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Host A Virtual Tea Party
2020-03-24 22:03
As we adjust to the new normal of virtual hangouts during this time of Safer at Home it’s time to bring some of our favorite in-person activities to the web. Now that your book club an… Read More
All About Licorice Root
2020-03-16 19:26
Since the beginning, Art of Tea has been rooted in Ayurvedic practices and each herb, root, and botanical that we choose to blend into our teas has a purpose. Some ingredients are there stri… Read More
Learn All About Our Teabag Sachets
2019-10-28 21:19
SHOP ART OF TEA Many people ask why we offer pyramid sachet tea bags when we could just offer loose leaf teas. As a sustainability-minded team, we love this question because it helps us to c… Read More
Introducing: Boxed Matcha
2019-10-14 13:00
A lot of times we get asked about what water quality has to do with tea. Many people don’t realize that tea is almost completely water. In fact, a cup of tea is 98% water and 2% tea. W… Read More
Dessert Tea: The New Alternative To Sweets
2019-09-18 13:53
SHOP ART OF TEA Everyone needs a boost of sugar from time to time, but we’re well aware of the consequences of overindulgence. Giving in to sugar cravings too frequently can impact you… Read More
Finding The Perfect Tea For Your Mood
2019-09-11 13:07
SHOP ART OF TEA Drinking tea is proven to have a positive effect on your wellbeing. A 2013 study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition stated that “tea consumption has acute be… Read More
All About Your Matcha Whisk
2019-08-15 13:48
One key answer to great matcha is an authentic bamboo matcha whisk otherwise known as a Chasen. This multi-prong whisk is used in a ceremonial matcha bowl to enhance the tea drinking experie… Read More
Six Benefits Of Cold Brew Tea
2019-06-26 13:26
Whether brewed hot or cold, the benefits of tea have many switching over to this healthier beverage every year, but cold brew tea offers even more benefits. If you haven’t tried cold b… Read More
Does Oolong Tea Have Caffeine?
2019-06-11 13:53
SHOP ART OF TEA Here at Art of Tea, we believe in the magic of a simple cup of tea to elevate your day. That’s why we hand blend and custom craft the finest organic teas and botanicals… Read More
Memorial Day Weekend Tea Deals
2019-05-24 13:08
SHOP 20% OFF Our mission is to create a delicious experience. We believe that we are here to touch as many lives as we can through tea. This is why we offer organic teas and tisanes to tea d… Read More
The Benefits Of A Tea Subscription
2019-04-03 12:51
SHOP ART OF TEA Love exploring the delicious, dynamic world of organic teas and tisanes? Want to take your tastebuds on a journey with bright new flavors, spices, and herbs of creatively cra… Read More
The Best Kind Of Tea For Desserts
2019-03-27 13:18
Searching high and low for decadent, healthier alternatives to traditional after-dinner sweet treats? At Art of Tea, we live and breathe organic teas and tisanes, and we are here to let you… Read More
2019-03-13 13:56
Oolong tea, like many other ayurvedic teas, can provide a plethora of benefits for the body and mind when consumed on a daily basis. Originating from the same shrub as black teas and green t… Read More
2019-03-06 13:48
Have you always wondered what the key differences are between Sheng Pu-erh and Shou Pu-erh? Here at Art of Tea, our tea masters have created this guide to highlight the differences between t… Read More
How To Make Your Own Chai Latte
2019-02-28 13:14
Do you love the delicious taste of chai lattes from your local coffee shop? Wondering how to achieve the same frothy goodness in the comfort of your own home? At Art of Tea, our tea experts… Read More
Resolution Check-In
2019-01-30 13:55
Hello, 2019. How are your New Years resolutions going? We are officially at the end of January and we are here to say that if you haven’t joined that gym or if you are still not drinki… Read More
Keep Breath(e)ing
2019-01-16 00:21
Sometimes getting back into the swing of things can be hard. As we settle back into our schedules and implement our “new year, new you” goals it is easy to get caught up in the s… Read More
Teas The Season For Gift Giving
2018-12-04 21:00
Feeling the holiday stress seeping through your shoulders as you glance through the gift shopping list you have yet to make a dent in? Let us be of service! Art of Tea is filled with holiday… Read More
