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Finding my workout mojo: #GetMotivated with music! yurbuds® a part of @BestBuyWOLF Health & Fitness technology

This post was written on behalf of Best Buy in partnership with yurbuds® and a Best Buy Gift Card was given as compensation as a thank you for time and energies spent researching and sharing the brand. All opinions and personal accounts are those of the reviewer. Your own thoughts and opinions may differ.
I don’t do the whole New Year’s resolution thing so I’m more convinced that it’s the pending birthday that has had me contemplating my approach to my own physical Health. I’m one of those weirdoes that schedules all their annual checkups around their birthday…if you’re in this club fist-bumps, if not you should be because while it’s not the sexiest way to spend your birthday it does save a lot of hassle trying to remember when your last CBC labs were done. Besides, a dose of prevention and keeping a healthy body is totally sexy, right?
With my annual physical will come the “what are you doing to stay active” speech and somehow I doubt that my doctor with consider “looking for my mojo” a valid excuse for inactivity. I really want to be physically active and at least reasonably fit, but my mojo wondered off last year and hasn’t returned.
Motivation is just not my friend. My exercise equipment doesn’t yell at me for maintaining its idle state and my husband tells me how amazing (yes, y’all amazing) I am regardless (he’s a keeper), so staying motivated is just not something that I come by easily, but I’ve seriously been trying to do some self-help mojo boosting. In my DIY-mojo musings I’ve gone through the list of what seemed like a good idea at the time, but in reality notsomuch.

What hasn’t worked:
  • Caffeine - It certainly chases away a few morning grumbles, but it doesn’t make me want to get up and drop it like it’s hot….unless my cup is scalding.
  • An exercise buddy – That one is hysterical…my friends are mojo-less and apparently weaker than I am.
  • Refrigerator Pictures - Hanging pictures of my unclothed self would only gross out my kids.
  • Clothing Carrots - Buying a little black dress that I’d love to wear only benefited the lucky recipient of my donation box.
  • Put it in writing - Tracking my activity on the calendar would have been great if I actually used a calendar.
  • Indulgent Reward - Rewarding myself with baked goods was delicious….for one trip around the block.
  • Public Accountability – Sharing your failures “goals and successes” with friends via status updates? Seriously? Sure, nothing like some good old fashioned social media shaming. 

The list of what doesn’t spark my interest is endless. It was in revisiting Best Buy health and fitness gadgets (Best Buy is way more than just video games and oversized flat screens) that the mojo-lights started to come on. I got my Misfit at Best Buy, so I already know that they have a nice sized assortment of feed my inner technology geek technology powered devices to track activity and enhance fitness based gadgets. It was one item in particular that when coupled with a look at the other areas of my life that seem to give me a get-moving-jump-start that I made a brilliant discovery.
When I clean my house I never get half of what I want to get through done because I’m a Music fiend. This may sound like my ADD has led me on an “Oh look there’s a squirrel moment” but really it’s an epiphany…or at least worth an emphasis on duh.
The reason I don’t get my entire house chrome-shiny-clean is because once that music starts hitting my chords, I turn into Tom Cruise on that Risky Business coffee table…minus the coffee table leap, tighty whites, and candlestick microphone, but just as ridiculously fun.
Being fit and music are both pretty darn sexy....and apparently good for you too. Research has found that music can surge the intensity and duration of a workout by as much as 15%. Not to mention the mental health and immunity benefits - music increases antibodies involved in the immune system and raises natural killer cell counts (the cells that attack germs and bacteria) and for those people like me that have issues with chronic pain….I wouldn’t drop it like it’s hot if I had all the mojo in the world on a bad back day, forget mojo, cause I got nothing, but no-go on days that my back injury reminds me who the boss really is…music has shown to actually build pain tolerance (woo hoo!), decrease stress hormones (something we can all use a little less of), and bolster depressed mood (gives a whole new meaning to happy dance).
So I'm scientifically validated by the thought that a good jam wasted on a sink full of dishes is a complete crying shame…Once I find my sound, I’m all over the place and nothing gets clean. It’s probably the most fun that I have by myself! BUT transferring this magical-mojo discovery into my workout routine has been a tad bit problematic. It’s more about the adolescent groans related to my music selection that I would just rather not have interrupting my solo spot.
Earbuds are great and I’ve even gotten fairly good at not belting the finale out loud, because while I can sing (we all can), I don’t sound good. The problem is that earbuds, cords, and my dropping it like it’s hot warm efforts are missing the mark….even a run is interrupted by earbud issues; either the darn things irritate, hurt (especially during the cold of the winter nasty), or they won’t stay put.
Music is clearly my mojo-kick so in working out the ear-itation (hence, the Best Buy click through), I’ve come across a very “do-able” solution -  yurbuds® headphones. yurbuds® were founded by an Ironman Triathlete and a 24-time marathoner in response to my same workout ear-itation. yurbuds® are ergonomically designed to avoid nerve-rich areas of the ear with Twistlock Technology to ensure comfort (made with soft medical grade silicone) and brilliant fit without compromising sound.
Now, I’m not an athlete and don’t come close to their standards by any means so if yurbuds® can hang with the big dogs, you know that my puppy with a sock methods aren’t any match for the limited edition yurbuds® and their patent TwistLock Technology (guaranteed to never hurt or fall out) stereo sound wireless system. I do like that they are sweat and water proof, but the keep calls crisp full track & call control feature with wind-blocking microphone more than rocks, especially this time of year…or any other time of the year if you live in the south (our tornadic winds are known to end a call before it even gets started) and the battery life (up to 6 hours) isn’t too shabby either, and because I need all the bells and reminder whistles that the battery is getting low, the visual and audible indicators just might keep me from running out of battery mojo too ;0)
 It’s no wonder that yurbuds® are the #1 selling sport earphone company in the United States... comfortable, waterproof crisp sound (15mm drivers), and then some, all with wireless Bluetooth technology….that pretty much meets all my get motivated needs and squashes all my excuses. What more could I ask for, except for a great deal? Of course you knew my Best Buy loving behind was gonna make sure to mention two Best Buy exclusive offers.
  1. Save for 20% off all yurbuds® products online and in-stores. Online simply enter yurbuds20off at check out or to save in stores print the yurbuds 20% savings coupon and redeem 
  2. You can also snag a $5 Best Buy Gift Card with qualifying Health and Fitness purchases at Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores.
Looks like my mojo-mission seems to have been accomplished, or will be after a little Best Buy venture…now if I can just do something about those dishes ;0)

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Finding my workout mojo: #GetMotivated with music! yurbuds® a part of @BestBuyWOLF Health & Fitness technology


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