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The Hardest Part About Travel

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    Travelling can be so much fun. A break from work, quality time with loved ones, fun adventures, memory making moments, and the list goes on and on. So much possibility for greatness but every time we leave there is one thing that wrecks me up inside. Even when going to the greatest place in the world (I am very biased haha), there is still a moment of sadness before the greatness kicks in….leaving Thor and Storm :( and for this trip especially.

Look at how cute they are, it's so hard to leave these awesome dogs.

Look at how cute they are, it's so hard to leave these awesome dogs.

    Where we stay in Canmore does not allow dogs (which on a side note is completely ok and I understand fully. Dogs can cause damage which is why staying in dog friendly places is so expensive. But I digress). So on our way out of town we drop the dogs off at the kennel. They always have a great time at the kennel and they get treated really good there but obviously if they could come with us they would prefer that I’m sure. That’s why for all the overnight trips we do to Canmore we also make sure we do day trips so we can bring them and they can get the mountain living too. They deserve the greatest of the Rocky Mountains just like we do and until we move here, that’s the only way we can give it to them. But I digress again. 

    So as we are dropping them off at the kennel I do everything I normally do. There is one thing in particular that I do, that in my mind makes a big difference for their affection to me once we pick them up. (Because as any dogs owner can attest too dogs can sometimes show signs of being upset at their parents for leaving them behind). I never let them see me "abandon" them

    So to understand this more, here's a little back story. When they were 6 months old and getting spayed and neutered I employed a strategy that actually worked. When I brought them in to the vet for their appointment I actually asked the person if they could walk them to the back before I leave so they wouldn’t see me “abandoning” them. In their minds I would be back in the front entrance where they last saw me.  It seemed to work so I also did it when I started bringing them to the kennel. At the kennel it’s easier because while I’m going over everything with one staff member, a different one comes and grabs the dogs to take them to the back. So again they never see me leaving them. Maybe it’s all in my head that it’s working or maybe it’s actually making a difference. Who knows? But Thor and Storm don’t come back and get upset at me or stay distant. If anything they stay closer. (I know, I’m crazy haha but I would do anything for my kids, both the human-baby and the fur-babies)

    The difference that happened for this trip was just a small glimpse from Storm that made for a sad moment. The workers at the kennel wear these big airplane ear protectors because of all the loud barking and as the worker, who was taking the dogs to the back, was opening the door she took a second to put her ear muffs on. In that moment it gave Storm the chance to turn around and make eye contact with me over the huge counter and give a little whimper and bark. Almost as if to say, “Don’t leave me. Take me with you. I’ll be good.” It was so sad and hurt my heart. So much so that the lady in line behind me noticed and said, “That was so sad, she doesn’t want to leave you at all.” It was very hard to see and I don’t like to see any of my kids sad. 


    I know that as soon as we get back I’m going to make our play time even better than it usually is. I will make sure there is tons of cuddle time and lots of loving for my pups. I can’t wait to see them! If you’re still reading this post thanks, as it is basically a diary entry. But hopefully you liked it, it felt good to write out the thoughts I had in my head about missing the dogs. Until next time, hope you have a great day.

- Papa Bird

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The Hardest Part About Travel


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