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2021-09-16 12:51
Steven Curtis Chapman (SC squared) wrote the soundtrack of my life, something I share with Jason Weber who was one of the MCs for the general session of the CAFO (Christian Alliance for Orph… Read More
2021-05-13 12:20
The song I’m sharing today is a song that I’ve shared before …. but the one I have shared before is the tame version.John Mark McMillan wrote the song “He Loves Us&r&hell…Read More
2021-05-10 12:57
Since I took PTO on Thursday and Friday to get our taxes done (and yes, you can imagine with my personality how fun that was for me) I didn’t get a chance to share thoughts about Mothe… Read More
2021-05-03 12:28
 If we hear the word abide, we kinda know what it means … but have you ever looked it up.The definition is to live, or to dwell, or “to continue without fading or being los… Read More
2021-04-29 12:31
Have you ever been told that you talk to much or that you just need to shut up?  I hear that occasionally.  I hear about being too passionate or talking about things too much. &nbs&hell…Read More
2021-04-28 12:25
If you have been involved in the “child welfare space” as a Christian these words from James 1:27 have become engraved in your heart:Religion that God our Father accepts as pure… Read More
2021-04-24 12:30
 I've been in kind of a funk the last week or so.   I'm trying to figure out why.  I think it boils down to a few things:1). I'm very discouraged by the fact that several of m… Read More
2021-04-23 12:53
Check out these verses from Jeremiah 5:For wicked men are found among my people; they lurk like fowlers lying in wait.Th… Read More
All Things?
2021-04-22 12:50
I had another doozy of a morning.  Two in a row.  I won’t overshare but dang.    Today was even more stressful than yesterday.But I heard a song on my way to work t… Read More
2021-04-21 13:49
My day has not started well.   I won’t go into details — and it’s nothing really bad — just a bunch of irritating things in a row.  Kind of like last Wednes… Read More
2021-04-17 15:05
 So here's my brain dump for a Saturday morning.Since I don't write emails to my staff with devotionals on weekends, and since I don't typically link these weekends posts to Facebook, t… Read More
2021-04-16 12:23
 I confess that I am not good at taking time off.  First of all, I absolutely love what I do.  So that makes it hard to walk away from my work.Also, I do not have any thing I… Read More
2021-04-15 12:23
Several years ago … more than ten now — I was blessed to attend a family camp for children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.   We have several kids who have this and it… Read More
2021-04-14 19:19
Very very seldom do I forget a staff devotional -- I did today.   It's been a very very busy day.But let me tell you this....   it's been a day.I left my car door open when I came… Read More
2021-04-12 11:45
 What kind of weekend did you have?I hope it was relaxing…. restarting…. regenerative…. pleasant.If it wasn’t, these thoughts may be just what you need. &nbsp&hell…Read More
2021-04-12 00:55
I almost posted this on Facebook but it kinda makes me sound needy and like I’m begging for sympathy but I’m not. But I am weary of the role of being one of two people &nbsp&hell…Read More
2021-04-10 23:36
I am relying on tips to determine the hourly wage my boys and I get when we door dash. People who don’t tip are ... well I have no words to describe the feeling.  Read More
2021-04-09 12:50
 Yup, that's a Bible verse in Luke 6:30.  Pretty intense huh?   I can already hear you saying "but what about......"I've struggled with this verse many times in my life, parti… Read More
2021-04-08 14:31
 Just a short thought to share with you today.I was in a meeting yesterday where an older pastor prayed an interesting sentence that I’m not sure I ever heard prayed before.It rem… Read More
2021-04-07 14:35
This happened yesterday.  Bart's car.  Nobody injured.He feels fine today though the experience was traumatic.We have insurance and have a rental to drive for a while.Everyone is s… Read More
What Do These Stones Stand For?
2021-04-06 11:27
When I was in high school I had to drive a car that looked a lot like this  except it was older and uglier. By the time we got it it was at least 15 years old   It wasn’t qui… Read More
Don't Be Alarmed!
