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10 Stumbling Blocks Of Dating A Hot Girlfriend

Most of the Men try to satisfy their visual nerves. So, becoming powerless when facing an eminently beautiful woman is natural for them or this is what hardwired in their brain.
But dating a hot girlfriend is not every guy’s cup of tea. You have to be strong enough to face those stumbling blocks coming on your way.
Presenting before you some snags which you will, for sure have to face, if you plan to date a hot girlfriend.
1. Jealousy, on the top!
Obviously guys, this one is natural and will lurk within you, if you have a hot girlfriend besides you.

hot girlfriend
Jealousy on the peak

2. Possessiveness
From jealousy arouses the possessiveness. You won’t be able to tolerate those glares checking out your hot girlfriend from head to toe. Those constant checks on her male friends and of course her clothes; would become your daily job.

hot girlfriend
Possessive boyfriend

3. Insecurity
Insecurity arouses when you see her talking with other guys. That constant fear in your mind of losing your Love will start hovering on your mind, now and then.

hot girlfriend
Heights of insecurity

4. Your fading presence
People won’t notice you when she is around. You would start feeling lost in her presence. In the worst of scenario, this could lead towards the end of your relation.

hot girlfriend
Are you fading around her?

5. Unstoppable talks
When you are dating a hot girlfriend, you have to face those nonsensical talks of people around you. Some would criticize you by questioning what she’s doing with a regular guy like you. Or some would even say that she is with you for your money or you are with her for her looks. People love to gossip, you have to be prepared for it. If you both truly love each other, then nothing in this world can lower down your love.

hot girlfriend
When they just can’t stop talking about you

6. Trust issues
It doesn’t matter how much she loves you and stay faithful towards you. Her stunning looks can always leave you, struggling with trust issues in your mind.

hot girlfriend
Trust Issues

7. Dominant beauty
Her beauty could make her the dominant in your relationship and you being her true lover could accept her dominance also.

hot girlfriend
Too Dominating

8. Egoistic beauty
This world faithfully complete their job of reminding how hot you girlfriend is. These constant reminders could affect her so much so that it can puff her with ego. This is not her mistake guys; she is getting such compliments since childhood and certainly some from you also.

Hot girlfriend
Soo Egoistic

9. Blind love
Sometimes, you get so blinded by the glamour of your hot girlfriend that she becomes Aphrodite (goddess of beauty) for you and you follow her like a deity. You tend to ignore those serious personality flaws in her like unfaithfulness, just to stay with her.

hot girlfriend
Blind in love?

10. Irrelevant fights
Her gleaming beauty is the reason for every eye glancing at her. This can indulge you in those irrelevant fights with every second guy on the street. She might not tell you to fight for her but every man is overprotective for his girlfriend especially if she is “hot.”
If you are ready to face these stumble blocks while dating a hot girlfriend, then what are you waiting for, go and hit on a stunning girl for yourself.

hot girlfriend
Irrelevant Fights

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10 Stumbling Blocks Of Dating A Hot Girlfriend


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