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Italian Sausages, Peppers And Zucchini
2022-03-07 15:23
The other day I went to a local apple orchard to pick up some delicious seasonal apple cider and spotted some cute marbled zucchini in the general store. I’m not sure if they are calle… Read More
Easy Pepper Steak Sandwiches
2022-02-13 16:55
Because my family is not big on eating a lot of beef we only have steaks about twice each month. Sometimes even twice per month is too much for steak but I still like to fix some type of bee… Read More
2022-01-30 15:19
My hubby inspired me to make this recipe. On one of the several occasions I made my Sausage and Pasta with Feta and Tomatoes, he suggested I just serve the roasted feta cheese and tomatoes a… Read More
Crab Stuffed Poblano Peppers
2021-08-29 17:40
Stuffed poblano peppers has become one of my favorite side dishes because they go well with any main course. Plus, you can stuff the peppers with just about anything. Rice, cous cous, tomato… Read More
2021-08-15 16:09
If you’re looking for a Dirty Rice recipe that is strictly made from scratch, this is not the recipe for you. This recipe is a combination of an old recipe from many moons ago and my n… Read More
Layered Stuffed Chicken Breasts
2021-07-07 14:34
Although chicken breasts were one of my favorite pieces of the bird (wings were my next favorite), I found as I got older that chicken breasts can be too big and dry sometimes when you bake… Read More
2021-06-14 15:22
A few years ago hubby and I took a trip to Puerto Rico and it was wonderful. We often talk about revisiting the island to hit all of the spots we missed. It broke our hearts when the island… Read More
Drunken Chicken And Rice
2021-05-16 16:25
Anytime someone uses the word “drunken” in a recipe you know it involves alcohol. Fortunately, the alcohol usually burns off and you are left with the wonderful flavor alcohol br… Read More
Sausage And Pasta With Feta And Tomatoes
2021-04-25 15:00
I took it as an omen that I should try to make a pasta dish with feta cheese and tomatoes when I saw two different clips on YouTube about baked feta and tomatoes in a sauce. My version of th… Read More
Squash Casserole
2021-04-03 16:40
Yellow squash is one of those vegetables I have loved since I was a kid. My mom would saute the squash with plenty of onions and bacon fat to make a simple side dish. I still like making ye… Read More
2021-03-21 17:50
Okay, who besides my vegan friends does not like good ol’ home cooked fried chicken? I don’t see any hands so I am guessing just about everyone likes fried chicken. Of course, fr… Read More
Rice And Spinach Casserole
2021-02-14 18:08
Some days are harder than others to come up with side dish ideas. Potatoes, pasta and rice in various forms usually come to mind but can become boring or routine. The other da… Read More
2021-01-31 16:17
Although last year was a tough year dealing with the new corona virus Covid-19, we had a very Merry Christmas. Instead of making another traditional holiday meal with turkey and ham I… Read More
Thai Curry Salmon Bowl
2021-01-17 16:43
On the days I want to prepare a light simple meal I will usually turn to fish or specifically salmon. Salmon is my favorite fish and is very versatile and easy to make. Today, I did not wa… Read More
Chicken, Yellow Beets And Pasta
2021-01-03 05:57
Yellow Beets. Until I decided to create a new chicken and pasta dish I had not seen nor had I tasted yellow beets. During one of my treks to Trader Joe’s I spotted the yellow bee… Read More
2020-11-30 14:06
I missed the boat on making these Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars for our Thanksgiving dessert. My mom usually makes apple pie and sweet potato pie but since I knew she wasn’t going to m… Read More
Chicken And Cabbage Stew
2020-10-25 15:56
One pot dishes are good for both hubby and me. Good for me because I don’t have to fuss with a lot of different pots, pans and utensils. It’s good for hubby because he usually w… Read More
Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms
2020-09-06 16:14
What can be an easier side dish than Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms? Not too many things. Depending on what you are using to stuff your mushrooms the process can be easy or a little complicated… Read More
2020-08-26 15:14