2021-04-05 11:02
Even after all of the Easter sermons I have heard over the years, until yesterday when an excellent preacher I know helped this thought to stand out to me,In Mark 16, the women come to the e… Read More
2021-04-04 10:56
I just noticed that we do.  Tucked on a shelf near medications, books and boxes of Q tips are two cans of soup. Why? You ask.  Because Bart likes soup. And if it is in the kit… Read More
2021-04-03 14:10
I really stink at it.  Everything non work related was done by 9 am.  Now I have a whole day ahead of me.  Books and Netflix I guess.   Read More
2021-04-02 18:29
I know.  It's weird.   I have a very fulfilling full time job and I don't have to door dash.  So why am I doing it?  What do I like about it?Well, first of all, I am not… Read More
For You
2021-04-01 11:18
 Let’s say you’re walking toward the building and I say — “let me get the door for you.”   it means two things, right?It means — let me do that… Read More
Lead Me
2021-03-31 11:52
 How many times have you asked God to lead you?  When you do do you have a specific destination in mind?I must confess that when I ask God to lead, I’m hoping he leads me to… Read More
What Are You Standing On?
2021-03-30 11:27
My Tuesdays at work are always jam packed with meetings pretty much back to back from 9 to 4:30.   So I call it #TooBusyTuesday and all I put in my devotional emails is a song.Here's to… Read More
2021-03-29 11:20
 I know you know this verse from Psalm 118:This is the day which the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it.But do you know what verse comes right before it?  I didn’… Read More
2021-03-29 11:19
I was door dashing...I guess you wouldn't care.Let me tell you why.I'm just the driver and I bring a kid with me.  It allows them to make more money and I get a little for the vacation… Read More
2021-03-27 18:14
Bart and I went to Richmond for the night.  I had one work meeting and we paid for a nice hotel.  Had dinner with some amazing new friends last night This morning we did a lit… Read More
2021-03-26 12:57
 Finally, after a LOOOOOOOONG year, I get to speak in person a couple times in the next few months.  If you live anywhere close I'd love to see you in the audience!I get to do this… Read More
My Month In Costa Rica
2021-03-25 11:44
You may know this — you may not — but from age 28-30 I was a missionary in Mexico.  They were great years and I learned so much about life, the universe and everything. &nbs&hell…Read More
Obtain The Prize
2021-03-24 11:08
Ever get frustrated about the state we are in as a nation or even humankind in general?  In Matthew 24 it sounds like Jesus was talking to us in 2021At that time many will turn away fro… Read More
2021-03-23 21:07
 Sat through a day of National CarePortal Meetings.I'm tired.It was awesome.I love it more every singleday.Only a few items left on this list and we will have everything.  Tom… Read More
2021-03-22 11:27
How would you describe your spirit?  Does it change from day to day?  Or is it pretty consistent? Remember David …. the man after God’s own heart … that di… Read More
2021-03-21 18:28
 You don't have a ton to say.  Actually, I always have way too much to say, but deciding what to say on any given day is tricky.Salinda and Mike and the kids are in Florida.  … Read More
No More #DoIt4TheKidsDay ... Here's Why
2021-03-20 12:30
For the last 4 years, I have been involved in what we called "Do it For the Kids Day."   It started in 2017 with a bang -- we raised about $50,000.  I raised over $10 myself. &nbsp&hell…Read More
2021-03-19 11:27
Obviously I think it is the responsibility of Christians to speak out and share what is on their hearts in regards to the tough issues in this world like injustice, hypocrisy, and lukewarmne… Read More
How To Make Wickedness Shut It's Mouth
2021-03-17 11:45
One of my favorite quotes of all times is this:Sometimes I would like to ask God why He allows poverty, suffering, and injustice when He could do something about it. But, I’m… Read More
2021-03-16 11:04
When all I see is the battle, You see my victoryWhen all I see is the mountain, You see a mountain movedAnd as I walk through the shadow, Your love surrounds meThere's nothing… Read More
What Are You Choosing Today?
2021-03-15 11:16
 Anybody have Alexa living with you?  She just moved in with me a few weeks ago and I like her so much.  She does everything I tell her too (if I’m clear as to what I wa… Read More
2021-03-12 11:34
I have a confession to make.  I spent over an hour the other day doing something that was a complete waste of time.  I was searching the CarePortal help center to figure out what t… Read More
This Or That
2021-03-11 11:59
Ever been asked to do something you don’t really feel like doing?   Something that you don’t have to do — but it would be a  good thing to do — and maybe Go… Read More
Should You Turn Off The Filter?