12 Days Of Deeds: Support Feeding America!
2018-12-03 13:46
Looking to help end hunger in America? At Art of Tea, we are raising money for Feeding America during our 12 Days of Deeds! With over 40 million people in the United States facing hunge… Read More
Cyber Monday Tea Deals
2018-11-26 13:38
At Art of Tea, we are dedicated to providing the best organic teas and tisanes to tea enthusiasts all across the globe! This Cyber Monday, our master tea sommeliers are offering up great dea… Read More
Black Friday Tea Deals
2018-11-23 13:07
Here at Art of Tea, it’s our mission to provide organic teas and tisanes to tea drinkers all across the world! This Black Friday, our master tea sommeliers are offering up great deals… Read More
Not Down With The Seasonal Sickness
2018-11-15 13:17
Oh, Fall. As wonderful as the changing colors of the leaves and sitting in front of the fire with your favorite cup of tea might be, things can definitely take a turn when that chill up your… Read More
Holiday Digital Detox
2018-11-07 13:59
The holidays can bring up stress for many people so we thought it would be a good time to bring back our 31-day Digital Detox. If you followed along with us in the past, you might know… Read More
Pumpkin Chai Cupcakes
2018-10-31 14:07
Nothing screams fall more than a warm chai latte. Well, except for a warm pumpkin spice chai latte. Now that fall is in full swing and Halloween is here, it’s time we make sure that no… Read More
2018-10-24 14:44
Fall is in full swing which means it’s officially hot tea season. As the weather cools off and the outdoors start to seem perilous, it is important to be prepared with fun indoor activ… Read More
2018-10-18 14:06
Looking to crank out your end of year projects with minimal distractions? Needing some new music to pair with your workday to-do list? Looking to find more ways to get up from your desk… Read More
2018-10-04 14:38
Sometimes you don’t have time to brew your morning caffeine but you still need that morning jolt. We have found just the solution for you: Matcha Chip Protein Squares. Take the time to… Read More
2018-09-26 14:50
Looking to “get your mind right” and calm those nerves? Needing some new music to pair with your YouTube yoga class? Stuck in traffic and looking to be brought to zen? Brew some… Read More
2018-09-17 14:09
What’s the best tea for skin health and wellness? Social media users, homeopathic practitioners and even your book club members are buzzing about the versatility of green tea. Beyond i… Read More
2018-09-10 14:30
Customers looking to have the best possible health outcomes from their food and beverage choices are quick to pick up on the benefits of regularly drinking teas. Not only does tea provide yo… Read More
2018-08-21 14:02
Celebrating a new job? Having friends and family over for a birthday kickback? Needing a mood boost? You have come to the right place. We have created the ultimate pairing for you: tea and t… Read More
2018-08-20 14:23
Prized for its reddish color and robust flavor, rooibos is the sweetheart of fair trade purveyors and tea drinkers alike. Walk into any modern café and find the sweet, aromatic leaves… Read More
2018-08-14 14:21
It’s summer, and the dulcet tones of the ice cream truck beckon us from porches with the lure of cool, creamy treats. Fresh picnic pies cool on countertops, and the refrigerator clinks… Read More
2018-08-10 14:32
August 10th is National S’mores Day and we thought this year it was time to step up our s’mores game and upgrade our chocolate from store bought to homemade. While tea and chocol… Read More
2018-07-30 14:47
Looking for a fun way to include Matcha into some of your favorite dishes? While we love the ritual of preparing matcha, sometimes it’s fun to shake up the routine. No need to pul… Read More
2018-07-26 14:10
Have you ever wondered which Art of Tea blend pairs well with your astrological sun sign? We consulted with the stars and the cosmos and have taken the time to pair each sign, just for you… Read More
2018-07-23 14:11
Long day at work? Stressful day of travel? Feeling like you need a well-deserved hour of relaxation? You have come to the right place. We have created the ultimate pairing for you: tea and t… Read More
2018-07-09 14:07
July 9th is National Sugar Cookie Day and to celebrate we thought it best to share a TEArrific London Fog Sugar Cookie recipe from Devour Blog. Tea is both an excellent beverage and ingredie… Read More
2018-06-27 15:07
With the 4th of July right around the corner, many of you are gearing up to host a big BBQ bash. We wanted to make your planning that much simpler by giving you handy iced tea and BBQ food p… Read More
2018-06-25 15:09
We all feel a little low energy sometimes. We may get the afternoon crash, we may lose focus throughout the day, or we may just not feel up to the task before us. Often, we’re tempted… Read More
2018-06-18 15:00
We all know the feeling. The alarm rings. You drag yourself out of bed. You manage to get in the shower. But even after drying yourself off, you are far from awake. If you’re looking f… Read More
2018-06-01 16:00
After working with a family farm in Japan for almost a year, we’re finally ready to introduce you to our newest product: Art of Tea Matchasticks. Pre-measured and packed into light and… Read More
2018-05-18 15:00
At Art of Tea, we have a deep love and appreciation for all things tea – and some of our iced teas have won awards at international tea competitions. But sometimes, our customers ask u… Read More
2018-05-04 15:03
Mother’s Day is sneaking up on us quickly. May 13th is just around the corner and nobody wants to be the son or daughter who forgot about Mom. We’re here to help with great tea g… Read More
2018-04-04 15:00
Last week, our CEO and Vice President of Operations traveled to Japan to visit international partners and to see the marvelous blooming cherry blossoms. Steve, our CEO, visits Japan often. U… Read More
2018-03-26 15:00
Getting the right gift can be a serious challenge, but a green tea-themed gift is a perfect option for tea lovers and tea novices alike. Anyone can enjoy the relaxing, refreshing experience… Read More
2018-03-12 15:00
At Art of Tea, our mission is to help our customers enjoy everything that the wonderful world of tea has to offer by providing the highest-quality loose leaf tea, tea mugs, and tea making ac… Read More
2018-01-31 15:00
2018 is flying by! January is over and Valentine’s Day is on its way. Because V-Day can sneak up on you, it’s best to start shopping and planning as soon as possible. Make those… Read More
2018-01-08 23:02
At Art of Tea, we’re passionate about the unique taste, flavors, and experience of premium quality teas from all over the world – but one of the most distinctive teas we’ve… Read More
2017-11-29 15:00
Whether you’re a newbie or a tea connoisseur, trying new teas is always a good idea. The easiest way to try new teas is by picking up an Art of Tea sampler. We’ve curated kits of… Read More
Pair Your Favorite Scary Movie With A Tea!
