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Rosemary, a must eat.

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What is Rosemary?

Rosemary also known as Rosmarinus officinalis is a woody herb with its leaves needle-like. It originated from the Mediterranean region. It mostly has blue, pink, white and purple flowers. They are used as spices and also used for flavoring foods. Apart from its culinary use, it is also used as an ornamental plant. It is actually perennial and from the mint family.

Why is it a must to eat Rosemary?

Rosemary over the years have proved very beneficial to our health as humans. It contains a good amount of vitamin A,iron, calcium, and vitamin B-6. It is a must to consume Rosemary because;

       1.It Boosts the memory:

Over a long period of years, Rosemary as been found out to be able to boost memory. It aids in the improvement of memory,concentration and also helps in increasing one’s intelligence and focus. Again, rosemary helps to keep your mind quick and active. It also helps in boosting retentive memory. It aids in dealing with certain cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. It is advised that every child should be encouraged to eat rosemary in order to boost their memory plus their intelligence and focus.

       2. It freshens breath:

Rosemary acts as a breath freshener and removes every odour from the mouth. It acts as an antibacterial. Put rosemary leaves in a glass of warm water and then gargle the water in your mouth to rid all odour causing  bacteria. This gives you the most freshened breath ever.

  3. It boosts the Immune system:

Rosemary has anti carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and  anti-biotic properties. These properties help to fight against many disease that fight against the immune system. Further, it also helps to improve the functioning of the immune system in order that it can fight against diseases that affect the Body.

4. It relieves stress:

Also,It has  been researched and found that rosemary helps in relieving stress and fights against chronic anxiety. It good for mood enhancement and mind clearing.

5. Improves digestion:

Rosemary soothes the problem of indigestion and many other stomach disorders such as bloating, diarrhea and constipation. Its anti-inflammatory properties are the cause of its ability to soothe these stomach problems.

   6.Stimulate Blood Flow:

Rosemary acts as a stimulant which improves the production of red bloods and boosts the smooth flow of blood in the body. This ensures  the oxygenation of vital organ systems the body. This promotes metabolism in the body.

     7. Detoxification:

Rosemary flushes out all toxins that harmful from the body. Rosemary is diuretic in nature and helps in detoxifying the body by enhancing the rate at which water leaves the body through urine and sweat.

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Rosemary, a must eat.


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