2021-03-10 12:04
Do you, like I, ever struggle with not engaging the filter between your brain and your mouth?  There are times when mine just doesn’t work so well.   But sometimes the f… Read More
2021-03-09 12:07
 If there's one thing I've learned during through this journey of raising 12 kids it's that there is very little I can control.   As hard as I try to control the people and events… Read More
From Where Are You Seeking Approval?
2021-03-08 13:43
Who do you want to get approval from?   And how important is that approval?I heard this verse recently from John 5:44 (ESV)How can you believe while you continue to accept glory from on… Read More
2021-03-07 18:48
Since I decided blogging every day was a New Year's resolution I have decided that on weekends I'll just type whatever and not link it to Facebook.   In looking back at old blog po… Read More
2021-03-06 12:10
 So weekends are times when I just blog like I used to.  I don't link it anywhere and people who care enough to come here intentionally get to find out how we are and what is up. … Read More
Come On Down
2021-03-04 11:58
Often I send all-staff emails to the folks at work about ways they can get involved personally in helping children and families in our community.When I hit send I imagine eye rolls. &nb&hell…Read More
2021-03-03 12:10
You'd think at this point in time and at my age there wouldn't be things that occurred to me in a different way any more.  But they do, every day.You know this verse from 2 Corinth… Read More
2021-03-02 11:52
If you've ever heard me do stand up you know that the Y story always begins with "I'm happy until someone pisses me off.... but I shouldn't say pissed because I'm a pastor's wife.... oops."… Read More
2021-02-28 19:03
Growing up in pastor's home, you'd think the last thing I'd want to do is marry a pastor, but I can't tell you how grateful I am to have made that choice.I'm going to take a little trip down… Read More
Easy Or Hard?
2021-02-26 11:58
We all have different things that are easy for us and other things that are hard.  #MathIsHard has become a slogan of sorts at my work because of our beloved leader’s propensity f… Read More
2021-02-25 12:09
Have you ever had something click in your head -- that you had thought about before and never really understood?  I gotta confess that Leviticus is a pretty tough book to get through wh… Read More
2021-02-24 12:17
In talking to my mom last night I realized that there is a point for all of us when more of the people that we love are in heaven than remain here on earth.    The list of people I… Read More
That's Not Who I Am!
2021-02-23 13:32
I am not naturally full of mercy or grace or kindness or compassion.   It's just not me.  It's not my personality.  It's not my tendency.   It's not my go to.  It's… Read More
Because He Trusted
2021-02-22 14:01
Ever been in a really tough situation?  One that seemed impossible and when you were convinced you could never come through unharmed?If anyone felt that way it was Daniel.   As he… Read More
2021-02-21 20:37
So.... if I forgot to blog while I was at my desk and just type a few words from my phone does it still count as blogging?I think so.  And I’m in a mood.  So it probably mean… Read More
2021-02-20 12:58
Apparently this has been a theme of this blog.  When I did a search through the history of the blog it came up with many hits.  Too many. I thought that maybe going through an… Read More
2021-02-19 12:11
Ever known someone who desperately wanted to come to God or to come back to him but was really afraid?  Let’s go back to the prodigal son again in Luke 15.  You know the stor… Read More
By Or For?
2021-02-18 12:12
Ponder this quote:Elbert Hubbard said “ We are not punished for our sins, but by them.”   Think about it.  The “bad” son sins were a great pu… Read More
Are You The Good One Or The Bad One?
2021-02-17 13:27
Is there such a thing as a “bad person” or a “good person”?  I would say that we are all a mixture of both.  The only other choice is that we are all bad pe… Read More
2021-02-16 12:26
 A friend of mine sent me this song when we were talking about foster parenting.... so appropriate.Slow down, take timeBreathe in He saidHe'd reveal what's to comeThe thoughts in His mi… Read More
Grace Plus
2021-02-15 12:22
 Anybody else raised in an environment where following the rules was the most important thing you had to do?Don’t drink, smoke or chew, or hang out with those who do?  I&rsqu&hell…Read More
Happy Valentine’s Day
2021-02-14 12:57
Bart have me this today.  He wrote sections of it and I cried my way through it.  I’m so blessed to be married to him.  And I got him Fleet Farm Orange sticks.  So… Read More
Is There Enough?