2017-10-16 15:00
Few things are better or cozier than a night in with a cup of tea and a book or movie. We know that this lazy-night-in is a favorite of many of our tea drinkers, so we love to find the perfe… Read More
4 Fall Activities To Try This Weekend
2017-09-27 15:00
Even though the leaves likely won’t change color here in sunny Los Angeles, we’re ready to for all things Fall. Of course, we’re huge fans of autumnal smells and flavors, b… Read More
All Of Your Tea FAQ’s  Answered!
2017-09-21 15:00
We love getting out in the Los Angeles community and talking with fellow tea-lovers. Not only do we enjoy sharing tea knowledge, but we like to learn what it is that most people know about t… Read More
Iced Tea Mocktail Recipe Roundup!
2017-09-06 15:00
If you’ve been hiding from the heat for the past few days, it’s time to go outside and enjoy the sunshine! Summer is somehow almost over already, and there’s no better way… Read More
Is Your Water Quality Hurting Your Tea?
2017-08-07 15:00
What does it take to make a perfect cup of tea? Aside from the obvious ingredient (high-quality tea!), we typically focus on an often overlooked, yet crucial, part of the tea experience… Read More
Your Summer Tea And Spirits Mixing Guide
2017-07-24 15:00
Is Monday too early to prepare for the weekend? Maybe. But today’s National Tequila Day, so that’s not stopping us from breaking down which teas go best with your spirit of choic… Read More
The Easy Way To Make Sun Tea
2017-07-19 15:00
We want to make sure our tea drinkers have all the tools necessary to make awesome tea. That includes teaching tea drinkers how to properly brew tea! We’ve talked about how to properly… Read More
No-Churn Ice Cream Recipe Round Up!
2017-07-10 15:00
Delicious ice cream doesn’t have to be difficult. Forget about that ice cream maker that’s been sitting in your online shopping cart for weeks and try out these no-churn recipes… Read More
Fixes For Your Top 3 Iced Tea Problems
2017-06-28 15:00
This Summer, let iced tea be your solution to your warm weather qualms! Hot day? Drink iced tea! Thirsty by the pool? Drink iced tea! Need a mixer for a cocktail? Go for iced tea! Make sure… Read More
3 Summer Iced Tea Essentials
2017-05-24 15:00
In our opinion, Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of Summer. (Or, as we like to call it: Iced Tea Season.) Sure, the calendar might say that Summer doesn’t start until… Read More
Tea Stains: Your Perfect Summer Craft!
2017-05-22 15:00
Keep your family (and kids!) busy this summer with a craft that won’t break the bank and helps you make the most of your leftover tea bags! Tea staining isn’t just what happens w… Read More
What Does “Hand-Blended” Even Mean?
2017-05-17 15:00
If you’re used to the instant gratification of going to a grocery store, spotting a tea that looks appealing on the shelf, and throwing it in your cart, it might be frustrating having… Read More
Tea Infusers: Yay Or Nay?
2017-05-15 15:00
To infuse or not to infuse. That’s the real question. There are tons of tea infusers on the market – from classic steal infuser balls to clever, animal-shaped infusers. It makes… Read More
Digital Detox Check In: Week Two
2017-05-10 15:00
We’re into our second week of our Digital Detox and it’s time for a check-in. There’s need to report back to us, though we’d love it if you shared your experienc… Read More

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