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Donor Eggs and Surrogacy for Same-Sex, Male Couples and Individuals

If you’re looking for egg donors to use within Surrogacy treatment, you’ve come to the right place. Alongside our sister company, fertility clinic Apricity, we are proud to offer a range of services for male, same-sex couples and individuals wishing to become parents. On this page, we outline the most common ways that our male, same-sex clients use donor eggs within fertility treatment and surrogacy. 

  • Surrogacy for single men and same-sex, gay couples
  • Fertility Assessments Ahead of Surrogacy
  • Finding an Egg Donor for Surrogacy Treatment
  • IVF for same-sex surrogacy pathway
  • IVF + ICSI for same-sex surrogacy pathway
  • Known Egg Donors
  • Partnership with MySurrogacyJourney

Surrogacy for single men and same-sex, gay couples

In surrogacy, a woman carries and gives birth to a baby for another person or couple. There are two types of surrogacy available: gestational surrogacy, and partial surrogacy.

In gestational surrogacy (also known as host surrogacy), the eggs of a donor (or the intended mother, if in a co-parenting agreement with more than two people) are mixed in vitro with the sperm of one of the fathers (or a sperm donor, if double donation).  There is no genetic link between the baby and the surrogate.

In partial surrogacy (also known as traditional surrogacy), the surrogate’s eggs are fertilised using one of the intended father’s sperm and a procedure like IUI or IVF.

In both types of surrogacy, one intended father (or sperm donor, if double donation) would provide sperm to fertilise an egg. It is important that this is done at a fertility clinic to ensure that all parties receive comprehensive screening and preparation for the pregnancy. 

While we cannot help with finding or treating surrogates*, we specialise in specific parts of the surrogacy journey (like finding an egg donor). These are detailed below. 

Fertility Assessments Ahead of Surrogacy

It is important to assess a man’s sperm ahead of surrogacy treatment to ensure that there are no issues that could make pregnancy more difficult. Through Apricity, we offer male diagnostics which enable men to test semen from the comfort of home or at a clinic and review results with a fertility doctor.

Explore Apricity’s Male Fertility Diagnostics 

Explore Apricity’s Male + Male Fertility Diagnostics

Finding an Egg Donor for Surrogacy Treatment

If you choose gestational surrogacy, you will need donor eggs for your treatment. You may know someone who wants to donate their eggs (known donation), or you can seek an egg donation agency like Altrui to help you find an anonymous egg donor. 

Altrui specialise in anonymous egg donation, although through Apricity, we can also assist individuals or couples using the help of a known donor (see the ‘Known Donors’ section below). 

Our Egg Donor Search & Match is our main service, where we learn about your requirements and preferences to match you to one altruistic egg donor, who will donate all her eggs for you to use within treatment.

There are many reasons why Altrui are a great egg donation partner:

  • Unlike egg banks, all of the eggs from our altruistic donors go to the recipients (16 on average), increasing overall chances of pregnancy and the opportunity for genetically-related siblings
  • We find an egg donor in 4-6 weeks compared with 1 to 2 years with many clinics
  • Our personalised egg donation matching ensures we find egg donors who meet your specific criteria, and we’re able to share extensive information on your egg donor – more than you’d get anywhere else
  • We partner with MySurrogacyJourney, who offer expert support and guidance at different stages of the surrogacy journey (include link)
  • We’re one of the few egg donation clinics recommended on the HFEA website
  • Our sister company, Apricity, has excellent success rates and handles assessment and donor treatment, helping to streamline your journey 

We have an 86% cumulative clinical pregnancy rate using egg donation. A cumulative clinical pregnancy rate is defined as up to three recipient embryo transfer events from one cohort of donor eggs, and excludes recipients with embryos remaining in storage created from the one cohort of donor eggs. 

Find an altruistic egg donor with Altrui

Pregnant surrogate

Our Egg Donor Match and Screen (in partnership with Apricity) includes all of the services within our Egg Donor Search & Match, plus the initial medical screening that egg donors need to undergo. 

Explore Egg Donor Match & Screen

Our Egg Donor Match, Screen & Embryology (in partnership with Apricity) includes all of the services of the Search & Match and Match & Screen, alongside counselling, egg donor fertility treatment up to egg collection, and embryology up until embryos are stored.

Explore Donor Match, Screen & Embryology

IVF for same-sex surrogacy pathway

Once an egg donor has donated her eggs and these are fertilised with sperm, a healthy embryo is hopefully ready to be transferred to a surrogate. Any leftover embryos can be frozen for future use and genetically-related siblings. 

IVF + ICSI for same-sex surrogacy pathway

If you have a diagnostic assessment ahead of treatment, you will know if there are any issues with the sperm you wish to use. This may be a factor when deciding which sperm you choose for treatment. There are also ways to help sperm fertilise eggs, such as ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection). 

From the surrogate perspective, ICSI is just like IVF. However in the laboratory, there is an extra step in ICSI. This involves selecting sperm and injecting into or close to the egg to facilitate fertilisation that may not happen in vitro.

Known Egg Donors

You may know a woman who wants to donate her eggs for you to use in treatment.

It’s really important (and a legal requirement) that egg donors – whether they are known or anonymous – receive implications counselling and understand the fertility treatment they will undergo to donate their eggs. They should also have medical screening to ensure they are healthy and fit to donate, and will not pass on any conditions or infectious diseases. 

We can arrange this for you if you are using a known egg donor. For this service, we recommend getting in touch with Apricity, who can provide more information. 

Partnership with MySurrogacyJourney

We know that surrogacy can be a complex world to navigate. That’s why we partnered with MySurrogacyJourney: an expert, compassionate team that works hard to take confusion out of the process.

Through our partnership, we’re proud to offer MySurrogacyJourney’s members the donor and fertility care so important to their surrogacy journeys. To learn more, watch MySurrogacyJourney (and TwoDads) co-founder Michael Johnson-Ellis in conversation with Apricity. You’ll hear from our Chief Medical Officer, Dr Luca Sabatini, and Altrui Egg Donation Lead Sarah Pallett:

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about using donor eggs to become a parent, leave your details on our interest form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

A note on Apricity, Altrui and Surrogacy:

*Apricity provides treatment service to intended parents requiring an egg donor in their surrogacy journey. Apricity recruits altruistic, UK-based egg donors who are then matched with recipients or intended parents requiring egg donation as part of their treatment journey. Apricity does not directly recruit surrogate hosts as this service is strongly regulated in UK law by the Surrogacy Arrangements Act. 

There are a handful of surrogacy recruitment and advisor agencies in the UK – My Surrogacy Journey is one. Apricity provides egg donor recruitment and matching for intended parents who have approached us directly or from any of the UK surrogacy agencies, including those from My Surrogacy Journey (MSJ) with whom we have a partnership as their preferred UK-based egg donation recruitment service for intended parents requiring an egg donor who are registered with MSJ.  

In addition to donor recruitment and matching, once matched the egg donor receives treatment and care from Apricity through our “at-home” care service, and the intended parents are cared for under a shared care model between Apricity and one of our partner-clinics specialised in surrogacy treatment to get the intended parents to the point of having embryos cryopreserved for their future use with a surrogate (embryo creation pathway). The surrogacy elements of care are provided directly to the intended parents and the surrogate by the partner-clinic. 

There is strictly no inducement, reduction in price or referral fee between Apricity and MSJ. Apricity is a preferred provider partner clinic of MSJ, along with other fertility clinics.

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Donor Eggs and Surrogacy for Same-Sex, Male Couples and Individuals


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