Truth be told… baked chicken is not very exciting on its own. Yeah, you can add a few seasonings besides salt and black pepper to make it taste good. Plus, sometimes you can kick it u… Read More
2020-08-02 16:50
Let me say from the start that even though this recipe is about pasta and sweet Italian sausage this is not necessarily an Italian recipe. It is more of a combination of Italian and Mexican… Read More
2020-07-04 19:08
During warmer weather I shy away from always fixing meals that require me to be around the stove for any length of time. One pot meals and meals that go into the oven are my favorite things… Read More
2020-06-14 17:17
A steak, pork chop or chicken might be the star of the show on a plate but all stars need a co-star to be truly successful. Thinking of new side dishes isn’t always easy. Sometimes i… Read More
2020-06-06 17:27
During the coronavirus pandemic I have had to be a little more creative with putting dinner on the table. Since most of us are shut up in the house it means cooking a lot more. Especially f… Read More
Skillet Baked Spaghetti
2020-05-31 17:52
I am dedicating this post to my hubby and mother-in-law (may she rest in peace). Hubby and I were discussing our childhoods the other day and reminiscing about the comfort foods our mothers… Read More
Mixed Pasta With Kielbasa
2020-05-02 15:43
Roasting vegetables is one of my favorite ways to prepare vegetables because it is a quick process that brings out a lot flavor. Before I started my blog I never thought about roasting unle… Read More
2020-04-25 18:33
Salmon is my go to meal whenever we go out to eat and there is nothing that truly peaks my interest on the menu. Salad is one of my family’s favorite foods so put salmon and salad tog… Read More
Eb’s Brussel Sprouts And Turkey Bacon
2020-04-11 17:51
Eb’s Brussel Sprouts with Turkey Bacon is a sister recipe to my Brussel Sprouts with Pancetta recipe and post. Ingredients: 1 lb brussel sprouts cut in half 6 – 8 slices of turk… Read More
2020-04-05 15:07
Spicy Meatballs are one of the simplest dishes I have ever made.  Most good chefs/ cooks know how to make a meatball.  Whether you are adding them to pasta or making a meatball sa… Read More
Blistered Tomatoes And Shishito Peppers
2019-10-20 18:20
Sometimes the best recipes are the simplest recipes especially when you’ve run out of ideas for healthy side dishes. Blistered Tomatoes and Shishito Peppers is one of those simple rec… Read More
2019-09-29 20:29
One of my youngest son’s favorite meals is Parmesan chicken. He likes chicken and he loves pasta. Put the two together and he is extremely happy with dinner. I also enjoy Parmesan chi… Read More
No Bun Needed Bacon Cheese Burger
2019-09-14 21:50
Part of my new journey and change in eating habits is to minimize the amount of carbs we eat on a daily basis. Instead of eating bread for breakfast and having a sandwich for lunch then pas… Read More
Chicken Stir Fry
2019-09-07 16:59
Stir fry dishes are one of the easiest things to make for dinner on a busy night or any night. My version of Chicken Stir Fry was developed over time as I played with different flavors and… Read More
2019-09-02 12:53
Ribs, ribs and more ribs. Okay, so you may be wondering how many rib recipes can there possibly be in the world. Well, the short answer is a lot! Granted, my family does not eat ribs often… Read More
Salad With Crispy Prosciutto
2019-08-28 05:10
My hubby and I have started on a new journey to eat a little healthier than we have in recent months. Because I enjoy cooking and love to build on flavors I used butter, sugar and bacon as… Read More
2019-01-20 18:20
I love it when a new idea comes together on the first try and is a hit with the family. I just decided to make a cauliflower soup today because I had a head of cauliflower and I needed to m… Read More
Lentil And Carrot Ginger Soup
2019-01-07 21:15
Sometimes you just have to cheat. Not cheat other people or cheat in the sense of doing something wrong. I mean cheat by not making everything from scratch. Making my Lentil and Carrot Ging… Read More
Refreshing Tomato Salad
2018-08-26 17:20
Let me say right off the bat that if you don’t like the taste of mint you can leave it out to this salad. My friend Doll does not like anything with mint so before she makes the &ldqu&helli…Read More
Roasted Tomatoes And Artichokes Pizza
2018-08-19 21:56
