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Best Coffee Mugs That Every Coffee Lover Will Adore

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Like any Coffee lover, you may have a whole variety of different gadgets and accessories for brewing coffee so you can enjoy a perfect cup of your favorite drink. However, lots of coffee fans absolutely forget about such a thing as a mug. It won’t be an exaggeration even if it says it is one of the main things you should consider in order to enjoy a great cup of coffee.

Of course, you probably have a whole variety of coffee and tea mugs in your kitchen. They may vary on their designs, sizes, colors, materials, and so on. However, there is a chance that you still do not have your perfect coffee mug. If you are eager to find your perfect cup, just keep reading and we will tell you everything you should know about choosing the right mug for your everyday coffee.

What Is a Coffee Mug

It may seem like a very simple question, but the truth is that it is not just a vessel that you use for holding your coffee or tea while you are drinking it. This item shows the personality of its owner telling about the interests, preferences, tastes and daily life.

Just remember all the cups you have and there is possibly at least one cup that you don’t like because of its quality, size, design, or material. Just using this cup, you feel like your drink is horrible and your whole day is absolutely spoiled. So, as you can see, a coffee mug is a very important thing and you need to be very attentive when choosing one.

Benefits of Using a Coffee Mug

The truth is that most people consider their coffee mug as a simple container for their drink. Usually, we tend to buy just some cheap mugs or those that look at least slightly cool or interesting. In other words, we pay attention only to the prices and design of our mugs and absolutely forget about a whole bunch of other important aspects.

While we aren’t aware of it, our coffee mugs may have a great impact on our daily affairs. You can be sure that your mug has just a little influence on your daily routine, but the truth is that you are completely wrong. Still do not believe us? Below, there are some of the most important benefits of mugs and cups for coffee.

Environmentally Friendly

The Environmental Protection Agency claims that every year people use about 30 billion disposable cups. It is a huge amount and all these cups take many years to break down completely, which is a great concern, especially considering current ecological problems. According to the latest data, it is one of the greatest modern threats for the environment. The soil is full of disposable cups, paper sleeves, plastic spoons, and straws that cause lots of damage to our planet.

Safe for Health

Disposable cups are usually made of plastic, Styrofoam, or paper with a protective layer. All these options can be rather toxic because of numerous carcinogenic chemicals that leak from those materials when they interact with hot liquids. Of course, you can say that paper cups are safe, but you should not forget about the water-resistant layer.

It is usually made of some sort of plastic that can melt and emit harmful substances when you pour hot liquid into a paper cup. Moreover, it may influence the taste of your coffee and spoil it completely.

On the other hand, when it comes to reusable coffee mugs, they are usually made of safe materials. Also, usually, these materials cannot influence the taste of your drink in any way. In other words, it will not spoil your coffee and will not impact your health.

Better Tasting Coffee

Benefits of Using a Coffee Mug - Better Tasting Coffee

As we have already mentioned, the material of your coffee mug may have a great impact on the taste of your drink. It means that you should give preference to non-reactive materials such as glass, stainless steel, or ceramic. All these materials don’t impart their taste to your drink, so you don’t need to worry about spoiling the taste of your coffee. Just remember that when buying s stainless steel mug, you need to make sure that it is food-grade.

Keeping Coffee Warm

Disposable cups are very thin and they cannot keep your coffee warm for a long time while reusable mugs made of ceramic, stainless steel and other materials can easily keep your drink warm for a long time. In other words, you have an opportunity to enjoy your coffee for a longer time instead of drinking horrible cold coffee. In fact, a cup of cold coffee can easily spoil your day and reduce your ability to perform your daily duties.

Inexpensive Choice

One of the greatest things about using your own mug is that you can brew your coffee instead of going to a coffee shop and spend lots of money on your drink. It’s cheaper to spend money once to buy a mug and buy coffee beans from time to time. At the same time, during each your visit to a coffee shop, you spend lots of money.

