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Super Moms- May we be them

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We are in the full swing of our monthly series Super Moms, and today I am so excited to introduce to you our next awesome super mom! If you don’t know what super moms are or why we are doing this, I will tell you. Motherhood is messy and challenging. There are days that seem like they will never end. There are much more that we feel like total can complete failures. But at the end of the day, our children are fed and tucked sweetly into bed. I think we are giving super moms not near enough credit for the amazing job they are doing. So we are going to pick a new Mom each month and celebrate her.

Today we are celebrating Shannon, and her journey thus far into motherhood. Shannon has a beautiful family and is a working mother. This is her story:

Today we are meeting Shannon, our newest super mom!
Meet Shannon L. Cairns, DPM, FACFAOM, AACFAS

Let’s get this thing started! Let’s introduce you to my friends so they know who you are and where they can find you?

I’m Shannon, a wife and mom, and also a podiatrist (foot and ankle physician and surgeon).  My littles are 3.5 and 1.5, and just a little over a year ago, my husband (also a podiatrist) and I started our own medical practice!

How fancy! A foot surgeon! Can you tell me what a typical day in your house looks like?

Everyone gets up around 7.  I always have good intentions to get up before the kids, but my 18 months old still breastfeeds multiple times through the night, so I’m pretty exhausted and try to stock up on all the extra zzz’s I can!

My kids head to the living room and usually have a little morning snack while they watch Mickey.  This gives me a little time to throw on my scrubs and get ready.  Around 7:30 I start chasing everyone around, trying to put clothes and shoes on them!  My 3 year old (almost 4 really), is pretty much dressing himself now, which is so helpful….when he cooperates!  

We are out of the house by 8 and off to daycare.  We live close to the office, so I usually have them dropped off and I’m walking into the office around 8:30 for my first patient.  

Our practice is growing, and right now we probably see around 30 patients a day between the two of us.  We might have lunch meetings, hospital patients to see, or surgeries, depending on the day.  On Thursdays, we have surgery at 7 am so my mom will help get the kids to school.  

Having our own practice gives us flexibility to other our schedule, so I try to leave the office around 3 pm so I can pick the kids up after their nap, and have some quality time with them before the dinner and bedtime rush begins.  Sometimes it just doesn’t happen because of paperwork, and dealing with everyday struggles of small business owning, but I try!  

I get the kids and we head home.  Around 5:30 I start making dinner and the kids will play or watch a cartoon (or try with all their might to distract me from making dinner!)

We strive for baths by 6:30 and my littlest in bed around 7.  My 3-year-old starts winding down and we try to get him to bed by 8, but the toddler negotiations begin, and that can mean he’s not actually asleep until 9.  It’s hard to be a working mom because once you are home, it seems like the kids are going straight to bed, so sometimes I keep them up way later than I should for extra snuggles.  By this time I’m exhausted!  I’m lucky to have a husband that helps with laundry and dishes while I’m getting the kids to bed.  We usually watch some Netflix, before heading to bed by 10 or 11 so we can do it all again!

Shannon describes this as “My husband and I “scrubbed in” for our first surgery together when we opened our practice last year!

It sounds like you have both your hands and your heart full! Life often throws a wrench into our plans, causing them to go awry. When this happens, how do you react?

I must admit, at first I tend to get pretty shaken.  I’ll try to be strong, but sometimes I get upset or angry when things don’t go as planned.  I try to remember how lucky and blessed I am, and how much worse things could be.  I turn to prayer and lots of hugs and support from my family when things don’t go quite right. 

Shannon describes this as ” Our family in our matching tees, at our Annual Cairns Family Reunion in Florida last year”

Do you have any words of wisdom?

Just be present.  As a busy working mom, I often get down on myself or feel serious mom guilt for not being there for them all day long.  All we can do is our best in whatever situation we happen to be in.  Sure, I would LOVE to stay home with my kiddos, but that’s just not realistic in our family situation.  I know I must be present and make the most of every second I have with my babies.

Knowing that self-care is so important, how do you decompress after an especially long day? What does ME time look like for you?

I always struggle with taking care of myself.  I recently found blogging as a fun creative outlet, and I guess that’s my me time.  I always tell myself I’m going to start getting up early so I can have a little time to myself with my coffee.  It hasn’t happened yet, but

Super Moms are every where and yet seldom celebrated! At She's A Hot Mess, we are aiming...

maybe soon! 

Shannon describes today’s sweetest picture as “A rare candid shot of Bethany and me, that my sister snuck while we were getting ready to take Bluebonnet pictures (a very popular Spring activity in Texas)”

I Have to ask: Have you always wanted to be a mom?

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS!  But, nothing could have prepared me for how much love I would feel for those babies!  I wouldn’t trade this role for anything in the world. 

As of today, what is your greatest accomplishment?

I have many professional accomplishments and a lot of “letters” behind my name, but I am most proud of the family and home we have built!  Starting our own private practice is up there too 🙂

Everyone has a favorite quote or words to live by. What are yours?

I have a cute sign in my house that says “The most important work you will ever do, will be within the walls of your home”.  I love this.  It reminds me every day, that no matter what is going on at work, or how busy we get, our family is the most important work we will every tackle!  We should put all we can into our families. 

Super Moms are every where and yet seldom celebrated! At She's A Hot Mess, we are aiming...

If you could trade places for the day (alive or not) who would it be and why?

Maybe, my kids, it would be fun to see what they really do all day at daycare.  I always ask them, but they say “Nothing!”.  LOL!

How do you stay productive and get so much done each day?

List making!  Which I need to be way better at.  It’s so easy to get distracted with basically every form of social media possible on our phones.  I have to put on music, make a list, and tackle one thing at a time, or I will get overwhelmed and give up!

Have you ever gotten unsolicited advice that was so outlandish you had no response? What was it?

I can’t think of anything specific, but pretty much all of the advice I got when I was pregnant, was so all over the place.  Everyone has an opinion, and it’s interesting to hear it all!

What is your most effective way to get things done?

Focus on one thing at a time, and:

Super Moms are every where and yet seldom celebrated! At She's A Hot Mess, we are aiming...

  Is there anything else you would like to share with other bad ass super moms?

Just do YOU!  You know what is best for your family.  Don’t let anyone mom shame you!

Take This Away:

Getting to know Shannon over the last month has been such a great honor. She has a beautiful family and has an amazing career. The fact that she has found the balance to have both and be outrageously happy is what makes her a Super Mom.

Do you want to know Shannon better? Why don’t you go check her out? She is the mastermind behind and is super active all over social media!

Facebook:  Dr. Shannon Cairns Blog

Instagram: @drshannoncairns

Pinterest: Shannon Cairns

Twitter: @drshannoncairns

Are you interested in sharing your story and telling the world about the bad ass super mom you are? Or, would you like to nominate another mama who doesn’t know how amazing she is? I am looking for more super moms to tell the world about! Sign up today and get started filling out your questions so we can chat!

Until next time…


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Super Moms walk among us every day and yet we do not celebrate them near enough!

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Super Moms- May we be them


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