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What Is The Best Espresso Machine For Home

What is the best Espresso Machine for home? You might ask! We got you covered.

In these uncertain times, everyone realized the value of the things we always took for granted. Many discovered new skills, marriages reborn, friendships strengthened, and learned how to cherish all the little things that make our lives and days joyful and full of meaning.

The internationally cherished drink, espresso, is one of the best examples of those daily mood boosters.

Coffee in itself crossed every border and race, becoming one of the most popular drinks worldwide.

The social impacts of coffee can go far beyond your imagination. It has infiltrated every aspect of our daily routines.

From the morning chat with your spouse, to the critical business deal closing meeting, to sitting with your grandmother listening to stories of old, coffee is present!

I always find the best espresso when it is freshly brewed, whether at a coffee shop or at home. Who doesn’t appreciate that creamy, delicious espresso at Starbucks?

If you are looking to blow your mind and your guest’s minds away with a stunning Latte or a Machhiato, having an Espresso Machine at home is a must.

Not only will you be able to make a freshly brewed espresso yourself, but many other variations of coffee drinks, and you will save a lot of money along the way.

Also, suppose you consider a classy, fantastic gift for your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, boss, or business partner. In that case, an espresso machine is your “satisfaction guaranteed” way to go.

Here, you will find a thorough review of the best home use espresso machines that will suit every taste and functionality need you might have.


Brand Name: Rancilio

Product: Siliva M Espresso

Established: 1926, Italy

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Warranty: 1-year parts and labor provided by My Espresso Shop.

Best Price Guarantee:  Full refund of the price difference within 30 days.

Shipping: 100% FREE shipping on all orders from the USA.

Machine Weight: 35 lbs / 15.87 Kgs

Avg Customer Review: 5/5

Width: 9.25″ / 23.495 cm

Depth: 11.5″ / 29.21 cm

Height: 13.75″ / 34.925 cm

Brew Boiler: 35L / 952 Watts

Water Reservoir: 2.2L

Electric: 110 volt / 15 Amp

The Rancilio Siliva M machine is widely known to beat most other competing brands in this category.

Backed up by a high-quality Italian design, this classy Siliva M continues to amaze all espresso lovers worldwide. It is proven to 

Distinct for its strong steam and its ability to microfoam your cappuccinos and macchiatos every day, 24/7, 365 days per year!

The machine’s all chrome plated head gives it an incredibly luxurious design, fitted with a premium boiler.

Its serious style comes from the utterly stainless steel polished casing which surrounds its iron frame.

This gem is equipped with a professional level portafilter; the excess moisture is easily extracted from the system.

It can efficiently dispense hot water for Americanos from the steam wand. This is due to the 3-way valve that directs excess water pressure from the brew head to the stainless steel drip plate.

This state of the art Silvia M features two indicator lights; one of them is to show you when it has reached the optimal temperature.

Also, cups placed on top of the machine will be kept at the best heating temperature through radiant heat. Moreover, you can pre-heat your cups using the water generated from the steam wand.


  • Coffee scoop.
  • Plastic tamper.
  • Single and double shot filter baskets.

The compact dimensions of Silvia M make it a flexible home or office use coffee partner.


Brand Name: La Pavoni

Product: Europiccola Manual

Established: 1905, Italy

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Warranty: 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Best Price Guarantee:  Full refund of the price difference within 30 days.

Shipping: 100% FREE shipping on all orders from the USA.

Machine Weight: 14 lbs / 6.35029 Kgs

Avg Customer Review: 5/5

Width: 7.5 inches / 19.05 cm

Depth: 10.25 inches / 26.035 cm

Height:  13 inches / 33.02 cm

Brew Boiler: 27 oz / 0.798485 Liter

Water Reservoir: 27 oz / 0.798485 Liter

Electric: 1000 Watts / 110 V

The La Pavoni Europiccola manual espresso device is for those of you who are amazed by retro style coffee making!

The machine passed the test of time and proved to be one of the most classical and full control espresso shot makers.

This is the sort of device that was once used by Italy’s cobblestone streets coffee houses. 

If you are the type that likes to manually prepare your favorite espresso shot, Europiccola is for you!

While some may find it challenging to use, others say that it can easily be mastered after a few tries.

You have to set the grind, apply proper tamp pressure, and pull technique.

