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Let’s answer these questions...

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Let’s answer these questions from 3/24/14

Question #1:

Dr. Ewan Cameron, and two-time Nobel Prize winner
Linus Pauling, did studies in Scotland (which were duplicated
by studies in Canada and Japan) comparing Vitamin C therapy to
chemotherapy. Which group of patients, the ones on vitamin C or
chemotherapy, lived longer on average, and by how much?

Answer: The vitamin C patients lived an average of ten times
longer than the chemotherapy patients. I don’t know why anyone
would be surprised at this result. Cancer in many cases is nothing
but a symptom of a weakened immune system. Chemotherapy virtually
destroys an already weakened immune system, and it is the immune
system that deals with cancer on a normal basis. On the other
hand, Vitamin C helps build the immune system. It makes sense
that someone who has had their immune system built up would outlive
someone who had their immune system destroyed.

Because Dr. Pauling was world famous, and had an impeccable
reputation for quality and integrity, a person might wonder why
the orthodox medical community did not do further studies on
Vitamin C and cancer. They did do further studies on Vitamin C.
But the purpose of these studies was to discredit Dr. Pauling
and Dr. Cameron, as previously mentioned.

Question #2: 

 An American alternative cancer treatment doctor
treated 33,000 cancer patients, many of whom had been given up
for dead by orthodox medicine and had been sent home to die.
What was his verified cure rate?

Answer: Dr. William Donald Kelley, a dentist by training, had a
93% cure rate on patients who were not too far gone before
they went to him. This cure rate was verified by a 5-year study
by an orthodox doctor. His technique is called metabolic therapy,
and guess what, it was designed to build the immune system and
safely and selectively kill cancer cells.

But what is of even more significance is the answer to this
question: if we factor out all of his patients who went to
orthodox doctors before they went to Dr. Kelley, and only counted
those who went to Dr. Kelley first, what would his cure rate have

First of all, even for orthodox medicine the vast majority of
cancer patients live for at least a year and a half after their
first diagnosis. But for Dr. Kelley it is logical to conclude
that an even higher percentage of cancer patients, who went to
him first, lived for at least a year and a half because Dr.
Kelley’s treatment does not damage the immune system, rather it
builds the immune system.
Furthermore, Dr. Kelley had a high cure rate even for pancreatic
cancer patients who went to him first.

In other words, virtually all of the cancer patients who went to Dr.
Kelley first were in the group that had a 93% cure rate! If we
further make the even more obvious conclusion that among those
cancer patients in the 93% statistic, those who went to him first
had at least as high a cure rate as those who went to orthodox
medicine first, then we can logically conclude that his cure
rate on patients who went to him first was probably around 90%.

All of this is a highly logical conclusion for three reasons:

First, he used the identical treatment regardless of whether
his patient went to him first or orthodox medicine first,

Second, for those patients who went to orthodox medicine first,
Dr. Kelley lost a lot of time before he was able to start
treating these patients. In other words, he started their
treatments after their cancer was further along (compared to
those who went to him first), and Third, those patients who
went to orthodox medicine first had their immune systems severely
compromised before they went to Dr. Kelley (in other words,
for those who went to Dr. Kelley first, they still had their
immune system intact), thus Dr. Kelley had to rebuild that portion of
their immune system before his treatment started to
become fully effective. This loss of time was in addition to
the lost time caused by these patients going to orthodox medicine

In other words, it is obvious that if 10,000 new cancer patients,
who had not had any orthodox treatments, went to Dr. Kelley first,
his overall cure rate for these people would be close to 90%, and
perhaps even higher! That is far, far higher than the patients
who go to orthodox medicine first.

In fact, as will be shown below, when you factor out all of the
fancy statistical tricks of orthodox medicine, such as their 5-
year cure rate, the true cure rate for orthodox medicine is 3%
or less. Thus, patients who went to Dr. Kelley FIRST had a THIRTY
TIMES higher chance of surviving their cancer than those who went
to orthodox medicine exclusively.

Dr. Kelley’s reward by orthodox medicine for his high cure rate
was to be thrown in jail. Kelley also had to move his treatment
to Mexico. Fortunately, he wrote a book about his treatment:

Cancer, Curing The Incurable Without Surgery, Chemotherapy or
Radiation before his death in early 2005.

Because Dr. Kelley had such an incredibly high cure rate for
cancer, much, much higher than orthodox medicine, you might
wonder why the orthodox medical community does not study Dr.
Kelley’s treatment to see if there are ways to improve it.

In other words, why doesn’t the orthodox community use Dr.
Kelley’s treatment in order to obtain a quick and immediate
90% cure rate for new cancer patients, then find ways to improve
on it to get even higher cure rates? Why are they content with
a 3% cure rate when there is a publicly available treatment that
has a 90% cure rate on new patients?

While the Kelley Metabolic treatment is perfectly capable of
curing a person’s a cancer, I should note that it is not advised
that it be the primary treatment for someone who has been on
chemotherapy. Some newer treatments do not depend on building
the immune system before they fully work, thus they are far
more effective on patients who have had their immune system
compromised by chemotherapy.

Question #3:

 Fill in the blank: In a review of 206 human studies, [which food]
consistently emerged as one of the top cancer-fighting foods.

