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7 Tips for Keeping Pet Hair Off Your Furniture

You love their pet. In fact, you can’t think of a single thing you wouldn’t do to make your four-legged friend happy. You accept every part of your animal, from their bursts of excitement to their tendency to beg for scraps at the kitchen table. But when shedding season rolls around, you quickly realize that their fur is one thing you might just be able to live without.

Any dog or cat owner will admit that unwanted Hair scattered throughout their home is easily one of their least favorite parts of maintaining their pets — but it doesn’t have to be so tedious after all. Whether you’re tired of furry couches or a hair-covered home, be sure to check out our seven tips for maintaining a clean house below — no fur necessary.

1. Invest in Lint Rollers

Are you sick of sitting on your couch only to stand up a fur-covered mess? Do you have a morning cup of coffee that also seems to come with a few strands of unwanted hair with every sip? If so, keep a lint roller with you — everywhere you go.

Lint rollers help you to attract fur so that the rest of your house doesn’t have to. If you don’t have any lint rollers lying around, then whip out the tape instead. Sticky substances help provide for a stress-free and convenient cleanup session whenever hair becomes an issue.

2. Make Deshedding Gloves Your New Best Friend

If you’re tired of combing your dog or cat’s fur to no avail, try replacing your average grooming brush with a deshedding glove instead.

Deshedding gloves are simple to use and efficient at what they do. Just slide the glove on your hand and gently brush your hand in a petting motion against your pet. Your dog and cat will thank you, and the rest of your family may just show their appreciation for the lack of hair particles everywhere, too.

3. Stick to a Daily Grooming Routine

It’s simple to overlook grooming your furry friend — especially when you don’t spend too much time dwelling on your own beauty routine. But during shedding season, it’s even more vital to pick up the clippers and brushes to manage your animal’s fur.

Learn simple grooming tricks you can perform on your dog at home to maintain their hair between trips to the groomer. When it comes to cats and dogs with continuously growing hair that never ceases to stop, a few clippers and combs may just be the trick to keeping their fur at bay.

4. Cover Furniture With Blankets

It’s so simple to throw your jackets or sweaters in the wash after you pick up excess fur from your cat or dog, but you can’t exactly follow the same Cleaning routine with Furniture.

Cleaning furniture can be tricky, especially given their often specific cleaning requirements that necessitate specific cleaners and modes of washing. Instead of stressing out over pet hair covering your favorite couch or sofa, invest in a blanket to throw over your favorite home accessories instead.

Lay a blanket or fleece cover over your coach to catch any excess hair. Simple toss the fabric in the wash once a week to keep your home looking spotless and fur-free.

5. Vacuum Regularly

Break out the vacuum and put on your favorite tunes — because shedding season may just be synonymous with daily vacuuming, too.

Instead of accepting defeat every time you see a piece of fur on your coats or furniture, embrace your cleaning routine instead. Vacuuming at least three times per week helps you better control the level of hair in your home while keeping your rooms in optimal cleaning shape as well.

6. Maintain a Regular Dusting Routine

Be sure to incorporate dusting into your daily cleaning routine to help keep unwanted dirt particles — including fur — at a minimum.

Use a damp terry cloth and mild soap to wipe down wood furniture to capture any unwanted dust or contaminants. Avoid harsh cleaners that can cause unwanted fumes or damage to your wood furnishings for optimal results.

7. Use Dryer Sheets

If you find yourself lacking in the lint roller department or don’t have a deshedder glove to keep your animal’s fur at bay, chances are you already have a trusted fur-controller lying around already — in the form of dryer sheets, that is.

Not only do dryer sheets smell heavenly, but they work miracles when it comes to cleaning, too. They work excellently at attracting dust and hair particles, which makes them the perfect tool to help keep unwanted fur in your home in check. As an added bonus, wiping your furniture and clothing down with these handy pieces will leave your house smelling fresh and crisp, too.

Sometimes, dealing with excess fur just seems like a necessary part of being a pet owner. But that doesn’t mean you can’t help to keep these unwanted hair particles under control as well. With a few tips and tricks in mind, you can enjoy your pet’s company while having a clean and fur-free home, too.


Emily is an avid animal lover and pet and wildlife conservation blogger. She has also written for Continental Kennel Club and is a contributor to PetsBlogs. To read more of her articles, check out her blog, Conservation Folks, or follow her on Twitter.

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7 Tips for Keeping Pet Hair Off Your Furniture


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