How Does a Coffee Mug Work

Coffee mugs are one of the simplest coffee accessories you may ever have. In fact, it is used to carry various beverages, especially hot ones such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and so on. Using a mug, we can enjoy our drinks without worrying about spoiling, spilling, and making them get cold.

Mugs are great for those who want to have a large amount of drink as their volume is bigger than the one of a cup. Also, it is easy to carry as it has a handle so you can take it almost anywhere. If you want to enjoy some great coffee, Keurig k55 can be used for brewing coffee at home and then you can simply pour your drink into your favorite mug.

Pros and Cons of the Coffee Mugs

Mugs have a much shorter history than cups. They were made to provide people with more practical experience. Mugs are rather sturdy, can contain more liquid, and are rather hard to break as usually they are rather thick.

Most people give preference to mugs when they want to enjoy their coffee or any other drink while doing something else. We usually pour a mug full of coffee so we can drink it when watching TV, working on our computers, reading books, and so on.


  • Can hold a larger amount of liquid
  • Can keep your drink warm for a longer period of time that is especially cool during the winter when you want some hot drink and something that can warm your hands
  • Have big handles so it is more comfortable to hold your mug and the grip is stronger


  • Huge mugs can hold a huge amount of coffee that can be harmful to your health
  • Not great for small lunches and light snacks

Types of Coffee Mugs

Nowadays, coffee mugs are popular and widely used all over the world. As a result, a whole bunch of coffee mug types appeared; they differ in designs, sizes, purposes, features, and so on.

Everyday Mug

Everyday mugs are those that you have on your kitchen or at your office. They are made of glass or ceramic in most cases. Recently, mugs made of stone also become really popular.

Normally, this mug can contain about 8oz of liquid, but, of course, you can easily find other options. Usually, they look pretty much the same, but there can also be some unique designs. For example, there are mugs with small handles that make it very uncomfortable to carry such mugs.

Also, make sure to pay attention to materials your mugs are made of. Most everyday mugs are made of safe, non-reactive materials, so you don’t need to worry about your health.

Travel Mug

Travel mugs have become very popular recently as you can take your hot drink anywhere and enjoy it even when you are traveling. There is an incredible variety of travel mugs, so you need to be careful when choosing one for yourself. A perfect travel mug should retain heat well and have a great snug seal. These are the most important features of any travel mug, but also it should be comfortable for carrying and be cleaned easily.

Insulated Coffee Mug

Types of Coffee Mugs - Insulated Coffee Mugs

Insulated coffee mugs are great for those who prefer having their drinks hot. There are open-mouth and lidded coffee mugs that can retain heat. Both these options can be double-walled, thick-rimmed and enamelware mugs made of stainless steel, borosilicate glass, ceramic, and so on.

It is up to you which option to choose. Just make sure it is absolutely insulated so you can enjoy your hot coffee as long as it is possible.

China Mug

Chinese pottery is very famous and popular. For many centuries, it has been considered as the best option for hot drinks. Also, it is known for its beauty and quality. Lots of people all over the world even collected China mugs. However, they are rather delicate and usually require very specific care as they can be damaged easily. In other words, China mugs are very delicate and fragile.

Oversized Mug

There several standard sizes of coffee mugs and cups. For example, their standard sizes for different types of coffee, such as espresso and latte. However, there are lots of people who prefer huge or oversized coffee mugs. There numerous options of oversized coffee mugs; you just need to choose the one you like. Just keep in mind that your coffee may get cold before you finish it.

Trendy Mug

This type of coffee mug includes all those unique and even extravagant options that you can see all over the internet. For example, one of the most well-known and popular options is a coffee mug that looks like a camera lens. Self-stirring cups are also very popular among Internet users.

Also, you can get a custom mug that is made according to your preferences. For example, you can get a cup with your photo printed on it. In fact, numerous manufacturers give customers an opportunity to design their own mugs.

Mug With Snack Tray

Lots of cups have small saucers, but when it comes to snack trays, they are usually bigger than standard saucers. It is great for people who like having some snacks while drinking coffee. They are easy to carry with one hand, so they are very comfortable. Just keep in mind that these sets can be pretty pricey.

