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Weathering The Storm

    Quite often in life there are those times where it feels like the universe is against you. It just seems like what could go wrong goes wrong and you find yourself battling to try and catch up instead of getting the opportunity to stay ahead. These moments happen and when they do it’s important to stay positive, maintain focus, communicate, and work through it together. A couple days ago life threw another curve ball our way. Let me tell you about it.

    When we got back from our trip to Canmore and picked up the dogs we noticed that Thor had a nasty limp on his back leg. Once we got home and got a better look at how he walked it was clear he needed to go the vet. So I booked an appointment for the next day as early as I could get in.

    In the meantime the worry started to snowball. As you may or may not know if you read our blog, we have a hard time not playing out the worst case scenarios in our mind. And in this situation it jumped right to cancer. I know, ridiculous, right. But it wasn’t for no reason. A couple of weeks ago Thor had a little limp on his front right leg. This went away in a few days. But then to see him limping on his back leg had us puzzled. What if it’s a tumour that is spreading and hitting both the front right leg and back right leg? If it is, that was insanely fast and what if I only have a few more months with him? I know those are extreme thoughts but it’s where my mind went. You have to understand that I spend more time with Thor and Storm than anyone else because they are almost always with me. I work from home and whatever room I am in, that’s the room they are in. So any possibility of losing them sends my mind to chaos town.

    So I get my mom to babysit Baby Bird and Thor and I head to the vet and I’m nervous and anxious. Which probably isn’t helping Thor at all because I am sure he is picking up my vibes. We go in to the room and the vet checks Thor out and runs through everything. He says he is certain it’s an Acl Tear in the back right leg but when he was lifting the other leg Thor winced quite bad, which was weird. So he wanted to make sure it wasn’t a tumour. That means sedation and x-rays, I just want to know what is going on.

Thor giving me that look of, "Dad let's get out of here"

    He gets the sedation and comes back into the room for it to kick in which only takes minutes. I lie down on the blanket with him and hang out with him until he has to go get the x-rays. This is where some bad deja-vu kicks in like crazy. Seeing him slowly fall asleep, brought me right back to when I saw one of my dogs get put down when I was a kid. I tell myself, “shake it off, he is going to be fine, it’s just x-rays.” It was just a weird feeling.

    An hour later I get called back to come see him and have the vet explain what they found. This is where something made me so happy. Thor is on a blanket and in a big daze and can’t really focus. When I see him I say, “There’s my boy!”, which is what I say every time I walk in the door from going somewhere, and his tail starts wagging so hard and he starts looking around for me and tries to get up. Made me smile :) Then the doctor gives the best possible news in that situation, it’s not a bone tumour, all bones are in great shape and everything else looks good, it’s just an ACL tear.

    PHEW! It’s not great news but at least it’s not a tumour. He does need surgery and so that is next on the agenda but I bring him home to the rest of the family and everyone is happy to see him. Storm starts getting so excited to see her big brother which was pretty sweet to see. For the rest of the night he is in a daze and sleepy and relaxing on the couch. It’s so hard to see a member of your family in pain and what makes it worse is that he can’t talk to me to tell me about it. Until the surgery it’s babying time for Thor. I get to carry him up the stairs and put him on the bed and make sure he doesn’t put very much weight on the back leg to make it worse. It was a long anxiety filled day but at least we have a plan and know where to go from here to get Thor back to full strength.

    Life will throw you some curve balls your way from time to time and if you swing and miss, it’s ok. Just keep stepping up to bat and swing again. Eventually you will connect on one and that will hopefully have a domino effect in a positive way. So whether it’s your furnace breaking down, you losing your self confidence, a death of a friend, or an issue with a family pet, you can get back on track! Like I said before stay positive, maintain focus, communicate, and work through it together. That is what we are going to do together, stay positive, stay focused, and get through it.

- Papa Bird

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Weathering The Storm


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