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Brieftons 5 Blade Spiralizer Vegetable Spiral Slicer Review

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A vegetable spiral slicer can get you and your family on the road to more healthful eating. Making veggie noodles is fun, and it makes the meal look more appetizing than simply chopping up chunks of green stuff for your plate. Let's see how the Brieftons 5 Blade Spiralizer makes these amazing foods and more.

I recently got a chance to try this Brieftons veggie pasta /spaghetti maker for free in exchange for an honest review. That's one thing I love about being a blogger. It's fun to get to try new things.

The product has five blades, where many others I've seen only have three blades. I like that you get more variety with this one. I decided that to test it out, I was going to use a different vegetable for each blade. Here's my experience:

The first blade I tried was the 3mm blade using butternut squash. I had some trouble getting the squash to turn. It could have been my error, as I am a new user, but it was really difficult for me. When I finally got it done, I made the dish in the top left corner you see in the photo. I sauteed the squash noodles with onion and added fresh spinach. Then, I topped it with a fresh baked seasoned pork chop. Yum.

Next, I tried the curly fry blade. You can see the photo in the top right. My problem with this blade is that these are not curly fries. The strips are so thin, it was more like potato chips. I have to say Anna and Essie went nuts for these. They wanted me to make more. So, it's not a bad end result, it's just not curly fries.

On the third try, I used zucchini with the angel hair blade and it worked perfectly. I had no problems or issues with this, and the spaghetti I made with it (bottom left) was fantastic.

For the final dish, I used the last two blades. Have you seen the video recipe for "crack slaw" going around on facebook? I saw it and I had to try it. Lucky for me, I had a spiral slicer to cut up my own fresh veggies to use in it. I used the flat blade on cabbage. I did have some trouble, but I finally got it to work. Then, I used the 6mm blade to cut up a carrot. Again, I had a little trouble, but did get it to work. Crack slaw was so super delicious and Mitch wants more. (Picture bottom right.)

I think some of the trouble that I had cutting up the vegetables was because I didn't cut them straight on the edge, so I'm not going to judge Brieftons on my error. I will say, there are some things I think Brieftons can do better.  

One, is that I think they should have storage space for all five blades. They have two compartments for blades on the side, and one can be stored on the top. What about the other two? 

I had to search through every blade to find the one I wanted. The label of which blade is which is printed very small on the metal part of the blade. I think it should be printed on the handle of the blade.

In the instruction manual, it says to change the blades, you pull up on the blade from the top of the spiralizer. It fails to mention that when you click that blade in place, you need to push a little tab at the bottom first before you pull up on the handle of the blade. I kept thinking it was stuck. Mitch found the tab.

I did have some issues getting the base of the slicer to stay stuck to the counter top. It wasn't too bad, but I do think it should stay stuck.

Finally, if you're going to say it's a curly fry blade, it should make curly fries, not curly potato chips. The product photo on amazon looks like the regular curly fries.

Overall, I like this slicer and I loved the meals I was able to make with it, as did my family. Have you tried a Brieftons? Tell us your experience.

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Brieftons 5 Blade Spiralizer Vegetable Spiral Slicer Review


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