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The Lost Gloves


The other day after I dropped off my Daughter at school I decided to go for some me time and grab a cup of coffee at my favorite local Diner. It was a nice gold morning not nearly as cold for this time of the year but enough to wear my gloves. While I stroll down the blocks I usually take my time and look at the trees, the sky it’s me time. I watch the local shop owners open up their gates getting ready for the day. I usually observe everyone I walk past and wonder what’s their story. Everyone has a story you can tell it in their expressions. Mothers pushing their babies to daycare, men in business suits with their cup of  Starbucks racing to that early morning meeting the usual.

I started to feel the chill in the air and went for my gloves only to find out that they were missing! I looked around and no gloves! I couldn’t believe it, where did I lose them? I didn’t even feel when they fell out of my pocket. For some reason I was so disappointed after that, they were so warm and I loved them. I purchased them a year ago at a local shop for a couple of dollars. I ended up going to the diner and buying a cup of coffee still thinking about my lost gloves. I went about my day did my chores and the day just flew by. It was already time to pick up my daughter from school around 3pm. I kept my hands in my pocket wondering if I would be able to get another pair of the same gloves.

I waited patiently for my daughters class to finally come out, for some reason they are always last to come out. I saw her navy blue jacket and waved to her and her teacher. I had to wait so she can say her Au Revoir to her teacher. Her teacher shakes hands with every student and tells them “Au Revoir” what a great way to get them to learn some French words.  I gave her that mommy kiss and hug and asked her all about her day and told her how I lost my favorite gloves.

We walked along the streets and I usually go down a certain block so that we can quickly get on the subway and head home. For some reason, though I decided not to take that route and decided to grab a bottle of water at the corner Store. Every corner in Brooklyn usually has a store but I have my favorite store owners that I support. They become like family to me. My daughter, of course, is dying to pick up a snack for the road and tries to slide some candy on the counter thinking I wouldn’t notice.

The store owner rings everything up after a quick chat and we start walking once more. We get about halfway when I notice something at the corner of my eyes laid out on my left underneath a small tree on the sidewalk. It was laid out in such a way that I swear someone placed like they knew I would come back for it. I could not believe my eyes! Both gloves were there waiting for me I ran and grabbed them as if they were a lost treasure! Two local Asian men stood on their porch looking puzzled they even stopped their conversation to look at me. I just nodded and smiled and kept walking. I kept saying oh my god I can’t believe my gloves were right here waiting perfectly for me to take that road and to find them. I picked them up and felt a slight chill, it was just one of those weird moments where if I had made the decision to go my usual route I would have never found them but that one choice I made brought me right to them. I felt like the universe just held them for me and guided me right to them.

Was that a synchronistic moment or what? I know it didn’t fall neatly under a tree so someone moved it to the side and left it there. I had such an amazing night after that happened it just stirred up my thoughts on the universe and reality and deep thought. Do you have a similar story please share.

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The Lost Gloves


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