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Quadrilha Real
Adolescente Demais · 14:20 20 Feb 2018
Camila se apaixona por Bernardo Que é amado por Renata Que é amada por Marcelo Que até gosta de Maria. Bernardo nem dá bola para Camila Ou Renata, já que… Read More
Is Jesus Sad?
Never A Dull Moment · 13:40 19 Feb 2018
You probably know it by now, but Bart and I have weird conversations almost every day.  Yesterday on our way to church we saw a lady in a dress walking a dog and we were talking about w… Read More
Autism Momma · 13:11 18 Feb 2018
Monday I got word at work Jenny past out at lunch. She was taken by ambulance, and the doctor told me all her tests were normal. There was a concern about her nails, they were a differe… Read More
Pasándola En Holanda · 14:36 17 Feb 2018
Y anoche cuando hablamos, tratabas de mirarme a los ojos pero algo te lo impedía , quizá el saber que puedes perderte en ellos y te lo tienes prohibido.Tratabas de escuchar lo… Read More
English Baby Boys Na… · 22:43 16 Feb 2018
The Name Ferris And Its Meaning A Ferris wheel in a fair groundThe name Ferris has Celtic origins and means rock, and that is a name that has been used throughout history because of its popu… Read More
Vegan Crispy Chikn Wraps
Mommy On The Money · 05:16 15 Feb 2018
I decided to throw myself into some video editing again. I shot this hands only Vegan Crispy Chickn  Wrap video the other day and finally got around to editing it. I think it came out p… Read More
Book Of Genesis
Father Influence - M… · 03:45 15 Feb 2018
The Main Point:  God created and maintains everything that exists.  Sin damaged God’s creation and relationship with humanity.  God is at work in the world restoring bot… Read More
Daddyplace Blogs - W… · 01:48 15 Feb 2018
Most Americans agree that the country has made undeniable progress in race relations since the civil rights era. Yet, some of the same people will agree that racial inequality issues persist… Read More
Happy Valentines Day!!
Just Kari On · 14:28 14 Feb 2018
Hey All! I hope you enjoyed my 14 Days of Love. I don’t have a post for you today, I just wanted to wish you all a  Check Out a Few Posts from 14 Days of Love   Happy Va… Read More