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Basic Cake Baking Technique You Should Know !!

There are endless possibilities for simple Cake decorating techniques. Whether you’re just starting or you have been using the Wilton Method, you can create a wide variety of cakes with some cake decorating tips and techniques.

Making a cake on your own and decorating it might seem a difficult task for you to perform. However, very few people know how easy it is to bake a confection and decorate it all by you. You only need to follow certain instructions and you also need to have a strong passion. You have two options in hand regarding the cake. Firstly you can either go for online cake delivery in Mumbai or a simple pastry from the market or else you can make a simple cake on your own. But you must keep in mind to buy a simple pastry if you are a beginner and also you must see whether the surface of the cake is fine and soft. It would not be wise for you to go for complicated designs because you will face lots of difficulty in decorating these food items.

First, you have to know there are all kinds of different varieties of techniques. Some are your basic tips and can create a lot of simple Cake Decorating Techniques. We will give you a few examples of which technique can create what designs.

Making the cake

When you first start out learning how to decorate a cake you should use store-bought box mixes as the foundation of your designs. The main reason for this is time. You want your first creations to be tasteful and turn out well. At least with the box mixes, you can do this easily by just following a few basic directions on the box and buying a few ingredients from the store like milk and eggs. If you don’t already know how to bake a cake from scratch it will just take away time to learn from the other cake decorating techniques you will have to learn and practice to achieve a good cake design.

Leveling the cake

After baking your cake, as anyone who has ever baked one before knows, it will have a crown rising from the middle. You will have to trim the top off to make it even and level all along the top. As you get more advanced you may even want to “tort” your cake. Sorting is simply cutting one layer into 2 or more so you can put them back together with filling between each layer.

Covering the cake

Your coating for the base of your designs can either be done with icing and spread on with a spatula or can be something like fondant that is placed on and smoothed out. Fondant is simply rolled out dough like coating about 1/8 inch thick that gives the cake a shiny, smooth look. There are pros and cons to both but you will need to learn how to do at least one for your first cake.

Applying the cake decorations

You are only limited by your imagination here as to what you can add. There are flowers, bows, ribbons, draping, special shapes like hearts and geometric designs, and lettering.

The two main ways to do this are using icing and piping the designs on or dough-like substance like fondant and sugar gum paste that you can cut out shapes from and color.

Piping is done by mixing your desired icing and using a piping bag and a variety of tips to create the effects you want. While gum paste is similar to rolling fondant and cutting and coloring your designs. With gum paste your decorations will become hard after a drying time is allowed and can be placed on the cake.

These are just some of the basic cake decorating techniques you will need. As you master these and gain confidence in your abilities you will want to move on to more advanced decorating techniques like airbrush coloring and doing multi-tiered and 3d special shaped cakes. For reference you can also log on to online order cake website.

These are just some highlights of simple cake decorating techniques. These will be your basic cake decorating tips and with them, you can create a world of cakes. There are of course more techniques with each one; we just went over the basics.

Apart from following these instructions, you should also check whether there are any bumps on the surface of the cake. Another important factor to consider is that the side of the pastry should be even and trim carefully. The need for applying icing on the pastry is to make a smooth surface and edges. Once the icing is applied to the cake, it seems to be more appealing and beautiful. You can also go with simple online cake delivery in Gurgaon and can decorate it.

Start your passion; no one is going to start it for you. Your dreams are in your hand. Your creativity and will are never going to leave you. Stop thinking to yourself, “I wish I could decorate a cake like that.” You can, so stop thinking about it and start learning how to decorate cakes. It could be your cake at the next birthday party you attend. Who knows you could even get paid for it.

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Basic Cake Baking Technique You Should Know !!


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