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Bitcoin Price Boom 2017: Lucrative Opportunities Ahead For Early Adopters

Ever had the feeling you were ‘too late’?

You’re anything but. Keep reading.

In recent months, the rise of the Bitcoin price has been relentless. Bitcoin has shown itself to be a very resilient coin, having survived the collapse of Silk Road, Mt. Gox and dozens of other attacks on its network. Launched in 2009, Bitcoin was the first cryptocoin. Many other cryptocoins (altcoins) soon followed.

Cryptocoins are here to stay. And for those early adopters who are in-the-know, there is a plethora of lucrative opportunities to be discovered.

A Quick History Of Bitcoin

Bitcoin was designed in 2008 by a person, or group of persons, calling him/her/them selve(s) Satoshi Nakamoto. It was a proposal for an entirely software based coin to be used for safe, decentralized transactions without a man in the middle. It didn’t take long before somebody implemented Bitcoin in a software program, and it quickly took off.

Bitcoin can only work if there are people who voluntarily want to lock in Bitcoin transactions in a decentralized manner. Bitcoin’s blockchain is the decentralized, public ledger that powers its very existence.

Every block on the blockchain holds immutable transactions. Locking in these blocks takes compute power, which costs resources to do. This activity is therefore rewarded with Bitcoins. Locking in transactions in order to be rewarded with Bitcoins, is called ‘mining’.

People mine Bitcoin by investing resources into it. After having done so, they value Bitcoin. It is no different from mining physical gold. Gold remains in the ground, until you invest resources to dig it up. Once you’ve acquired it, you will value it.

At some point in 2010, a guy paid 10,000 Bitcoins for 2 pizzas. Those were the most expensive pizzas ever sold, since their Bitcoin now has a worth of $20 million.

The Bitcoin price has been going up ever since. Although I will admit that it has traveled a bumpy road.

But still, with Bitcoin seeing prices of $2,250 and up in recent days, it is becoming more and more clear that it isn’t going to go away anytime soon.

Quite the opposite…

Enter The 2017 Cryptocoin Boom

Bitcoin was only the beginning. There now exist hundreds of cryptocoins. All of them have their own goals, ideas, visions and developer teams behind them.

Many more people believe in cryptocoin’s potential with every passing week. We can see this by looking at cryptocoin’s ‘market cap’. The Market Cap is simply the total sum of money invested.

Cryptocoin’s market cap took 7 years to reach $10 billion. Then it took 1 year to reach $20 billion. Then it took 3 months to reach $30 billion. Then it took a week to reach $40 billion. Currently, the market cap grows by $10 billion every few days. The current market cap as of May 2017? According to Coin Market Cap, it’s a dizzying $75 billion. Down a little from an earlier $90 billion this week. But don’t let that scare you.

It is safe to say that there is a completely new economy flourishing before our very eyes. Cryptocoin is essentially ‘Money 2.0’. Cryptocoin’s advantages over regular fiat money:

  • Cryptographically safe, meaning it can’t be tampered with.
  • Limited in supply, meaning it’s not susceptible to inflation.
  • No middleman required, meaning you won’t pay bank fees or transaction fees, etc.
  • Works 24/7, not just from 9 to 5 on business days.
  • In the future, can be programmed with functionality via smart contracts, such as loans that will automatically be repaid, etc.

With the rich cryptocoin ecosystem that is now blooming, many new investors are getting into the game to trade one cryptocoin for another to make profits. Since the cryptocoin economy is so young, it is highly volatile. But it’s currently booming, which makes it easier to make money than to lose it. You could’ve literally randomly picked a handful of of cryptocoins, bought some a few weeks ago, and held onto them and you would’ve made a profit.

When you first research altcoins (all cryptocoins that aren’t Bitcoin), you are going to be amazed by what you’ll find. Pretty soon, it will become clear to you that we are about to enter a whole ‘nother world. If you’ve been wondering why the Bitcoin price has been surging so much as of late… it’s because of the fact that the cryptocoin ecosystem is now booming with altcoins.

So let’s have a look at some interesting altcoins in no particular order, shall we?

Interesting Altcoins


Ripple is a coin that was invented with the purpose of letting banks do transfers between countries. Normally, these are done with Swift. Swift is slow and can take many days to complete. And there is also a significant fee tied to Swift transactions. Ripple promises to let banks transfer amounts at great speed and at low cost.

Ripple is currently number 3 by market cap, with a staggering $13 billion invested. One Ripple coin was worth $0.01 only a few months ago. It is currently $0.34, but has also seen the $0.42 about a week ago. An easy money maker for early adopters. Just buy and hold for years. Banks will invest billions into it, increasing its value potentially one hundred fold.


Burst is the green coin. Instead of mining it with expensive, power hungry compute power, such as is the case with Bitcoin, you mine it by dedicating hard drive space to it. Storage space is much cheaper than compute power, making this coin very environmentally friendly and easy to mine for normal people like you and me.

In comparison to Bitcoin, Burst is much cheaper to mine. Bitcoin mining will run up an electricity bill that outstrips the value of the mined Bitcoin, making this unappealing to the average Joe. Next to the green coin, Burst is also the everyman’s coin. And not only is it easy to mine, it also supports ‘assets’.

You can set up a lucrative asset that you own (like a webshop or something) on the Burst blockchain, into which other Burst fanatics can buy in, yielding you cash you can use to grow your asset. You then pay the people who bought in dividends from your asset. Or you can simply buy into another person’s asset and receive dividends yourself.

Burst coins are low priced and cheap to buy. You can get thousands of them for next to nothing. Burst has potential and could reach $1 per coin and more.


