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“It’s more than just eating”: BURNT and why it’s important

Food is important.

Now, understandably, my devoted coverage of bagel sandwiches, up-close-and-personal pasta shots, and runny yolk brunches may lead you to take this notion as laced with a clear bias.

Perhaps you’re reading this as a friend, a follower of mine, or even a stranger who’s stumbling across my page for the first time. Regardless, I can say with confidence you’re all thinking it–“Yeah Molly, we get it. Food is important. To YOU.”

Well, if you’ll let me, I’d like to take the next five minutes of your time to take you on a little adventure–a small, but important, journey to explain why food matters, and not just to me.


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Black Seed Bagels, Nolita

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Prodigy Coffee, West Village


As a food photographer and writer in New York City, I am exposed to a nearly endless amount of opportunity to eat and drink through this amazing city. Through tastings, cocktail hours and food festivals I’ve seen, eaten and drank more than most before the age of 23.

But last week, a different kind of invitation came through my inbox–a chance to attend a press screening and conference for the new movie, Burnt. In the Film. Bradley Cooper plays a chef looking to amend his past and take his “third start” in the exhilarating restaurant business. The “four star feast” tells a story of second (or third) chances, resilience, and the love of food.



Now, bear with me a moment as I admit I am hardly a movie critic. So instead of reviewing and critiquing actor performances and cinematography, allow me to simply tell you how this movie made me feel–in hopes you’ll see it first through my eyes, and eventually through yours.

I won’t give away the details of the film, because it is my firm recommendation you see it for yourself. And meeting the stars in person, hearing them speak so passionately about their characters, affirmed this notion even further.

Not a single double was used in the film–meaning each actor learned to create and cook in real time. Not only solidifying the film’s veracity, but also also the actor’s.

“Food is so much more than eating,” said co-star Sienna Miller. “It is the most joyful thing about being alive.”

Those words hit me like a run away A train. Yes. It is. It’s about more than the followers, the likes, and the “insta fame.” It’s about creation, and sharing, and memories.


The stars of the film and moderator/chef Mario Batali took a moment to speak on “sensory memory” and how certain foods trigger our most cherished past moments. And for me, that is precisely why food is so important to me.

My Instagram serves as a collection of moments, not just photos. Each and every one represents a memory–an amazing bagel from Black Seed that I devoured alone post-Soul Cycle, a glass (or bottle) of wine shared between two 20-somethings taking a break from conquering New York City, or even a plate of pasta across the table from someone who makes you feel something–if only for a moment.

And this film reminded me of that. That so simply, food is important. And hey, if this 500 word adventure hasn’t convinced you, allow Bradley Cooper to:

“Food is so joyful.”

Word, Bradley. Word.

Before I wrap this up, I couldn’t leave you without a little visual food magic. Here are a few of my favorite moments from the last month:

Giovanni Rana, Chelsea Market



El Rey, Lower East Side


Gardenia, West Village


Fort Gansevoort BBQ, Meatpacking

The Spotted Pig, West Village

Check out the latest trailer for the film and throw me a shout if you see it and love it as much as I did.

Or if you just love bagels and want to say whats up. Either way.

Run far, eat well, drink better,

xo Mol



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“It’s more than just eating”: BURNT and why it’s important


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