Pour-Over Mugs

As you may already guess, pour-over mugs are used for a pour-over coffee brew. These mugs are absolutely great as they are brewing coffee right in your mug. The truth is that a pour-over kettle boosts coffee’s consistency and pour-over mugs can do the same thing. It is a great option, so you just need to find your perfect premium pour-over coffee maker or mug.

Porcelain Mug

Porcelain mugs are very durable and popular. They are very durable and allow distributing the heat evenly. Moreover, they vary incredibly in sizes, styles, and colors. Also, it is easy to clean as it can be washed in a dishwasher.

Smart Mug

Smart coffee mugs have become very popular recently. They can be connected to your phone via a special mobile app. Using this app, you can set up the required temperature as well as some other features. It can not only heat your beverage but also maintain its temperature for a long time.

Some cups stop heating your drink if you do not move a cup. Usually, these mugs look almost the same as regular ones. However, they are equipped with special heating elements that operate with the help of some difficult electronics.

These mugs can provide you with a perfect coffee mug almost anywhere where you can get access to the electricity.

Tea Mug

In comparison to coffee mugs, tea mugs have different shapes. They usually have a wider open rim and a small base. Also, they tend to have very small handles that can be taken with just one finger. These cups are made of materials that are great for boiling water.

Due to the unique design of teacups, your beverage can get colder really fast, so you don’t burn your fingers and tongue while eating your coffee. Finally, teacups are slightly smaller than coffee mugs.

Glass Mug

Glass mugs vary in designs and styles. Usually, they are really unique, stylish and durable. Just remember that it can be chipped and cracked easily, so make sure to attentive and careful when using it.

Materials of Coffee Mugs

Materials of Coffee Mugs

Modern coffee mugs are made of different materials, including stainless steel and plastic. The material of your mug is very important, as it may have a great impact on the taste of your coffee.

Of course, each material has each advantage and disadvantages you have to consider when choosing your perfect mug. Below, there’s a description of each material so you can get the best one.


Ceramic mugs can keep your drink warm for a longer period of time. Also, it does not impact the taste of your coffee. Despite it, ceramic mugs are rather fragile and can be broken easily.


Glass mugs are great for coffee as they don’t depart any flavors or smells to your drink. Also, glass can be recycled easily so it is an environmental friendly option. Glass mugs are really beautiful and stylish. At the same time, these mugs retain heat well, so your drink won’t get cold fast.

Hard Plastics

Plastic mugs are usually recyclable. This material has incredible heat retention and is very durable. However, plastic mugs may interact with your hot coffee resulting in an unpleasant taste and even smell.


Usually, it is thermos and travel mugs that are made of steel. This material is perfect for heat retention. Also, these mugs are very durable, as steel is literally unbreakable.


Melamine mugs have a whole bunch of advantages. First of all, they can retain heat very well. Also, they can be washed in a dishwasher. Moreover, they are durable and cheap. Nevertheless, when overheated, melamine mugs can emit some harmful chemicals. In other words, they should not be used with really hot drinks.

Still don’t know which option to choose? It is pretty simple. Glass and ceramic mugs are perfect for home, while plastic and steel mugs will be perfect for traveling.

How to Choose the Best Coffee Mug

Choosing a perfect coffee mug can be absolutely stressful, especially if you do not know what aspects you should pay attention to. If you are going to serve coffee for your family and friends, it is better to choose a high-quality set of mugs.

If you want to enjoy warm coffee for a long time, give preference to insulated mugs. Like carrying your coffee around with you? A travel mug is exactly what you need.

In fact, there’s a whole bunch of aspects you should consider when buying a coffee mug. Below, we’ve listed some of the most important ones so you know what you should pay attention to.


When it comes to the best material for coffee mugs, it significantly depends on the situation. As we’ve said before, stainless steel mugs usually have a high heat retention rate. At the same time, ceramic mugs will not impact the flavor and smell of your drink.