Answer: Here is the complete quote: In a review of 206 human
studies, carrots consistently emerged as one of the top cancer-
fighting foods. The power of carrots lies in the group of
pigments called carotids (beta-carotene is among this group),
which give them their orange color.

While it is nice that scientists have made this discovery,
carrots were used to cure cancer long before any of the 206
human studies the quote refers to. Raw vegetable juices, with
raw carrots as the main ingredient, coupled with a customized
vegan diet, as a replacement for the meat and dairy centered
Western diet, has cured many, many thousands of people of cancer.

I might add that carrot juice is the main ingredient in the
vegetable juice that serves at the heart of the Raw Food Diet,
for which there is an article on this web site.

However, carrot juice based protocols are not rated in the top
layer of alternative cancer treatments for advanced cancer
patients. However, carrot juice is part of some of the best

Question #4:

How many Nobel Prize discoveries (and when were
they awarded) did Dr. Johanna Budwig use to help her develop
the Flaxseed Oil (omega 3) / Cottage Cheese (sulphur proteins)
cancer treatment?

Answer: Two Nobel Prizes, Dr. Otto Warburg (1931) and Dr. Albert
Szent-Gyorgyi (1937). First, Dr. Warburg:

    Dr Otto Warburg, twice Nobel laureate was able to prove
that cancer cannot grow in an high oxygen environment. He states:

Cancer, above all diseases, has countless secondary causes, but
there is only one prime cause: the prime cause of cancer is the
replacement of normal oxygen respiration of body cells by
anaerobic respiration’. In other words, lack of oxygen. His
research revealed that when a cell is denied 60% of its normal
requirement of oxygen, it switches to a fermentation mechanism
and grows out of control.

Second, Dr. Szent-Gyorgyi:

    Dr. Szent-Gyorgy won the Nobel Prize in 1937 for discovering
that essential fatty acids combined with sulphur-rich proteins
(such as those found in diary products) increases oxygenation of
the body.   

Note that both of these Nobel Prizes were awarded in the 1930s.
Dr. Budwig developed a diet to combine these two discoveries
into one simple treatment plan – flaxseed oil and cottage cheese.
Her treatment has cured untold thousands of cancer patients.

Her protocol is actually an integral part of two of the most
potent alternative cancer treatments: the Cellect-Budwig Protocol
and the Bill Henderson Protocol.

Question #5:

It is absurd to think that a person can be cured of
cancer simply by changing their diet. Only professionals can cure
cancer. True or false?

Answer: I quote from alternative medicine expert Walter Last:

    To show how simple natural methods can be very effective in
overcoming advanced cancer, I like to mention an example from
the book The Food and Health of Western Man by Dr J. L. Mount.
In five reported cases of bowel cancer, surgery revealed that
metastases had already spread all over the body. Therefore, these
patients were just closed up again and sent home to die. But
instead of doing that, independently of each other, these five
changed their diets and from then on ate only homegrown organically
raised food. When they finally did die 21 to 30 years later, no
traces of cancer could be found in post-mortem examinations. Such
cures without medical intervention are regarded as ‘spontaneous
The vast majority of cancer patients who go into spontaneous remission
made massive changes in their diet after being diagnosed with cancer.

    A study was done on 200 cancer patients who had experienced
spontaneous remission. Doctors call these remissions miracles. They’re
NOT miracles. Here’s how they did it. Eighty seven percent
of them fundamentally changed their diets mostly to vegetarian.
All of the 200 made changes in their lives including nutritional
supplementation and detoxification techniques. What this and other
studies are telling us is that cancer can be cured by fundamentally
changing the chemistry that created it.

    Raymond Francis

Here is another interesting quote:

    A study of four hundred cancer cases that went into
spontaneous remission revealed cures which had little in common.
Some people drank grape juice or swallowed massive doses of
vitamin C; others prayed, took herbal remedies, or simply cheered
themselves on. These very diverse patients did have one thing in
common, though. At a certain point in their disease, they suddenly
knew, with complete certainty, that they were going to get better,
as if the disease were merely a mirage, and the patient suddenly
passed beyond it into a space where fear and despair and all
sickness were nonexistent.

While it is true that many people go into spontaneous remission
by dramatically changing their diet and attitude, imagine what
would happen if newly diagnosed cancer patients were told:

1) What foods contained the most cancer-killing nutrients,
2) What foods contained the best nutrients to build the immune
3) What foods feed cancer cells and thus cause the cancer to
grow faster (these are foods to avoid),
4) The best supplements to kill cancer cells and build the
immune system, and they were told
5) What things in a person’s life can damage a natural treatment
plan (e.g. chlorine in tap water)?

For example, changing to a vegan diet would not necessarily cure
cancer, but going on a selective vegan diet and eating only the
vegetables and fruits known to contain large amounts of cancer
killing nutrients, and avoiding foods that feed the cancer, and
avoiding foods that interfere with the effectiveness of the cancer-
fighting foods, would yield a much higher cure rate than any
orthodox treatment, even better than Vitamin C therapy. But
alternative medicine can do much better than even this selective
vegan protocol.

Copyright (c) 2003, 2004, 2006 R. Webster Kehr, all rights reserved.

 God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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