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Momumental Mothers #12: Elizabeth

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The newest mom featured in our Momumental Mothers series is Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a fellow blogger.

Welcome, Elizabeth! Can you tell me and my readers about yourself?

I am Elizabeth Glass. I’m twenty-five. I stay home with my children while working from home for the university I attend as a graduate assistant. I completed my Bachelor’s of Science with a major in Psychology and minor in Social Work. I’m currently obtaining my Master’s in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling. I lack a year from graduating. 

How old are your children?

My babies are Maximus who is fourteen-months-old and Meredith who turned three-years-old a few weeks ago. 

What is your favorite thing about being a parent? And what is your least favorite?

Favorite: seeing them happy with the sweet and simple things in life. And their happiness is so radiant! The laughs I’ve seen from sitting in a mud puddle makes me grin just thinking about it. They teach me so much and one of those things is enjoying the little moments; easily one of my favorite things about parenting. 

Least favorite: This is hard to say. I have things I don’t always enjoy. Like I wish I had the freedom to sleep in until whenever I wanted (haha). I want to go to the bathroom alone. Some days I get “touched” out and I just don’t want to be touched anymore and all they want is to be held which is not bad at all. I know someday I will be asking them if I can hold them still. So I don’t think it’s so much my own children or anything that has to so with them that provides me with a least favorite part of parenting. Its probably the struggle of comparing or not comparing yourself to other parents. Social media is a quick trap of you allow it to suck you in negatively. 

I can 100% identify with wishing you had the freedom to sleep, use the restroom alone, and to take a break from being touched. I think it’s natural that we don’t always enjoy or like some parts of being a parent and the moms who act all shocked or defensive when you tell them that are perhaps not being as truthful about being a parent.

What do you think your parents did when you were growing up that helped you become a responsible and successful adult?

I guess they made me want to be the best at whatever I do, although that may be a good and bad thing.

What do you wish your parents would have taught you or given you that they didn’t?

I wish my parents would have spoke to me with empathy. I wish they would have invested the time to get to know me, check on me, and listen to me lovingly. 

What are you doing to try to help your kids?

I am adamant about getting on my kids level and speaking to them even as a toddler and a baby. We talk about feelings and we discuss why we do or don’t do certain things. I don’t base everything off of fear. I am their safety and security. I’m not someone to be afraid of.

I love that; l do that too. I don’t want my kids to feel talked at- I think it’s important to get down to their level, as well. Especially in a situation like after a time-out is over. I want them to be comfortable talking about their feelings and to see me as a person they can discuss things with.

What does your normal day look like?

My babies wake me up. We sleep in a family bed so they cuddle up to me some days, waking me up. Some days it’s hollering for chocolate milk (haha).

We get up and do the usual potty and getting dressed routine. We make breakfast which is often a variety of fruits (berries- blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries), but we also love pancakes or waffles (topped with our berries).

We go on a walk and play outside. We will check the mail at the post office and go to the park to play (something we’ve got to start doing again since COVID19).

Before the pandemic, we went to storytime at the library on Monday mornings and check out books. Later in the week, we would walk to another library for some books too. We miss the libraries so much! We read a lot at home any time during the day.

We make lunch and get washed up. We sometimes read before a nap. We all get into bed together and they nap. Sometimes I fall asleep, but sometimes I try doing work, school work, or blogging while they sleep.

After naps, we get a snack and often eat outside for a picnic. We love visiting family (my husband’s parents and sisters). We can just walk across town to their house to play for a while. We do this a lot.

I’ll make dinner with help from my husband and sometimes my three-year-old. We eat together at the table except for movie nights where we eat dinner and watch a movie in the living room.

We may play more outside and/or take another walk then take a shower. I lay down with the babies until they fall asleep and I get up to do work or school work. I climb back into bed with them when I’m done or my son wants to nurse. I sometimes work from my phone and stay in bed with them. We sleep and do it all over again.

What are your tips for staying sane each morning as everyone gets ready and in the evening/at bedtime ?

Our mornings are simple as we don’t have to rush for school and work. We are allotted the time to get dressed and enjoy breakfast and take a morning walk and evenings are similar. We have dinner, play outside or take another walk, have bath time, read our books, and go to sleep together. 

