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How to Get a Girlfriend & How to Make Girlfriend – 4 Steps

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Learn How to get a girlfriend or how to make girlfriend in four simple steps

Common lets be honest to ourselves guys, being single is never by choice for any guy, its just lack of opportunity, personality or a so called “over cool” or “insensitive nature”…. if it was anyway by choice, you wouldn’t land on the –how to get a girlfriend page!

But you can always work on yourself a bit to crank it up a notch with someone..

Sit tight and follow these 4 steps to how to get a girlfriend and thank me later!


Step 1 = Clear Your Plate to Get a Girlfriend

It’s time to get out of the dilemma of your ex and find a new girl around. Accept the fact… If it had to work out with your ex you wouldn’t have been reading this article here… but you are a lucky! Lucky! Fella I must tell you and it turns unto be like your best day! You want to know how to get a girlfriend? here it is

Clearing your plate does not only mean getting rid of your ex from your mind it also means clearing your image of that “heartbreak crybaby” around your bunch of female friends… girls are more bended towards strong hearted but sensitive men than little crybabies.. Obviously they want a boyfriend not a silly girlfriend… Imagine your Girlfriend wiping your tears after a fight. Like wow… I hope you didn’t lose your mascara there boy!


Be yourself means! Be yourself! Keep it simple…. To get a girlfriend you need to be real

How To Get Girlfriend

Don’t try to act like someone or take up their habits just to look cool… you might end up being foolish and loosing way too much points there!if you want to get a girlfriend, you need to be real YOU.

Be what you are, Loosen up yourself a bit.. Stay happy, stay lively… Girls like guys that are sorted and happy in their life..

Females are fussy and cranky (no offence) so all they want is a little positivity and lot of humor… Admit it no girl wants to be around a guy dealing with his own emotional problems..

Learn to remain chilled out, intense, unpredictable and mysterious… Females like mysterious guys as they go crazy about what they thinking…

Improve your habits a bit

Go from messy to classy

Lazy to an active fitness freak

loner to a partyholic

Dressing like you don’t give a fuck to start giving a fuck!

who said to get a girlfriend was an easy job, Indeed none.

Now when you are all done turning your image cool

Step 3 = It’s time to hit on a girl

Never choose easy targets… That’s no challenge… Take up a girl that’s hard to reach… Because she’ll be the girl you’ll end up being for long…. Take the guts to go and say HI! Or use a good pick up line maybe something like Joey Tribioni’s famous “How You Doing?” simple yet implicating…Girls like that confidence…. And please please please don’t be cheesy!!

Get into good conversation with her… show interest in knowing her that doing your bak! Bak! Bak! Girls are really not interested in what you have to say.. They want someone to gossip to or sometimes speak their heart too.. Someone who ll keep their secrets safe..!

Be that kind of guy sensitive, caring, frank most importantly honest.. Remember no matter how cool it may sound seeing two people at a time or the concept of double dating is so uncool…. Trust me am not saying this for every guy out there its for every girl out there too because they no less these days. If you get a girlfriend be loyal to your girlfriend.

Keep out of such stuff and be humble to the person.

Stay Loyal

Step-4 = Get close to your girl

Now that you are talking to her get close to her.. Avoid too much talking as you might end up being friend zoned.. Flirt a bit… a little bit healthy flirting and you can scale from healthy to dirty with her level of comfort… Now you need to be skilled or at least a little careful with her to watch that… because as you exceed 1mm in your limits you going to end up in her block list before you even get to type ‘sorry’. If you get through this you ll never have to read how to get a girlfriend

Take her out on a date….

No matter how old school it sounds “hold the car door for her” trust me it always works.. FUCKING ALWAYS..

Take her to a nice happening place or for a drive just step up and ask her just one ques:-

1-Is she a morning book with a coffee person

2- An afternoon movie with a sangria and thin crust pizza person

3- An evening drive with a beer n good music person

4- Night shot party person

And you can figure out the rest..

Go easy go slow.. She is yours!

Ask her out…if you clicked up really close in the date the same time would be just perfect to make it more special

Or maybe ask her out next day…If she had fun yesterday…. and you took really good care of her when she was high or tired..

You nailed it.. Enjoy dating! Until next time you need to read how to get a girlfriend!

Don’t worry or let down if she says a no!!!Bro! There is still a lot of fish in the sea!! Just get your skills on fishinggg!

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How to Get a Girlfriend & How to Make Girlfriend – 4 Steps


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