Roasted Tomatoes and Artichokes Pizza Homemade pizzas don’t have to be boring. By boring, I mean using only the basics like pizza sauce, cheese and pepperoni. I have nothing against a… Read More
Turkish Lamb Neckbones
2018-07-28 20:36
Neck bones are a Southern delicacy. There are beef neck bones, pork neck bones and as I recently discovered, lamb neck bones. Beef and pork neck bone recipes are pretty basic. I smother the… Read More
2018-04-22 15:46
Growing up with southern influences while living in the northeast region has been quite interesting to me. I embrace my southern roots but not all of the delicacies enjoyed by my southern b… Read More
Honey Dijon Baked Chicken
2018-03-11 16:07
If you have used Gazebo Room Greek Salad Dressing and Marinade as a marinade for chicken you won’t be surprised at how tasty their Honey Dijon Vinaigrette works as a marinade too. Thi… Read More
2018-02-18 16:13
The “new” craze right now is creating recipes and putting the dish in bowls. At first, I wasn’t really into the bowl idea but it didn’t take long for me to realize I… Read More
Zucchini, Tomato And Sweet Potato Gratin
2018-01-06 18:07
Eating with your eyes is just as important as tasting with your tongue. I know I have mentioned this in the past but it is worth mentioning again. If you are going to prepare a dish for fam… Read More
Asian Bowl With Lollipop Lamb Chops
2017-12-10 16:54
Recently, I received a wonderful surprise in the mail. New bottles of Gazebo Room Salad Dressing and Marinade. I immediately started thinking about the kinds of recipes I could create that… Read More
Coq Au Vin
2017-10-29 16:29
My first experience of tasting French food was on a business trip to Massachusetts. I don’t remember the name of the restaurant but I do remember the escargot one of my co-workers ord… Read More
Cherries And Shortbread Biscuits
2017-10-15 15:32
Lately I have been fixated with the idea of making desserts using cherry pie filling. One of those desserts is Cherries and Shortbread Biscuits. I have fallen in “like” with the… Read More
2017-09-22 14:23
During the summer months I often have a taste for gumbo or jambalaya but those dishes can be a little heavy. So, to compensate and satisfy my taste buds, I will make a Louisiana Style Soup… Read More
Prawns And Avocado
2017-09-16 05:27
On a recent trip to Puerto Rico, my hubby and I enjoyed a delicious lunch appetizer called Prawns and Avocado. I was hesitant to order the dish at first because I sometimes have a reaction… Read More
Lobster Pasta
2017-08-13 13:20
Sweet, sweet lobster meat! I have yet to meet anyone that has tried lobster and does not fall in love with it. Unless you are allergic to shellfish, I think that once you try lobster you ar… Read More
Salmon Patties
2017-07-07 12:50
Back in the days when I was living with my parents we ate a lot of fish. Mostly, it was fish we caught during the year because my folks loved to fish on their days off. During the summer, w… Read More
Simple Slaw
2017-06-25 12:54
With the warm weather rolling in to say for a while, I thought it was time for me to create a few light dishes for the blog. Simple Slaw is just that …. simple. No fuss. No cooking o… Read More
2017-06-18 16:59
Today’s post is dedicated to Salads. Salads are on our dinner table almost every night mostly because they are Healthy, Quick and Easy. Basic lettuce and tomato salads are a little t… Read More
2017-06-11 13:17
Lemony Potatoes is one of those quick side dishes that compliments any entree. I am the potato lover in the family so although I don’t prepare this dish often I enjoy making it in a p… Read More
2017-06-02 11:24
Since my #1 food tester is in college now (yes, hubby is my #2 taste tester) I sometimes have to rely on myself to eat leftovers. Even though I don’t mind eating leftovers for lunch o… Read More
Dee’s Egg Salad
2017-05-24 13:20
When I was a kid, my mom made egg salad like everyone else did with eggs, mayo and mustard. Of course she added her southern twist by including sweet relish to the mix. Instead of eating th… Read More
Kicked Up Mussels
2017-05-17 16:53
The other day I was watching an old episode of the Barefoot Contessa about a seafood salad she was making for a friend and it included mussels. That got me to thinking about an old mussel r… Read More
Stuffed Flounder
2017-05-02 14:17
Fish Sale! I was at the grocery store looking for something to prepare for dinner and passed by the seafood counter when something caught my eye. Low and behold, they were having a fish sal… Read More
