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    Well I finally got my new Tattoos that I was telling you about a couple weeks ago and I’m really excited about them. I decided to document how the day went piece by piece to give you a glimpse of how the day went. Check it out below.

The Morning Of

    I woke up in the morning really excited about it being tattoo day. At the moment I am not nervous but I know as the hours go by and I step foot in the tattoo shop the nerves will definitely kick in. It’s been 9 years since I got a tattoo. So nerves and anxiousness are inevitable. Although I remember parts being painful, overall it's never as bad as you think, however I have this weird worry that with being older my pain tolerance has bit the dust... Nevertheless, I am not going to let the little worry voices crash the party.  I know the end result will be fantastic and the meanings behind these tattoos match that of no other. 7 hours and counting.



    The rush of anxiety, nerves, and excited energy has hit as I am only a couple hours away from the new ink. So much so I had a little nap with Mama Bird while Baby Bird was sleeping to relax for a bit. Much needed. It definitely helped. Now it’s just a waiting game. I know that as soon as it’s done I will be wondering why I was so nervous and anxious before. But sometimes the mind runs wild haha. I will put on the numbing cream (Emla) in 1 hour to help with the pain, hopefully it really works. 1 hour 30 minutes and counting.

It’s Go Time


    It’s finally here, tattoo time! And as he gets everything ready I feel calm and ready to go. He has a great energy and he is a great artist! This is going to be awesome! The stencils are on and they look great and now it’s go time! I have almost no anxiety or nervous energy at this point just pure excitement. Once he does the first few lines, I am totally relaxed and at ease.  And it’s because I didn’t even feel it at all. The numbing cream worked great! All I can feel is the pressure but no pain whatsoever. He finishes the entire first tattoo on my chest and I only felt the minor swoop of the letter at the end. Onto the finger now. Right away I can feel it but it’s not too bad. The numbing cream has worn off significantly from the first area. He is only part way through and then it kicks in a little but mostly when he is working on the side of my finger.  Soon enough he is done and I get up and look in the mirror. Huge smile on my face, I exclaim “I LOVE EM! THEY TURNED OUT SO AWESOME!”. They are exactly what I wanted!


    I can’t believe how fast it flew by and now I have some new tattoos. I am so happy with them and I can say with certainty that I have found my new tattoo artist for good. As long as he is tattooing I will come see him for my future tattoos. The energy he has created in his private studio is fantastic. He is a positive person and I felt like there was a great connection between us which is important when selecting a tattoo artist. His skill is amazing. If you take a look at his work, it’s fantastic. His name is Corson and his company is Primitive Imprint Tattoo. If you are looking for a tattoo, he is your guy. When you go, tell him I said hi.


    Now without further ado, here is the new ink:


    If you read my last tattoo post you might be wondering or have already guessed the way in which I broke my own rule for one of these tattoos (which if you didn’t read the last post, the rule is I print out what I want and look at it all the time and if after 1 year I still want to get it, then I can. If I am not too stoked on it then I move onto something else or just keep pondering what to do with that design). Can you guess it? I guess at this point it’s kind of obvious. It’s the tattoo I got for Baby Bird across my chest because being that she is only 5 months old there is no way I could have had this tattoo done and ready for 1 year. But in this case it’s ok to break the rules because it’s for my beautiful daughter who I love so much I had to get a tattoo for. The other tattoo is obviously for my beautiful loving wife Christie. I got a ‘C’ and a sparrow on my ring finger. I wanted to look down at my finger and see that love I have for her and a reminder of that. I know a ring does that but it completes it by making it a tattoo.

    This is the happiest I have been after a tattoo because of significant meaning behind these tattoos, my 2 favourite people in the world, Baby Bird and Mama Bird ❤️.

- Papa Bird

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