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What makes up Canidae dog food?

Let’s start with the ingredients. On the back of your pet Food (or any food) the ingredients listed are in order of weight ie; there is more of the first ingredient than the second and so on. This normally means that the first five ingredients usually make up the majority of the final product. These are the most important.

Canidae includes four human grade meats. Other ‘leading’ brands might include one meat (not human grade) and if you’re ‘lucky’ a

A chicken by-product is normally everything but the chicken. Which isn’t a bad thing, but this makes up a large part of their Protein, and protein is the most important ingredient. So you really want top quality meat as your protein.

To give you an extreme example that all proteins are not equal, but will both show on the Guaranteed Analysis; fingernails are 100% protein, but they don’t really help our diet.

Some other companies will try and make up their protein with vegetable protein. Again, while this isn’t bad for them, most of the vegetable protein passes straight through them as dogs aren’t able to digest it.

Even though two products may say they contain 21% protein, one product could contain top quality protein and may extend the life of your dog, the other brand that uses cheap by-products or vegetable protein could cause protein deficiencies as the dog wasn’t able to digest it.

Protein deficiencies result in slow growth, deformed bones, chronic ear and skin infections, epilepsy, cancer, spinning or tail chasing, aggression, timidity, excessive shedding, crooked whiskers, gastrointestinal upsets, poor appetite and an impaired ability to heal from wounds. Excess protein can cause obesity and brittle bones.

Your choice is either believe the marketing hype of the big multinational corporations, or believe the independent research. Many of Canidae’s best clients in NZ are breeders, that’s because they do extensive research as this is their business. We will become a household name, it will take a lot of time and a lot of energy, but we are all dedicated pet lovers here, so pet health is our passion. If you really want to give your pet the best call us on 0800 101 729. We also offer a money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the food or any part of our service we will refund you in full and ask what we can do to make you happy. So far we haven’t refused any request.

At last, one of the best pet foods in the world is available in New Zealand. And best of all we can deliver anywhere within New Zealand.

What’s not in Canidae

  • NO Antibiotics or Steroids

    Longterm daily administration may result in a compromised immune system, muscle wasting, and destruction of the friendly bacteria living in the intestines that aid the digestion of food and assimilation of nutrients.

  • NO Chemical Additives or Artificial Preservatives

    Chemical antioxidants, such as ethoxyquin, BHT or BHA, that were designed to extend the shelf life and reduce fat spoilage (rancidity) of pet foods may cause allergic reactions and affect liver and kidney functions.

  • NO Wheat, Soy or Corn

    These may cause allergies in some dogs and cats .

  • NO Artificial Flavours

    Flavour enhancers are produced by the enzymatic liquefaction or hydrolysis of animal tissue. Those made with phosphoric acid are appealing to cats because they “tingle” on the tongue.

  • NO Poultry By-products

    Ground, rendered, cleaned slaughtered poultry carcass parts such as necks, feet, lymph nodes, undeveloped eggs and intestines (and a small amount of feathers). The quality is inconsistent between batches. Note: By-product meals are often derived from 4-D meat sources – defined as food animals that have been rejected for human consumption because they were presented to the meat packing plant as “Dead, Dying, Disabled or Diseased”.

  • NO Artificial Colours and Dyes

    Colouring agents provide a “rich and meaty” look to modify the appearance of highly processed foods and make them appealing to pet owners.
    It’s imperative to check your current pet food to see if any of the above are included. However sometimes it’s very hard to identify as they can often disguise them.

What’s in Canidae

  • Four Human Grade Meals

    Chicken, Turkey, Lamb and Fish. Chicken Meal – Defined by Association American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) as being “ground or otherwise reduced in particle size”, meal serves as a concentrated source of amino acids that is low in ash (minerals), moisture and fat. Chicken Meal is far superior to just chicken. It takes up to 7kgs of chicken to make just 1kg of Chicken Meal. This is because all the moisture has been removed first leaving an extremely pure protein.

  • Whole Grain Brown Rice

    Grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilisers, these whole grains supply complex carbohydrates for sustained energy and B vitamins and beneficial fibre to maintain a healthy digestive tract and promote normal stools. The healthful oils in rice bran contain important phytonutrients, including heart-healthy oryzanols.

  • Flax Seed Meal

    A rich source of linoleic and omega-3 fatty acids as well as essential amino acids. Flax is a good source of magnesium, phosphorous and copper, and a very good source of dietary fibre, thiamin and manganese. It also contains vitamins including B group and E. Flax is a recommended source for lignans, an important phytonutrient with powerful antioxidant properties.

  • Naturally Preserved Herbal Formulation

  • Omega 6 & 3 Fatty acids

  • Essential Vitamins and Amino Acid Chelated Mineral

  • Guaranteed Viable Micro-Organisms

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What makes up Canidae dog food?


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