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 Anytime I get incredibly stressed out, I always end up following the same pattern. I bottle it all up and try to suppress it so it doesn’t affect others around me or my work. But then after awhile, it all comes out in one big explosion. I don’t mean that I explode at people per se. But it’s more like it all gets the best of me and causes me to mentally explode. Which results in a complete shut down for awhile while I reboot my systems.

I have been working on this but sometimes it’s so hard to remember to take time to take care of yourself when so many other things are going on. School. Work. Friends. Family. The holidays in the near future. Even months away they are causing me stress.

When I get like this I have learned that I need to do something else away from all people. This could be anything from going for a walk in the woods to taking a Bath with music or just hiding away from the world for awhile. Do any of you do this? Even if I am doing something relaxing like watching a movie, as long as I am with people I can’t get out of my own mind and continue to stress out in silence.

Taking a bath is not something I have done in years, but just recently started adding them to my routine again. I have no idea why I ever stopped in the first place. Baths are amazing! Whether they are in the beginning, middle, or end of the day, they force you to sit, do no work and just take care of yourself for once. It has become one of my main ways of retreating from everything and helps me relax physically, emotionally, and mentally. Which is definitely a trifecta that I need to achieve for true relaxation away from any and everything that has been causing me stress.

When I take a bath for relaxing, I usually don’t take it with only water. Although the warm water helps, I like to add in different mixes to really help me embrace the bath time and truly relax.


Essential Oils.

Epsom Salts.

All of the above.

Not only the smells that these mixtures create but the actual ingredients of these mixtures have loads of benefits for you. They can help you relax mentally while taking care of you physically, leaving you feeling fresh and ready for anything.

I am not talking about an hour-long soak. Just taking a quick 20 minutes can helps tons.

Even if I don’t fully decompress and still have several little worries bouncing around in the back of my head, it helps pull me back from the mental edge I am teetering on and allows me to get some quality work done.

I will admit that I am guilty of bringing my laptop into the bathroom once or twice (or several times). But I refuse to do work when I am in the tub. And not for lack of trying. It is too hard to type a post or edit photos when the computer can’t be right in front of you. I will usually use it to watch a show, listen to music, or I will avoid it completely and bring in a book instead.

Now doing this may stress some of you out, because you are not actively getting anything done and just sitting there. But that’s okay to do sometimes. You need to remember that your mindset and body are the foundations for everything you do. If the foundation is off then no matter how hard you try, nothing you build on top of it will last and eventually will all come crumbling down. But if taking a bath doesn’t specifically help you, find another way that helps you to decompress and ease the stress away.


Epsom salt
Mint leaves


I have used Epsom salts a number of times in a variety of different baths like this before. Not only are Epsom salts able to draw out and eliminate toxins from the body, but it is also beneficial to your muscles. Epsom salts are able to relieve muscle cramping as well as inflammation occurring in the body, allowing for the rest of ingredients to achieve their goals as you relax.


If you have not already I highly recommend using strawberries as an ingredient in any kind of skin care or hair care products you make. It is extremely beneficial for loads of different skin and hair issues. Strawberries have been known to help clear skin, even out complexion and pigmentation, and even help repair wrinkles. On the hair side of things, strawberries help clear out dandruff, moisturize your scalp, and promote silk and shine to hair. So feel free to really sink down into this bath and get wet from head to toe.


Mint is a prominent soothing ingredient. It helps to alleviate inflammation on the skin such as with rashes. But it also eases the inflammation that can be caused by headaches or migraines. The smell of mint can help clear congestion, reduce nausea as well as energize you and reduce the feelings of lethargy. Along with the strawberries, mint is also an excellent skin cleanser and aids in soothing any itchiness on your skin.

This bath makes the perfect gift for anyone at any time of year. I mainly use this specific bath for care packages or when someone has been going through a difficult time. It may not be something the person ever thought of wanting, but it is another way to let them know that you care about them and want them to feel and look their best.

To make this a gift, pour the mixture into an airtight container, print off the instruction card below and attach it with a ribbon. Friends and family will absolutely adore this heartfelt gift. But please make sure that the person actually has a bathtub otherwise there may be a very awkward moment when they see their gift.


         2 cups Epsom salts

         1 cup dried strawberries, finely chopped

         ½ cup fresh mint leaves, finely chopped

Combine all of the ingredients in a bowl and mix together. Once evenly distributed place into an airtight container and keep in a shaded space for up to a year.

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