The fact that it is manual gives the process of coffee making an artistic flair for you to enjoy a full experience.

Features & Functionality:

  • 20 oz boiler capacity: making 8, 2 oz shots of espresso.
  • Steam wand for easy milk steaming.
  • An internal built-in thermostat: Monitors the pressure for the best extraction.
  • Long-lasting, heavy-duty stainless steel heating parts
  • Nickel-plated brass boiler to ensure an even temperature, essential for extraction.



Product: Ponte Vecchio Export Espresso Machine

Established: 1999, Italy

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Warranty: 1-year warranty.

Best Price Guarantee:  Full refund of the price difference within 30 days.

Shipping: 100% FREE shipping on all orders from the USA.

Machine Weight: 17 lbs / 7.71 Kgs (net)

Avg Customer Review: 4/5

Width: 6.3 inches / 16 cm

Depth: 11.02 inches / 28 cm

Height:  15.35 inches / 39 cm

Brew Boiler: 27 oz / 0.798485 Liter

Water Reservoir: 30.43 oz / 0.9 Liter

Electric:  800 watts /110 volts only.

Filter basket size: 44-45mm.

Since 1999, Ponte Vecchio is a company from northern Italy that has been manufacturing lever home espresso machines.

Created by entrepreneurs with a passion and experience of over 20 years in small home appliances.

Ponte Vecchio is proud of itself with dynamism. The company is continuously developing its exports by promoting its products and taking part in the most famous industry trade fairs and exhibitions.

With a craftsman’s strategy in mind, Ponte Vecchio produces two models, Export and Lusso, both extremely durable and long-lasting machines.

Elegance and simplicity are clearly seen in Ponte’s machines; top quality material, sleek design, and installation ease are a few Vecchio Export characteristics.

The device is built with Italian quality with one purpose in mind, machines that last.

Main features and Accessories:

  • Pressure switch that provides an automatic operation control.
  • Made of brass, steel plate.
  • The water level and safety valve on the boiler are clearly seen.
  • Detachable cup heater, steam tap.
  • Drip tray base made of cast aluminum.
  • 1 one-cup filter basket, 1 two-cup filter basket, 1 tamper, 1 scoop, 1 funnel 1 portafilter.

The Vecchio is available in 8 colors to suit every taste; if you are looking for an elegant espresso machine, look no further Ponto got your back.


Product: ECM Casa V

Established: 1994, Germany & Italy

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Warranty: 1-year warranty.

Best Price Guarantee:  Full refund of the price difference within 30 days.

Shipping: 100% FREE shipping on all orders from the USA.

Machine Weight: 30.9 lbs / 14 Kg

Avg Customer Review: 4/5

Width: 8.25 inches / 20.95 cm

Depth: 13.5 inches / 34.29 cm

Height:  14.5 inches / 36.83 cm

Water Reservoir: 13.5 oz / 0.4 Liter

Electric:  1200 watts 

Filter basket size: 58 mm

ECM Casa V Espresso machine holds a potent combination of German and Italian quality and design.

The main features are:

  • Brass insulated: The water boiler is made of brass, conserving heat much better than stainless steel.
  • High Wattage: The heating element has a very high wattage of 1200 watts. This means shorter heat-up time, a quick switch from steam to coffee mode, and a faster reaction time when room temperature water enters the boiler.
  • Over Pressure Valve: The valve is easily accessible through the top of the machine. The valve regulates the brewing pressure. It can be turned clockwise to increase or counterclockwise to decrease the pressure.
  • Pressure gauge: The gauge regulates the pressure needed for a perfect espresso shot; you only need 9 – 10 bar.
  • Pressure display: has the latest display generation, which reads every 2 bar instead of every 4.
  • Multi-Purpose: Heat or steam water depending on the mode.
  • Multi-Directional: Enables you to flexibly prepare your coffee drinks on the side of the machine.
  • Speed: The one of a kind high wattage and small boiler reduces coffee preparation to steam.


  • Rustproof stainless steel frame and body, high quality polished.
  • The water tank is clearly visible on the left side of the machine for easy water level detection.
  • The all stainless steel drip tray and grate are easily disassembled for cleaning purposes.

