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Are You Wasting Money With Magnetic Locks?

We all know the old school style of childproofing, where everything was hard plastic and was less childproof, and more adult proof. The stupid under cabinet locks that you would get your hand caught in if not turned just right. And who could forget that toilet lock? Certainly not me, as it had a small boy just learning to use the big boy potty peeing ALL OVER MY BATHROOM whilst trying to open the contraption. (Side note, I do not recommend a toilet lock. It tends to get messy. Just shut the dang door, would ya?) I ended up moving the harmful things up high because the thought of installing a different system gave me hives. So when I was asked to try a set of magnetic locks, I was very hesitant. I don’t like being itchy

disclaimer: I received products within this post at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. That said, you are going to get the honest opinion whether I pay full price or the item is a gift. To learn more about my blog policies, please see my Blog Disclosure page. Thank you.

What Is A Magnetic Lock System?

A locking magnetic system will come with the lock, latch and some sort of key. Inside the lock mechanism, there is a magnet that will flip the latch over the latching rest. The key is a strong magnet that flips the lock from locked to unlock. Simple, right?

This shows you what two magnetic locks looks like with the hardware

Installing  Magnetic Locks

Inside the package, there are 4 locks, 4 latches one key and screws. Each lock and latch has a strong 3M strip attached for simple installation. The pictures below will show you how to place the latch and lock correctly.

After Instalinning Your Magnetic Locks

I HIGHLY suggest that you do not let your kids play with the key before you install your magnetic locks. I did, and then they went to school. After I finished placing the locks on my cupboards, went to test that I did it right and, the key was missing.

After you have placed all of your new locks where you want them, you need a central location (that is out of reach of little hands) that you will remember. I happen to be a hot mess from time to time and eventually end up losing, well, everything. Lucky for me, Mauitech even thought to add a 3M strip to the part that holds the key.

Uses For Magnetic Locks

Do you have kids, but not babies, and therefore the thought of baby proofing your home seems silly to you? It did to me too. But, then I realized that even though my kids are 9 and 6, being able to safely limit access to certain areas to my house would benefit them even as they grow. I have listed a few examples of areas that you can use these magnetic locks.

  • Under the kitchen sink, where you keep your cleaning supplies
  • Medicine cabinet
  • Area you store your essential oils (because you should treat them as they are medication with children, lock them up to keep everyone safe)
  • Dog/Cat food storage areas outside (small cabinet or drawer works perfect, and will keep wildlife out of your pet’s food, like raccoons.)
  • Desk (I like to keep candy in my desk, and keeping it locked keeps me from absentmindedly opening it all day and snacking)
  • Laundry room (because we pay good money for the Tide Pods that folks are eating like candy)
  • Craft Supply area (keep scissors and glue from being used for the wrong thing and just lock them up!)

Are These Locks Worth It?

If you want to know if these magnetic locks are worth your time and money I would say yes. Compared to the old style of baby proofing products, these are a fantastic upgrade. They will take a little getting used to, like how to use the key properly, and remember that they are in place. If you need, Mauitech has also included key stickers to place on the outside of the item you are locking, to remind you that it is there.

Looking for a set of your own? Its here along with the great reviews.

Speaking of needing a reminder, if you look at a cabinet with a magnetic lock and one without, you could not tell which was which. I really like that I can lock my stuff up, keep things out of harm’s way, without compromising on the style of my home.

PRO Tips For Using Magnetic Locks In Your Home

  • Before you finalize the installation, make sure your locks do not stick. If they do, be sure to readjust them. If they stick, they won’t work right.
  • You can set your locks to unlock by switching the latch to hold the lock down. This will make it open all the time. 
  • When using the key to unlock, swipe up. I have had 100% success opening using the swipe up method of unlocking. To do this, press your key just UNDER the lock, and pull up. If done correctly, you will hear the latch unlock. 

Have you ever used magnetic locks? How much baby proofing did you do when your babies were just getting into exploration? Do you prefer the old style safety locks and latches to anything new age? If you have never used something that has made your life easier as a parent, I would love love love to hear about it! Let me know in the comments your most #1 way to baby proof your home!

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Are You Wasting Money With Magnetic Locks?


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