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Need a Mortise Smart Lock? This list will save you time (but not money)

A smart Lock is a vital part of the smart home. Without one, your home automation project is incomplete.

The most popular smart locks are for standard deadbolt locks where the latch is separate from the deadbolt. There is no shortage of those types of smart locks.

But, if you’re looking for a mortise smart lock, your options are seriously limited. I spent some hours searching. It was a struggle, but I managed to come up with this list.

To be clear, I haven’t personally used any of these locks. Therefore I can’t personally recommend any of them.

What’s a mortise lock? A Mortise lock combines the latch and the deadbolt into one solid lock. Then, a rectangular hole called a mortise is cut into the side of the door. The entire lock assembly is installed into the mortise. They are frequently found in commercial use, but can be used in residential as well.



The Yale Mortise Lock is Z-Wave Plus certified!

That may not seem very exciting to you, but if you spent as much time searching for a true mortise smart lock as I did, you would understand my excitement when I finally found one.

Those of you that know home automation know that Z-Wave support means it can easily be integrated into your smart home using the Z-Wave protocol. From a home automation standpoint, that makes the Yale the best on this list.

So even though the Yale lock is perfectly at home in a commercial installation, it will be perfectly at home in your smart home, too (if you can stomach the price).

Learn More | Yale Nextouch AUR-NTM-62

Sesame Smart Lock 2nd Gen

The Sesame Lock can work on some mortise locks. But to be clear, it will only work for mortise locks that have a single rotating latch as the locking mechanism.

The Sesame lock is an ultra-versatile retrofit smart lock. It’s similar to the popular August Smart lock. However, what sets the Sesame lock apart is how it attaches to the existing lock.

The August, and others like it, require you to remove the inside cover plate of the lock and replace it with the new smart lock’s hardware.

On the other hand, the Sesame is more versatile because it fits over the existing latch hardware. You don’t have to remove anything. You just stick it in place with the included adhesive strips.

Essentially, it’s a smart latch turner.

In order to get the full smart home integration (Alexa, Google Home, anywhere access) you have to purchase both the lock and the additional WiFi access point. Without the access point, you will be limited to only Bluetooth access.

Check Price | Sesame Smart Lock | WiFi access point

igloohome Smart Mortise Lock IGM1

The igloohome Smart Mortise Lock is the most reasonably priced mortise lock I’ve found for residential use.

NOTE: igloohome is a Singapore based company and the lock is made to European standards. Therefore, a door with a standard US sized mortise will require some work before this lock can be installed correctly.

You can unlock the lock using the keypad or by using the app via a Bluetooth connection.

It doesn’t have WiFi or a WiFi bridge. Therefore, you can only access it from within Bluetooth range.

Although the igloohome doesn’t have full smart home integration, it does have a few features (see all) that are fairly unique:

  • If the batteries die, a 9v can be used to briefly power the lock and gain entry.
  • The lock can sense when the door is closed and re-lock upon closing.
  • Includes a temperature sensor that monitors for unusually high temperatures that may indicate a fire. If a fire is sensed, it will automatically unlock.

Check Price | igloohome Smart Mortise Lock

Schlage LE Wireless Mortise Lock

The Schlage LE wireless mortise lock is built for commercial use. Therefore, it won’t be sold in regular retail stores, and it won’t be sold at residential prices.

It comes with built-in Bluetooth and WiFi and can be configured from anywhere (using WiFi).

Schlage’s wireless management software is called Engage (not to be confused with Schlage Encode) for commercial locks. The software lets you set schedules and manage up to 5000 users and 100 locks!

It also has a door position sensor built into the lock and strike-plate, which allows you to monitor door open/close events.

However, it’s not meant to act like a regular residential smart lock. You can’t use the WiFi to connect your Alexa or other smart home hubs.

Learn More | Schlage LE Wireless Mortise Lock

Lockly Secure Lux

Lockly has a series of smart locks for both commercial and residential applications.

The Lockly Secure Lux is one of two (see below for the other one) that will work for a mortise lock. It is designed for a commercial installation. However, other than the price, I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work for a residential installation, too.

By itself it is a Bluetooth connected lock. In addition, it can be purchased with a Wi-Fi hub. The Wi-Fi hub package also comes with a door open/close sensor for more detailed monitoring.

It can be opened with the app, a fingerprint (oohh, fancy!), or a PIN.

The Lockly locks have a unique PIN code system that eliminates someone peeking from being able to guess your code (see the circles of numbers in the above image).

Learn More | Lockly Secure Lux PGD829

Lockly Lux Compact

The Lockly Lux Compact has similar features as the Secure Lux (above), but comes in a smaller format.

Learn More | Lockly Lux Compact PGD688

Accurate Mortise Lock SM9159E

Last but not least is the Accurate SmartEntry SM9159E Smart Mortise Lock. This lock is made for high-end residential installations.

It has both Bluetooth and WiFi connection and is controlled with their own SmartEntry app. It integrates with both Alexa and Google Home (and others apparently but I don’t know which).

The Accurate lock can be installed either hard-wired or battery powered. Either way, there are no visible electronics.

I searched for any online sellers and found it for sale in only one place. The price is obscene, so check it out if you dare.

My guess is if you have the money to throw down on this lock, you’re probably not reading this because you’re too busy stacking $100 bills. But, if you are actually interested in this lock, it’s probably best to find a distributor and call them.

Learn More | Accurate Mortise Lock SM9159E

Final Thoughts

I spent an unusually long time trying to compile this list of mortise smart locks. And, finding them was only half the battle. Information about them is fairly limited too.

So even though this list falls short of my usual level of detail, I hope the list itself is enough to save you some time and help you find what you need.

If you have used any of these locks, I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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Need a Mortise Smart Lock? This list will save you time (but not money)


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