2021-02-12 12:06
You’ve probably heard the concept of abundance verses scarcity before.  It’s the idea of how we approach God’s world and his work.   Having been a part of many co… Read More
It's Decision Time!
2021-02-11 12:40
Sometimes there’s a moment of decision — a clear time when we are asked to choose between one thing or another.  This happened for the people of Israel.  Remember the s… Read More
2021-02-10 12:55
Have you ever looked back and thought "wow.... we've come a long way!"This is also true in my personal life if I look back on several situations…. in our marriage, in the lives of our… Read More
2021-02-09 12:05
 Lately, been down so lowMy faith seems to come and goSome days, Father, I don't knowHow did my love grow cold?But You help me see againThis world is not the endJesus, my sweetest frien… Read More
2021-02-07 13:52
So it was suggested to me that I might have damaged my vocal chords and that if I'm not careful I could get nodes on them.   The only way to prevent them is to rest them.   Ne… Read More
2021-02-06 12:51
Over the past six months to say that I have struggled with social media and how it has changed us is an understatement.So listening to a Ted Talk podcast this morning really clarified it for… Read More
2021-02-05 11:58
Do you often live like the Lone Ranger (sorry, that probably dates me) in that you don’t like to ask for help?  There is some wisdom about this in the book of Exodus Chapter 18.Ye… Read More
Feeling Never Ending Pressure?
2021-02-04 11:54
 Have some stress in your life and wondering how you can possibly carry it all?  This is what happened to Moses  Exodus 18 and his father-in-law was observing the whole thing… Read More
Save A Life
2021-02-02 13:17
You do know why I talk about CarePortal right?  Because it is the software of Vision 30.  It’s the way in which we reach the goal.  Not a new thing — just the mech… Read More
2021-02-01 12:33
When we talk about being “haunted by demons” these days we aren’t usually talking about spiritual forces as they talked about them in biblical times. Those days the word… Read More
2021-01-31 15:45
I am very motivated by streaking.  And no, that doesn't mean running around with my clothes off as was popular in the seventies when I was an impressional child.  And you know, I d… Read More
2021-01-31 02:45
 I forgot to blog today.  Until now.  I think this counts cuz I’m legalistic that way.   Read More
Turn Yourself Around
2021-01-29 13:06
Remember the Hokey Pokey —You turn yourself around cuz that’s what it’s all about.Watch how David does this in Psalm 13…How long, O Lord? Will you forget m… Read More
2021-01-26 12:41
My Tuesdays are slammed.  It's my day of meetings... literally today from 8:30 to 4:30 including a meeting over lunch.  So my daily devotionals have always just been a YouTube Song… Read More
2021-01-25 00:00
 In case you aren’t on Facebook ...Finally... after months of keeping this a secret... i can reveal that we are having another granddaughter in May!   Our 10th grandchild! &n&hell…Read More
I Ran Out Of Steam....
2021-01-23 16:57
 It doesn't happen often for me.  Usually when I commit to something I finish it out.  But when my Baby Steps Out blog that I was investing time in was getting only one or two… Read More
Just Say The Name....
2021-01-22 12:45
Throughout Scripture there are examples of demons leaving people when they are cast out in the name of Jesus.What does this have to do with us you may ask?  We don’t really see de… Read More
2021-01-21 13:11
When you have a theme that resonates, you gotta stick with it.  Sometimes when I send out these emails I don’t hear back from anyone, but the last couple days the idea of spiritua… Read More
2021-01-20 13:00
Yesterday a coworker sent me an email in response to my devotional using the hashtag #nottodaysatan.I hadn’t seen that before and I like it.When it comes right down to it the battles t… Read More
The Battle
2021-01-19 12:34
My youngest daughter has had a rough year.   She absolutely does not want me to tell you anything about it I can guarantee you.This weekend she sent me a text saying that this song was… Read More

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