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I Bought An IPhone 8 Today
Bruce's Journal · 01:10 24 Sep 2018
I have had my iPhone 6 since March 2015 so I thought it would be time to upgrade.  That phone only had a 16G hard drive so things were really getting tight.  For at least a year I… Read More
Pasándola En Holanda · 19:11 23 Sep 2018
Les recomiendo esta serie, trata de un muchacho autista ... aprendí muchas cosas, incluso de porque muchos huyen en este tipo de situaciones, aunque no dejo de preguntarme, por qu&eac… Read More
Suki And Her Injured Paw
Just About Anything · 18:29 23 Sep 2018
So we were away for about four weeks for our summer vacation. Because we cannot take our Suki with us to the Philippines, one would wonder what she has been up to during this time. So where… Read More
A Frog In My Soup — … · 17:03 23 Sep 2018
Worthy…. This is the word that’s been featured front-and-center in so very many discussions with those closest to me this past year, particularly in regards to my relationship w… Read More
Bantayan Island
Just About Anything · 06:59 23 Sep 2018
Autumn is slowly creeping in but before that, let me post this beautiful photo of the Virgin Island, a nearby island just a couple of hours away from Bantayan Island in the province of Cebu… Read More
They Don't Get A Say
Many Motivation Quot… · 16:38 21 Sep 2018
Somebody in this world will always try to convince you that you are "less" or not "worthy" of something that you want in your life. Fuck them. They do not get to decide how high you want to… Read More
En Personlig Sida Me… · 14:09 21 Sep 2018
Helt suveränt! Vi har landat i Tjeckien och skall ta ett par dagar i Prag innan vi åker vidare till Budapest.  Jag har bara haft 2veckor semester och det har varit på… Read More
I Like It Frantic · 13:30 21 Sep 2018
We got to Cirque’s Luzia a few months ago and the kids loved it. It didn’t matter where you were seated in the space, you saw all of the action. We were supposed to attend the Ci… Read More
I Like It Frantic · 14:20 20 Sep 2018
Most people don’t know that my family has a long history of being foster parents. While not us or my parents (yet), my grandparents definitely were. In their fostering time, they took… Read More
Adapt And Overcome
Many Motivation Quot… · 13:52 20 Sep 2018
Explore your path.Learn from your path.Conquer your path.Own your life.  You have one life to live and you have the power to navigate this world and overcome whatever comes your wa… Read More
Two Birds. One Blog. · 12:00 17 Sep 2018
As you know my new passion that has been ignited is all about food. Since discovering this new passion I have been trying to cook and bake something new on a daily basis. If only I didn&rsqu… Read More