Control buttons:

  • Push Button: All push button controls are on the front panel; the main controls are on the left side in a grid form.
  • PS: The power switch is located in the front upper left, which indicates the unit is ON or OFF.
  • Coffee switch: Located in the upper right front, the indicator signals that the pump is operational and passing water through the group head.
  • Steam: A steam switch is in the front lower left; a light above the button indicates that the heating element is ON.
  • Hot Water Switch: Placed in the front more down left, a light above means that the steam wand is ready for hot water.
  • Steam Knob: On the front right, makes it help with the overall width of the machine, thus saving you space. After turning the steam or hot water ON, turning the knob will open the wand.

Accessories of The Machine:

  • Portafilter: 58 mm in diameter, dual spout.
  • Filter Baskets: 1 cup filter, 7 grams / 2 cup filter, 14 grams, and a blind filter basket for backflushing.
  • Coffee Tamper: A low-grade tamper, typically included by manufacturers to keep the selling price down, upgrading to a higher tamper is recommended. 
  • Cleaning brush: The brush is an essential tool for cleaning the group head.
  • Owner’s Manual: A 3 language instructions manual, English, German, and Dutch.


Product: Stradivari Manual

Established: 1905, Italy

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Warranty: 1-year parts and Labor warranty.

Best Price Guarantee:  Full refund of the price difference within 30 days.

Shipping: 100% FREE shipping on all orders from the USA.

Machine Weight: 14 lbs / 6.35 Kg

Avg Customer Review: 5/5

Width: 7.5 inches / 19 cm

Depth: 10.25 inches / 26 cm

Height:  13 inches / 33 cm

Water Reservoir: 27 oz / 0.8 Liter

Boiler Volume: 27 oz / 0.8 Liter

Electric:  1000 Watts / 110 V

La Pavoni has once again gone above and beyond everyone’s expectations with this espresso machine.

Inspired by the famous Antonio Stradivari’s violins, the La Pavoni Stradivari manual was carefully designed with a chrome casing.

With this ESC-8 model, you are in 100% manual control of your coffee brew. As with all manual machines, you might need a couple of days to find yourself the best and perfect way to make your espresso.

Notable features:

  • Dual Frothing: Manual wand or automatic frother adjuster to steam your milk.
  • Boiler: 20 oz boiler that generates up to eight 2 oz shots of espresso
  • Chrome-plated: The machine is triple chrome plated for a classy, beautiful, and functional design.
  • Brass Boiler: A nickel-plated heavy-duty brass boiler for enhanced temperature regulation.


Brand: Quick Mill

Established: 1945, Italy

Product: Silvano Evo

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Warranty: 1-year warranty.

Best Price Guarantee:  Full refund of the price difference within 30 days.

Shipping: 100% FREE shipping on all orders from the USA.

Machine Weight: 35 lbs / 15.87 Kg

Avg Customer Review: NA

Width: 10.5 inches / 26.67 cm

Depth: 13 inches / 33 cm

Height:  16 inches / 40.64 cm

Cold Water Reservoir:  67.6 oz / 2 Liters

Electric:  1000 Watts 

The Silvano Evo is a manual coffee machine and grinder with the exclusive stainless steel filter holder “Quick Mill”, with fixed tightening and sealing through an O ring.

Equipped with an Electronic control card for all options ensures a smooth and exact operation for every shot.

Silvano Evo is also fitted with an automatic beans grinder with low motor speed, grinding regulation, and an electronic quantity dosing system to guarantee the same perfect shot every brew.

The machine can achieve the ultimate temperature within 40 to 50 seconds, thus preserving the superb coffee fragrance.

If you are looking for a 2 in 1 grinder and espresso machine perfect for home use, then Quick Mill Silvano Evo is your best way to go.

Great Choices For Home Use!

Christmas season is around the corner; we all know how hard 2020 was for everyone worldwide. COVID-19 had its toll on every single human being on the face of the earth. 

Fortunately for us, mankind always finds a way to survive, strive, and enjoy the life we so dearly hold to.

You definitely have a close person who loves coffee; if you are still wondering what you would bring as a Christmas gift? 

Look no more; we have got you covered with the Top 10 affordable yet classy espresso machines that are guaranteed to blow your loved one minds away.

Did we answer your question, “What is the best espresso machine for home? “.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please do not hesitate to use the comments box below!


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What Is The Best Espresso Machine For Home


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