Panzanella Salad
2017-04-20 13:54
I had never heard of a Panzanella Salad until I saw a cooking challenge on television. The amateur chef was Italian and decided to make a Panzanella Salad because ingredients were limited a… Read More
Blackberry Shortbread Cake
2017-04-09 12:24
Spring is in the air and more berries are making their appearance at the local grocer. Whenever there is a sale on fruit (especially berries) like “buy one get one free” I try t… Read More
Crostini Delights
2017-03-26 13:20
Not too long ago I was watching an episode of the Sandwich King on the Food Network channel and he gave me an idea for a recipe. Granted, his version of a steak crostini was much more high… Read More
2017-03-12 12:47
It’s time to try out a new dessert on my hubby since my youngest is in college. Hubby has let it be known that he enjoys Pecan Pie. That was news to me because he usually raves about… Read More
Pepper Steak
2017-02-26 15:26
Today was a non-chicken day since we had just enjoyed a chicken pasta dish and I planned on making chicken again in a couple of days. Only certain folks can eat chicken almost every day but… Read More
White Bean Chicken Soup
2017-02-19 15:43
OMGoodness! It is COLD today so what better time to make a big pot of soup. That is exactly what I said to myself on the way to Trader Joe’s to pick up a few items for dinner. I might… Read More
Ham Hash
2017-02-12 16:07
While my hubby and kids love all types of pasta I am a fan of potatoes. I love mashed potatoes, baked potatoes and of course fried potatoes. Since I am the only one that craves potatoes I d… Read More
Nat’s Broccoli And Pasta Remix
2017-01-22 17:02
During the holidays families often have to split time when their adult children are married. Our family is no different than any other family. Every year we share the kids with the in-laws… Read More
Roasted Tomato Salad
2017-01-08 15:21
Fruits and vegetables all have a “season”.  Meaning, there are certain times of the year when fruits and vegetables are at their best and taste fantastic. Living on the eas… Read More
Apple Bread Pudding
2016-12-27 14:40
I feel like bread pudding is one of those desserts you either love or hate. Okay,  maybe hate is a strong word. Dislike might be a better a description. Growing up, bread pudding was n… Read More
Mommys’ Pork Chop Sandwich
2016-11-20 18:43
YYes, I am over the age of 30 and I still call my mother “Mommy”. What can I say? I never made the transition from Mommy to mom and I could not see myself calling her mother. Mot… Read More
Tomato Soup
2016-11-13 20:53
My Tomato Soup is not like your popular brand of canned tomato soup. It is much better. At least that is what my hubby thinks. After eating two bowls of my Tomato Soup he proclaimed it was… Read More
Hot Pepper Relish
2016-11-04 15:35
I have said in my blog posts on many occasions that my family loves spicy foods. Actually, that is an understatement at least for my hubby and kids. I like some spice but not as hot as they… Read More
Lentil Stew
2016-10-23 14:19
Don’t ask me why but I have had lentils on my mind for the past week. I think it was because I wanted to make some red lentil soup and discovered I didn’t have any lentils. Sinc… Read More
Roasted Butternut Squash And Apple Soup
2016-10-16 15:45
There are two foods I love to eat but until recently I never thought of putting them together into one recipe. I love eating apples and I really like butternut squash. Once I thought of com… Read More
Kale And Sausage Soup
2016-10-07 20:00
Got leftover kale? Don’t throw it out. Whether it is from my Cannellini and Kale recipe, kale salad or some other kale dish you can turn it into a delicious soup. If you have been fo… Read More
2016-09-23 13:10
Tostadas remind me of an open faced taco or a burrito. I know burritos are not crunchy like a taco but the ingredients I put inside of my burritos are similar to what I put on top of my Tos… Read More
Deviled Eggs
2016-09-18 14:40
Who knew? Who knew I could actually make delicious Deviled Eggs? I sure didn’t. I have been trying for years to make perfect Deviled Eggs and over and over again I failed. I kept tryi… Read More
Garlic BBQ Chicken Wings
2016-09-04 16:21
I am going to admit something to the world. I prefer to take the easy way out when it comes to frying chicken. Chicken wings and specifically chicken wingettes are the easiest pieces to fry… Read More
