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Willy’s Crappy Day – My Cat Woke Up Under Anesthesia

Willy sleeping

My beautiful boy Willy has had the shittiest day yesterday. He has not been himself for a few days now. He was having a hard time pooping. I suspected his megacolon flared up really bad, which would leave him in a lot of pain. I called the vet and explained and they said to bring him in. I’m not cleared to drive yet because of the surgery, so I got my dad to drive.

Poor Willy was in pain the whole ride to the vet, which is about 90 minutes. We got to the vet, our regular vet wasn’t on. One of the other vets did an exam and said yes you are absolutely right about what’s happening, he’s obstructed. The vet told me he was going to put him under light sedation and take care of it right then while we waited. Now in the past they have always admitted him for at least one overnight for this procedure. So I was nervous.

So my dad and I waited. About an hour later, one of the techs came flying into the exam room and literally grabbed the cat carrier from by my arm and ran out. I got a really bad feeling. About 10 minutes later the doctor came in. I said is everything OK, I got a really funny feeling when the tech came running in a few minutes ago. He said “well Willy woke up sooner than we expected.” I said excuse me?

Apparently while the vet was very close to finishing the procedure, Willy woke up from the anesthesia. Being terrified at what he woke up to, he tried to run. Well he ran under the grate that contains where everything they clean out of the animal goes. So, he bolted into a thing of poop and stuff. The vet had the vet tech come for the carrier so they could catch and contain him.

The vet didn’t prescribe anything new, and told us to resume his prescription diet and two regular mediations for megacolon.

My boy is home. He is very tired and moving very slowly. He seems still quite sore, actually sore than I have seen him be in the past. I am so sad that he experienced this, my poor boy. I don’t understand how this could have happened, one would think that the vet tech would have been monitoring him while sedated. I am pretty upset, and angry and hope my beautiful boy is feeling better soon.

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Willy’s Crappy Day – My Cat Woke Up Under Anesthesia


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