Sia is one of many coins which is more than just a coin. Sure, you can trade Sia coins like any other. But Sia’s goal is to realize completely safe, secure and decentralized storage space on the blockchain. Your files will reside on other people’s Sia nodes. You can run a Sia node yourself as well. The files that reside on here will be encrypted and can only be viewed by the owner, using a private key.

On their website, Sia boasts that storing 1TB of data on the Sia blockchain will cost $2 per month. Storing the same amount of data for a month on Amazon, costs $23. So basically we are talking about a revolution in file storage here.

You’ll pay for the storage using Sia coins. You can run your own Sia node, meaning your computer’s storage space can be used by other Sia users, who are paying you Sia coin for your storage space. You can set a dedicated amound of drive space for Sia to use as its blockchain storage. You maintain complete control over your own storage.

Do you suppose a file storage revolution gives Sia coins potential?


DigiByte is the gamer’s coin. It’s a dirt cheap coin that hardly anybody has heard of. Just like Burst and Sia, you can get thousands on the cheap. But they will likely go up in value fast. You see, DigiByte is probably going to be integrated with the popular game Minecraft soon. If I had to take a guess, I’d say you will likely be able to mine DigiByte by playing Minecraft soon.

An announcement on this seems to be coming soon on Depending on what the announcement is, DigiByte could possibly skyrocket. The site is being linked to from the official DigiByte site. Also, check out the web archive screenshot of, which shows a none too subtle clue as to what the plan is.

And it won’t necessarily stop with Minecraft. DigiByte could find its way into many more games. So DigiByte is basically the video gamer’s dream come true.

I want you to close your eyes for a few seconds and imagine a world in which taxi and truck drivers have lost their jobs to selfdriving cars and trucks. They’re middle aged, can’t be reschooled and are basically unemployable.

Do you suppose at least a percentage of those cabbies and truckers would be interested in mining coin by gaming for a few hours per day?

Mining by gaming. And paying your bills with it. It’s a mind boggling concept. One that may very well come true in the next decade.

Even if you yourself aren’t interested in a fulltime gaming lifestyle, you have to admit the fact that there are plenty of people who are, in fact, interested in it.

Once again, opportunities o’plenty for everybody.

Short Term Cryptocoin Developments

I’m sure that, by now, you are starting to see the bigger picture… Cryptocoins offer not just a whole new economy, but a whole new world for a huge class of people.

That class of people is, ofcourse, the 99%, who are fed up with the games the 1% is playing with our tax money. They gamble our taxes away on Wall Street. They give tax cuts to the already filthy rich. They print more money when they need it, creating inflation and stealing the value of our dollars straight out of our pockets.

Not so with cryptocoins. They can’t be tampered with and you can’t print more of them. Nobody owns them, because they are completely decentralized.

With the world economy being in the perpetually dire state that it currently seems to be in, is it any wonder that people from countries with failed economies (I’m looking at you, Greece), are massively putting their money into Bitcoin in order to save their wealth from evaporating?

The Bitcoin price keeps going up. For a lot of people out there, it’s a much more interesting currency than their country’s fiat currency, which is losing all of its value.

The world is set to be overtaken by automation, starting with taxi and truck drivers, who are all but guaranteed to lose their jobs to self driving cars and trucks, respectively. But this is just the beginning of the robot jobocalypse. The government doesn’t care about its people and even if it did… it’s too incompetent to help the 99% survive. That’s why the people are now flocking en masse to cryptocoins to help themselves.

One interesting altcoin I haven’t made mention of is Ethereum. It’s the new Bitcoin, which is now just hitting $200 after having had a conference in the presence of dozens of big banks.

You can buy into it and hold. It will likely reach Bitcoin price levels. Another opportunity to multiply your money by a factor of ten and beyond. Research it. Seriously.

Bitcoin Revenue Sharing Opportunities

It’s fun to see the Bitcoin price going up. Buying & holding will definitely make you more money than not taking any action at all.

But still… many Bitcoin holders would like to be a little bit more active with their holdings.

Since the great cryptoboom of 2017, there are many opportunities being pitched all over the web. Many promise way too high returns of many percentage points per day. These are obvious ponzi scams that never last longer than a few months. Don’t even think of falling for it.

However, in the huge pile of opportunities, some real ones can be found. Take for example the revenue sharing opportunity that is being discussed on

This website explains the USI-Tech revenue sharing program in depth. The TL;DR version is that USI-Tech will let your Bitcoin ride along on their profitable trading and mining operations.

USI-Tech is a very transparent company, whose owners are constantly making public appearances, many of which you can find on YouTube. They’ve been around for a almost a year now. It all adds up to breed trust.

They offer a service where you purchase €50 ‘packages’, which then go on to generate around 1% of their value  on every business day, until they’ve yielded 40% return on capital. You are essentially turning €50 packages into €70 packages over the span of around 140 business days.

Bitcoin is generated daily and can be withdrawn  daily. Or it can be used to automatically rebuy more €50 packages, which then go on to generate yet more Bitcoin.

By automatically rebuying packages, you are setting yourself up for an exponential curve of returns on Bitcoin capital. If the Bitcoin price increases, this will lead to further acceleration in your returns on capital.

The website displays an interactive chart you can play with to calculate what your returns on Bitcoin capital could look like in the coming years. It’s worth a minute of your time!


This article does not officially dispense financial advice. You are entirely responsible for any actions you may take based on the information herein. The author participates in the USI-Tech revenue sharing program that is discussed on

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Bitcoin Price Boom 2017: Lucrative Opportunities Ahead For Early Adopters


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