Glass mugs are very stylish, so they can be great for special occasions while porcelain and China mugs are very sturdy. As you can see, when choosing the material of your mug, you need to know what you are going to use them for.


One other thing to consider is the volume of your coffee mug and it depends on the amount of coffee you used to drink in one go. A standard coffee mug contains about 8-12 oz. of liquid. There are some cups that can contain up to 30 oz. and even more.

If you usually drink just half of your drink and leave it getting cold, it is better to give preference for mugs of smaller sizes. However, if you tend to drink at least two cups of coffee in one go, it is better to choose an oversized cup that can hold exactly the amount of coffee you need.


Modern mugs have a whole variety of different features. Some of them are related to their look and design, while others are some cool add-ons. There are cups that prevent leaks and those that keep your drink warm. You can get a mug with a built-in straw or self-steering mug. There are even cups that can be used for brewing coffee. Also, you need to know that not all mugs can be washed in a dishwasher, so it is one other feature you should pay attention to.


How to Choose the Best Coffee Mug - Design

When it comes to design, coffee mugs can provide you with a whole variety of options. There are mugs of different unique and even extravagant shapes. Some mugs have a bunch of cute decorations. There are mugs for men and women.

Also, you can find mugs designed for special occasions, events, and holidays such as birthdays, Christmas, or Halloween. In other words, you can find the one that highlights your personality or can be used for a special occasion.


As it was said before, you can find coffee mugs of different shapes. The amount of options is really impressive. There are some common options, such as heart-shaped mugs. Also, you can find pretty unique options. For example, there are mugs that are shaped like different objects.

Temperature Control

Some of the coffee mugs are equipped with heat retention feature so you can keep your drink warm for a longer period of time. Also, there are even mugs that can heat your drink and maintain its temperature for a very long time.


You can easily get a coffee mug of any color you want. You just need to choose the one you like. By the way, according to recent research, the color of your mug may influence the taste of your coffee significantly. Depending on the color, your coffee can be sweet or bitterer.

During the research, two groups of volunteers drank coffee from different mugs and rated its taste. The participants used white, blue, and transparent mugs to drink their coffee.

After it, they answered various questions about the taste of their coffee. As a result, it was revealed that white mug could make your coffee taste more intense and rich while transparent mugs make coffee taste rather plain.


You can find various prices’ options when looking for a coffee mug. There are numerous cheap options, but you need to careful as they may be made of low-quality materials. It can have a very bad impact on your health. Porcelain and stainless steel mugs are more expensive than ceramic and glass ones. The most expensive mugs are for sure smart ones, as it is an electronic device equipped with a whole bunch of different features.

How to Keep Your Coffee Hot

Your coffee can get cold because of many reasons. You may get distracted and simply forget about it or maybe it is your mug that does not retain heat at all. In any case, it is very disappointing when instead of enjoying warm coffee, you need to pour it out into a sink.

If you want to have your coffee cold, you can just make some iced coffee or cold brew instead of waiting for your coffee to get cold. Just make sure your coffee for cold brew is fresh and tasty.

If you don’t want to experience it anymore, it is time to learn how to keep your coffee hot for a longer time. Below, there are several simple steps to keep your drink warm as long as possible.

Step 1 – Wrap it up with a scarf

Sometimes, it is difficult to find a source of heat to keep your drink warm longer. In such a case, you can use a scarf or clothes made of thick fabric. After brewing your coffee with the best stovetop espresso maker and pouring it into a mug, just wrap your cup with your scarf to give it some extra insulation. If you are somewhere outside, your warm gloves can also do the trick. Of course, it will not help you to keep your drink hot for a long time, but still, it will be enough so you can drink your coffee before it gets cold.

Step 2 – Use a cup sleeve

A cup sleeves are great for keeping your drink warm for a long time. This option is cheap, easy to use, and really cool. Usually, it is used to make sure your hands aren’t scalded; it can still keep your drink warm. It is a great way to insulate your cup of coffee without spending much time and carrying around heavy gadgets. You can use Keurig k475 and k575 makers for coffee to get your drink ready and then use a sleeve to keep it warm.