For anyone with a similar setup as ours, my tips would be:

1. Let them help you cook.

2. Eat outside as far as you can.

3. Take the walks and don’t rush them. Let them pick up sticks and rocks. The exploring is good for their development.

4. A shower or bath is a good way to wind down and wash the day away.

5. Read. Read. Read.

6. Snuggle together at night. Time is fleeting. 

What advice would you have for a new mother?

There are so many biologically normal, good, and healthy things about being a Mother that society will tell you shouldn’t be done. Stick with your momma instincts and never do what feels questionable. 

How is parenting or being a mother different than you may have thought it would be before you had kids?

I didn’t realize how bad others would want to parent for me or how I often catch myself from offering unsolicited parenting advice to someone. 

What do you think makes you and your story unique from other mothers you know or who I may have written about in the past?

Before I became a mom, I knew the kind of mother I wanted to be- the kind I didn’t have. I became pregnant and I was so eager to learn all there was to know about my feelings towards parenting: gentle, respectful parenting that wasn’t fear-based but taught discipline love and actual lessons to be learned.

I didn’t learn much from my parents about being a good parent. Sadly, I feel they mostly taught me how NOT to be. When things go awry with my kids, I don’t react hastily. I take a second to think about what is about to come out of my mouth. In the moments I fail to be the model parent I want my kids to have, I own up to it. I apologize to them and explain to them I was wrong and I have to work on XYZ. My journey to motherhood may not stand out from the crowd (at least not in this context, but I’m afraid if I included all the details that I may end up writing a novel), but I do believe all of our journeys are different and unique in our own ways.

Do you think it is possible for women to have it all ? How do you find a work/life balance?

Yes. That said, balance does not mean cramming all of these things into one day. There is a difference in enjoying these things and becoming overwhelmed and drowning in it all.

Balance does mean the same amount of time is devoted to each aspect of our lives. Some areas of our lives also overlap with other areas and can take place simultaneously. Check your priorities. Check your values! Where your values lie often dictates how you prioritize your life.

How do you handle everyday stressors? 

Get outside. Rain or shine, hot or cold: I get some fresh air. The longer I’m outside, the better I feel, even if its sitting in the dirt watching my kids play.

I also like to use guided meditation using an app (I use Sanvello- a therapeutic app, but im sure there are others out there).

I eat balanced. Not to many fats or sugars because I will get bogged down and feel cruddy. Drink lots of water.

At the end of a stressful day, I love to wash my hair. I don’t wash my hair everyday because it straps my natural oils and my hair dries out (of course unless I’ve been sweating or having dirt all over- I usually wash 2x a week). Washing my hair feels like washing the stress off. 

How did you get into blogging? 

I have always loved writing. I feel very compelled to share my two passions: being a mother and all things mental health. Blogging allows me that outlet.

Blogging can be hard. How to you come up with fresh content? What have you done to attract new followers?

Sometimes content crops up in front of me in the lessons I learn from my kiddos or in the day to day of being with them. Sometimes its from things I’ve experienced in my personal life or past dealing with mental illness. 

I try to connect with like-minded accounts through social media in efforts to attract more followers.

Do people you know read your blog? 

Yes, some do.

How has parenting changed for you since COVID19? How do you think it has, or will change your life permanently?

Not too much changed. I still got to be home with my kids like I always have been. Our routine as far as the park, library, and seeing other family was shaken up for a while.

We’ve always been very hygienic: always had sanitizer in the car, my purse, stroller, diaper bag; always washed our hands before eating, after using the restroom, or going places. I suppose it reinforces me to stick with what we were already doing. My one-year-old already knows to rub his hands together when he sees soap or sanitizer and he was doing this pre-pandemic. We have a book about germs that we like to read. We understand germs are everywhere and we do our part not to spread them, but we also don’t live in fear. We play in the dirt and enjoying the messiness of outside.

We’ve now been enjoying time with family again. We’re careful, but not going to hinder our kids from wanting to go into the world as they age. 

Elizabeth, thank you so much for letting me interview you! Can you share your social medial links and where readers can find you online?

Instagram –

Instgram –

Facebook –

Show her some love by following her on online!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed getting to hear Elizabeth’s story. I always find it fascinating to hear from other parents’ perspectives.

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Momumental Mothers #12: Elizabeth


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