, and some additional support features)
  • Premium – 8.25 $ (For Freelancers and Entrepreneurs, as, itself suggests so)
  • Business – 24.92 $ (Name itself suggests, it’s perfect for the businesses). There would be unlimited features.

Note: These plans are while writing this post, may vary later.

Few more things to look on before opting

  • Once the website created you will get a subdomain as But, that is not a worrying part at all as you can add as a custom domain at any time(optional).
  • Unlike, here you might not be able to find a huge list of themes. But, there are enough of to beautify your blog.
  • Upgrades come with Additional themes and plugins.


2. Blogger

Have you heard something wrong about Blogger Platform?

It’s quite common Blogger is too underestimated. Maybe because of its simplicity, not having plugins to add some extra features. That’s, not a big deal, it can be always customized.

Or, you are seeking for some more professional look, get a template in few bucks. It’s very affordable, check out the best blogger template provider here.

Blogger is really popular amongst bloggers who understand the actual blogging, instead of hearing all the myths from here and there. You should definitely give a try.

Why do I say all this, I am not a brand ambassador of the blogger at all who is trying to promote Blogger here.

Blogger is a Google’s product and hosted on their servers for free of cost.

Google Servers, don’t you think that itself make it stand out.

Why Blogger?

  • No downtime at all. That means your site will appear to the readers all the time.
  • Simple and easy to get started with.
  • Simple Editor Layout, fewer distractions obviously.

On a lighter note, sometimes I kind of compare it with the Microsoft word as well. And that is its beauty.

You can put your complete focus on creating the content. Blogger is one of the best free blogging platforms.

I too have started my blogging from the blogger platform. So, if you are just getting into blogging then blogger is highly recommended.

Blogger, by default, provides some templates as well, but might not be too many. but customizations can always be made with simple knowledge of HTML.

And if not, themes can be always

Comparing to MS Word, it doesn’t mean it’s not a blogging platform, it is and capable of helping you survive and succeed in the blogging industry.

It’s completely free to signup if you have a Gmail account.


3. Medium

Medium is an emerging platform and an ultimate den for the readers and writers. In fact, its more get you a feel like a community.

Good writers can get enough exposure through the medium platform.

As everyone shares their unique perspective and ideas to the world. So, getting noticed for the compelling content makes it easier.

And probably get featured in highly respective pages as well, if you have that spark in writing. It is a Perfect blogging platform for the serious writers who are seeking some more exposure as a writer.

There are plenty of niches where you can write on. Choose a particular niche which you are good at and make the most of it.

It is not a personalized blogging platform. In fact, it’s more like a social platform, but not exactly is.

Are you one amongst that story telling writers?

Are you the one who can bind people with the words?

Are you looking to be get noticed as a writer?

If the Answer is yes, then definitely Medium for you.


4. Wix

Wix is quite popular, for creating the websites quickly. The easiest way to get started with.

It is perfect for small business who are not looking to invest too much but want to get the same kind of dynamic looking websites.

what makes it perfect for the small startups?

  • Drag and Drop Features
  • No Coding skills required at all
  • Easy Customization with live preview
  • Adding Blog is possible to the website(by Wix Blog App)
  • Several Themes to choose from
  • E-commerce sites too can be created quickly

Getting a fancy website is possible, in just few drag and drops. Anyone can create it easily as there is no coding required at all.

You might already found several websites are getting created using Wix these days.

Now, Wix actually limits few features and function for the free plans. But given features with a free plan is good enough to beautify your website. Plans upgradations are completely optional.


5. Tumblr

After looking at the page of Tumblr, you might feel that how this could be a blogging platform at all.

Because it looks much similar to a social platform. That uniqueness is the reason behind this website growth.

It is a great micro-blogging platform having advantages of inbuilt sharing tools as well.

Tumblr, fortunately, provides several integrated themes, which can be opted. But though the default one to looks great as its light.

Tumblr allows your to quickly blog with

  • Short Articles
  • Pictures
  • videos
  • Animated GIF’s what not,

Tumblr is a free blogging platform. And if you are a quick blogger posting some visual content, then this is your cup of tea.

There is not plugins compatibility with it. But it’s UI(User Interface) has the potential to make you fall in love with it.


6. Ghost

Have you heard of the ghost? We are talking about the Ghost blogging platform, not the one you are thinking.

It has a simple Interface, which makes it perfect for the blogging. As nothing is better than simplicity. 🙂

Let me give you a quick glimpse of it. If you are thinking of creating a website using ghost then you should not read it. Because Ghost is a perfect for blogging only.

Now the interesting thing is that Ghost too has two variants to it, just like WordPress.

  • Free version
  • Self-hosted

As there are few inbuilt features like SEO Settings and Social Sharing Features, so requirements of plugins are fewer. You might not find too many features while writing in Ghost. But, good enough to for those, whose focuses on writing only, just like Medium.

As said above it has a free version and the self-hosted(software version) too. Self-hosted is not that easier to install in Ghost if you are not a techie. But, yes self-hosted has its own advantages.

This doesn’t mean the free version had nothing to do here. Blogging can get easier with Ghost.


7. Squarespace

Square is very easy to use and known as one of the best free blogging platforms as well.

It makes the setup very easier and the blog gets ready with few minutes only. Now, only your writing remains.

If something is getting ready in few minutes that doesn’t mean it will be boring in terms of looks. Squarespace has very cool and stylish default themes. Which can be used to beautify your blog.

what you can create with Squarespace

  • Perfect for Blogs
  • E-commerce as well

Square is very decent in terms of security as well, in fact, it offers SSL for e-commerce sites by default.

What’s more about square space

  • Simple looks
  • Responsive and looks great on all the devices,
  • Completely Mobile friendly,
  • Lightweight

If you are a lightweight theme lover, this goes for you.


8. Weebly

Creating a website in Weebly is absolutely free with all its dynamic features. It is one of the platforms, where you can create a free website within few steps.

You can call it quite similar to Wix, where you could create a website with drag and drops.

What’s Good About square space

  • Drag and drop feature to create a website
  • Simple click and Edit the Text and Menus
  • Plenty of free templates
  • Easy Customizations

It has plenty of features in the free plan, but in case you are looking for more, then paying 49$ would make it possible. And you will be accessing tons of features and can beautify your website.



Now here comes the surprise with a bang, new one. Signup, and start writing right away within few mins, it’s that quick. Simple and clean interface.

BlogBeats basically is a Geo-Time Tagged Platform. Now, that means you will get all the information or details of any particular place.

How does that happen?

BlogBeat allows people to share and exchange the information of their visit to the places with the entire world. And the agenda behind it to make the travels easier for everyone. The shared location is being Geo-Tagged. And that makes it more convenient. Apparently, this helps the business to reach their target audience as well.

And that is not it, you can add more content in various different categories. And the categories are estimated around 200, which is a huge number.

Check out the Category on which you want to write on and get started right away.


Final Words

All the Free Blogging Platforms has advantages and disadvantages as well. And at the same time, all these free blogging platforms are perfect for respective niches. Go through the entire article, you might have already made your mind, which one to go with. All have the potential and completely reliable.

Do share, which one you have opted for in the comment section below.

Author Bio –

Navin always like to explore new things and learn from it. A part time Blogger and at QuestionCage, he writes tips, How-To Guides and some basic concepts to simplifying the work procedures. And when he gets time loves to listen to some pleasant music 🙂

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The Most Best Free Blogging Platforms Complete Overview


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