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Our Week of Homeschool – A Week Full of Anxiety – One Program Being Discharged and Another Hopefully One Starting

Our Week Of Homeschool

I think this past week I have really thought a lot about autism. We have our milestones and we celebrate those because somewhere down the road you know you will fall two steps behind again. Our celebration didn’t last long of course. We did have one HUGE moment. At least to me we did.

The dreaded Monday wasn’t all that bad. We had a little melt down in the morning but it didn’t carry out through the day. The lady came to work with Dakota and myself. I kept trying to explain to her that I felt that she was expecting to much out of him. She thinks because he understand cause and effect with video games that he has to understand cause and effect. I said not in his world he doesn’t. He does to a point. She went over feelings with him. There were quite a few he didn’t know. She asks him questions that are hard to answer. So I called my case manger and left her a message to call me back. After she left by the way he didn’t shut down as the time spent was short. Thankfully we had friends walk in as Monday’s is one the days that my friend’s boys come to visit and hang out.

Tuesday the case manager came out here and we talked about how we felt about this lady coming. I told her how I felt. My oldest and my friend said she needed to be more friendly. My friend who is also on Dakota’s team was here to help where I knew I would forget and tell her things that she observed. That really helped because it helps to hear it from someone else that isn’t me. I told her I didn’t like how he shuts down after the lady leaves. I also didn’t like her expectations as they were unrealistic. The anxiety of her coming can throw off our whole week. We had Dakota come over by us when we were finished. He at first said he didn’t like her. I had to interject and tell him that we need to know why that it wasn’t a good enough answer. He said she asked to many questions. He was then asked if the questions were hard for him and he said yes. He also said he felt judged. I about fell off my chair. The two emotions he can communicate is mad and happy. Mostly mad. So that in itself was amazing. My case manager said to teach him feelings and emotions alone would take 6 months to a year or even longer. So she went back to to the office looked at the ladies notes and then talked it over with the another person. Monday I will be signing papers to discharge the services so that lady will not be coming. YIPPEE!!

Friday Dakota met one of the guys to another program he will be involved in. It is an after school program. Each child has a person with him at all times. They work in groups and sometimes they do outings and they do things together. He could learn how to cook and whatever else he wants. The guy that came I think is a really good fit for Dakota. He will even take Dakota skate boarding and he was excited about that. They talked about xbox games and the guy mentioned he was sponsored for Halo 3. When my son heard that I think he was sold. Even though he won’t admit it. That is one of the things my son wants so bad is to be sponsored for a game. I have a really positive feeling that this is going to be great for him. Yes he was filled with anxiety before they came and uncooperative. After he was a little more cooperative. I haven’t really talked to him much more about it as he doesn’t start the program until April 19th.

This week for history my daughter is continuing to read Meet Samantha and answer reading comprehension questions. We didn’t do any activities for the book this week but next week we will be making our tin can phones. I am looking forward to that. Dakota is working on reading Christopher Columbus and at this point he is just answer comprehension questions. We will be adding more to our reading after this up coming week.

For Math: Brittany has been working on Times Tales – Multiplication. She is getting better every day at it. We still are on part 1 but that is ok because I would rather go at her pace. She really enjoys that so far. I am not going to go much into detail as that is an upcoming review either this week or next week. Dakota has been working on both Time and Money this week. Money is really hard for him as he has a lot of trouble with the coins. I want him to get that down but I might have to just start rounding up to dollars and accept that the coins will take a lot more work. I have to get a little more creative maybe.

Reading we got to once this week. Brittany has been still working on the Courage of Sarah Noble and Logic of English. Dakota did Lesson 1 in Little House and the Big Woods. He learned what trees and plants were native in Wisconsin. We learned a little bit about Laura Ingalls Wilder. We also learned about what animals are native in Wisconsin. We have been using the lesson plans from Moving Beyond the Page.

Science: Dakota has been doing his daily lesson for Science Shepherd Introductory to Science. This week we finished up talking about dominion and creation. He also has been working on Tynker doing computer science. I know he gets frustrated but it has been teaching him problem solving skills. If he takes his time he can figure it out.

Dakota had his guitar lesson this week for an hour as he missed last week. He is still working on what he was originally give plus he is learning one of the Beatles songs. Brittany has been working on a Mozart Unit Study. She is really enjoying that. I had to chuckle when she song the song sheet for Minute in G. She asked if she could play it. I told her she had to learn the notes and the keys first and then she could. She loved listening to it. She loves classic music. This is another product we are doing for review so I don’t want to say to much.


For art Dakota started Sculpting. We did our first lesson and made different types of fish out of water putty. We didn’t get a chance to paint them but we will be painting them this upcoming week and we will do Lesson 2 this week as well.

Pablo Picasso Inspired

Brittany has been working on Pablo Picasso. Her assignment this week was to look at one of his works and make a painting. She absolutely loves painting. For this particular assignment I let her use her water color paints.

Language art I don’t really remember what we are working on. Brittany and Dakota both are using Growing With Grammar. Brittany is also still working on Spelling U See. Now that a couple reviews are over I could start back up on those again. Dakota is using Soaring into Spelling. He is also working on Writing with Apolgia’s Writers in Residence. He is working on a writing with a memory. One of the things Brittany has been really enjoying this week is Talking Fingers. She absolutely loves it.

We didn’t get a chance to do our Homeschool Theme Day with friends and I don’t think we will for the next two weeks as this upcoming week will be interrupted some what and I need Wednesday to do a couple things we won’t be able to do. The week after that is the neurologist appointment.

It has been a rough week. However, we did get through it and good things have come out. Brittany went and spent the night at her friends house last night. She spent most of the day cleaning her room. She also had ice skating lessons. She did really well with them I thought. She really focused and tried. Her going backwards has been better.

Hope you all have a great week!

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Our Week of Homeschool – A Week Full of Anxiety – One Program Being Discharged and Another Hopefully One Starting


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