2016-08-21 13:15
My hubby has been trying to get me to make Guacamole for years. He has even brought home recipes from co-workers who he said made “the best” guacamole for office parties. To say… Read More
Chocolate Coconut Bars
2016-08-14 13:11
I have not been keeping up with my blog lately because of so many family events in recent months. Between my mom moving, my son getting ready for college and just interacting with family I… Read More
Riced Cauliflower And Brussel Sprouts
2016-07-22 17:18
As she often does, my daughter turned me on to a new food I had never tried or heard of before. This time it was riced cauliflower. When she first told me about it I thought it was some kin… Read More
Broccoli And Cauliflower Salad
2016-07-03 15:04
Lately, I have been eating a lot of cauliflower which means I have to come up with different ways to fix it so that we don’t get bored with cauliflower. I really like broccoli salad s… Read More
Apple Salad
2016-06-24 11:23
Refreshing is the word that kept springing from my mouth when I first tasted my Apple Salad dish and when I described it to my hubby and son. I have been thinking about light and refreshing… Read More
Lemon Squares 2
2016-06-03 13:57
I have always wondered why advertisers like to use the phrase “new and improved” especially when it is attached to an already popular item. Why mess with a product when it is co… Read More
Queso Fundido
2016-05-30 14:18
Tortillas are a staple in my kitchen.  Between making chicken burritos, breakfast burritos , tortilla chips and soft tacos as a quick meal I make sure I always have tortillas on hand… Read More
Crispy Rice
2016-05-19 14:39
Whenever I prepare my Curried Fish dish I try to compliment it with a side dish that has a contrasting texture. I usually use cod when I make Curried Fish which is a very soft flaky fish. S… Read More
Rainbow Salad
2016-05-06 13:16
Salad is one of those foods that my hubby and I can eat almost everyday for lunch, dinner or both. On most days when I cook I will add a salad as a start to our meal. Actually, I throw toge… Read More
Hot Italian Sandwich
2016-04-24 14:02
A good sandwich always starts with delicious bread. Some of the best bread comes from the bakery at your local grocer. I often find myself searching for different types of rolls for sandwic… Read More
Oxtail Stew
2016-04-09 10:59
My southern roots are showing. Oxtail Stew is one of those southern dishes that most folks up north don’t really know about. Surprisingly, more and more people are coming into the fol… Read More
Bean Soup
2016-04-02 13:55
There are signs of spring everywhere as the grass begins to turn greener and the daffodils begin to bloom. Still, there is a chill in the air and even threats of snow from the weatherman as… Read More
Breakfast Burrito
2016-03-25 13:07
Weekends are usually the only time I have to make a family breakfast. But, even on the weekends I may be crunched for time to get breakfast on the table. Between basketball games, errands o… Read More
2016-03-13 15:24
Have you ever had a day when you were prepared to make one dish but wind up preparing something totally different? I just had one of those days. I was ready to try out a new chicken dish on… Read More
2016-03-06 18:14
I have to say on the day I prepared this recipe I was really stopped up and couldn’t enjoy the normal aromas surrounding me when I cook. But, the Roasted Pork Loin smell came through… Read More
2016-02-28 13:10
I recently went to a fantastic restaurant in Maryland with my daughter and youngest son. We were doing an overnight visit with baby girl so I treated us all to dinner. The restaurant was ec… Read More
2016-02-19 15:57
My mom loves to make vegetable soup in the winter or if there is a slight chill in the air. I really like her vegetable soup but when I cannot get to her house I have to make my own soup. U… Read More
2016-02-05 14:24
Summertime is usually the time when folks make baked beans for every picnic, bar-b-que (yes, there is a difference between the two) or outdoor kids birthday party. But, we like to have bake… Read More
2016-01-31 22:01
Comfort food comes in many shapes, flavors and categories. Some are hot and some are cold. Comfort foods can also be seasonal. During the summer months my comfort foods are homemade potato… Read More

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