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Unicorn Crown Fit For A Princess

Previously I promised you a tutorial for the beautiful flower Crown from my daughters Halloween costume. Today I am here to fulfill that promise! I have been getting lots of emails about how I made it, and even if I was willing to sell that one! (as if, Bug would not be too happy) So get out your wire wrap and pretty flowers because its time to make a Beautiful Unicorn Crown.

A beautiful unicorn crown in the making. All you need is a little imagination
All the pretty flowers.

For this project you will need:

Flowers in bold colors

Wire for wrapping

Hot Glue


Sparkley Foam

Felt 1 sheet white and one pink

If a Unicorn is missing its horn, then its a horse.

My favorite part of the beautiful unicorn crown is the beautiful horn. All you need for this part is foam and wire (and a touch of hot glue). Fold into a square and trim the bottom. Next, wrapping two corners inward, begin to roll into a long cone. Dab a bit of hot glue along where the edges meet.

Starting at the very top of the horn, begin to wrap your horn, pulling gently but firmly. When you get to the base, cut your wire. Now, starting on one side at the top, gently pull down on each strand of wire, creating a spiral down the horn. Boom! Done.

This unicorn crown is off to a great start
Not done and still missing something. Don’t mind Matt in the back. He was playing games 😉

A  Crown Fit For A Unicorn

You are going to want to pick 2 large flowers, 4 small flowers, and one medium for the center of the horn. After you have them, make sure they are all separate, in individual stems. I learned that you can remove the heads, which will come in handy when you begin the next steps.

Before attaching any sort of flowers, you need a base. Take three strands and loosely wrap them around your head. I say loosely because if you don’t, the stems won’t fit and it will be awkward and pokey. Then your kid will whine and cry that it hurts. I’m speaking from experience. Make sure you secure the loop at the ends, this way it does not come undone while in use.

Be sure you find the center of the loop (lol you can pick anywhere) and attach your horn to your beautiful unicorn crown. I used a ton of hot glue on the inside of the point and then put the wire over the glue and another spot of foam over that to rest on your forehead.

A Beautiful Unicorn Crown Masterpiece

Now its time to start weaving your flowers into the wire crown. Pop the heads off first, to make it easier to manipulate the wire stem into the crown. I like the smaller flowers to give way to the larger, but this part is as creative as you are. You can do it to be symmetrical or not. (my OCD won’t allow me to do it any other way 🙂 )

Almost finished putting together your unicorn crown. On to the final touches
We are nearly done with the unicorn crown and are adding our final touches. As you can see, one ear is attached here to show you with and without. Clearly, a unicorn must have ears

The last flower you add should be with hot glue to the actual horn. This will help hide the awkwardness and help tie up your beautiful unicorn crown. Now you are ready for the final touches and you will be wearing your unicorn crown in no time!

The Final Touches Are The Most Pleasing

The ears and rhinestones are about all that is left for this project. For the ears, cut out 2 4 inch oval with a point on one end. And 2 2.5 inch ovals with the pointed end in pink as well. Line up the bottoms of both pink and white and glue the pink tip in the place where it lays.

Pinch the bottoms of both pink and white felt and dab hot glue in the center; holding until dry. Now glue the ear with the pink side facing out to the base and flowers near the horn. After dried you may need to adjust for the dreaded ear flop. Or leave it, and give your unicorn crown some character!

The final unicorn crown, in all its glory
Isn’t she the most adorable little unicorn you have ever laid eyes on?

A Princess and Her (unicorn) Crown

To wear, attach to a hair comb and insert into the center of front hairline of a partial hair pony. (See Below) after you have your comb in place begin to slowly pull lower lose hair up, covering up the wire completely. Complete with a ballerina bun and spray. Bam! Takes longer to gather your supplies than it does to make this fabulous unicorn crown.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little DIY! Save this for later, I even created a pin for your board!

If you are looking for a beautiful, yet simple unicorn crown, you are in luck!

Until next time,


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Unicorn Crown Fit For A Princess


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