You can buy a simple paper sleeve or look for a neoprene one. You can even get a knitted mug sleeve that looks very stylish and cool. There is a wide range of options, so you can turn it into a stylish accessory to accompany your own style.

You can gather a whole bunch of these sleeves and keep them everywhere, in your car, in your bag, at the office and even at home.

Step 3 – Use a travel mug

Any coffee fan should have at least one travel mug in order to enjoy coffee even when walking around the city or traveling. These mugs not only have lids to prevent spills, but they also can keep your coffee hot for many hours. You can even use it at home so you can have a sip of hot coffee any time you want.

Step 4 – Preheat your cup

Just a simple preheating of your coffee mug may keep your drink warm for a longer period of time. It is a very simple way to save the warmth of your coffee, but it will not last for long.

Some coffee lovers preheat their cups and mugs to make sure that their temperature is about 195-205F. They claim that it helps to preserve the best taste of the coffee beans.

In order to preheat your mug, you need to boil some water and will your mug with it. Leave it for about a minute to make sure that the mug is evenly heated. When the water starts getting colder, just pour it out. One other great thing about this method is that it is free and it will not impact the taste of your drink.

Step 5 – Buy a thermos

A thermos or a thermal mug is, for sure, the most obvious option if you want to keep your coffee warm as long as it is possible. Just pour your coffee into a tumbler or a thermos right after it was brewed. These mugs are made of stainless steel, silicone, and plastic that can retain heat very well.

They are perfect for travelers as they are very durable and really light. They can be a little pricey, but in any case, it is absolutely worth the money.

Step 6 – Get a car cup warmer

Are you a car owner who was stuck in a traffic jam with an absolutely cold mug of coffee? It is an absolutely disappointing and even stressful experience. However, there is a very simple solution – an electric cup warmer for your car. Just find the one that fits the size of your mug, plug it into your car and your coffee will be warm as long as you need it.

Step 7 – Use metal coffee beans

Metal coffee beans are a kind of magical device to keep your coffee warm. You just need to insert those beans into your mug filled with coffee and they will start making their magic.

The beans absorb the extra heat of your drink to make it perfect for drinking and then they release it steadily to keep your coffee warm longer. Each bean is pretty big, so you should not worry about swallowing one of them. If you like your coffee really hot, just preheat the beans with some boiling water.

How to Clean a Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs are very easy to maintain. You just need to wash them constantly using warm water. However, coffee is rather oily, so your mug may get stained after some time. If you want to learn how to clean your mug, this section is right for you.

Step 1 – Use baking soda for regular stains

When cleaning stains in your coffee mug, you need to make some sort of cleaning paste using baking soda and warm water. Mix the ingredients in the mug and use a soft damp sponge to rub the stains off. Due to its mild abrasive, baking soda can easily remove stains without damaging your mug.

Step 2 – Use vinegar for steady stains

If you weren’t able to clean your mug using baking soda, there’s one other option for you. Just fill half of your cup with some vinegar and add hot water. Leave the mixture for 10 minutes and then empty your mug. Use some dish soap and a sponge to scrub the remaining strains.

Step 3 – Use cleaning tablets for stuck-on stains

If there are still any stains in your cup, it is time for denture cleaning tablets. Just follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and add enough water to cover all stains. Wash the mug using a sponge with dish soap and warm water.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

There are lots of aspects that may influence the price of your coffee mug. Some of them have nothing to do with their quality, while others have a great impact on it.

For example, the design of your mug may influence the price, but it does not mean that the mug has a better quality. Also, it can be a brand mug, so the price will be higher while the quality is the same as of a regular coffee mug.

At the same time, such aspects as a material and extra features have an impact not only on the price but on the quality as well. Ceramic, glass, and stainless steel mugs are more expensive than those made of plastic. Also, the more features your mug has its price is.

Do’s and Don’ts With a Coffee Mug

A coffee mug is a simple accessory, as we said before. It is easy to use and maintain. There are no specific rules when it comes to coffee mug use. However, if you want to ensure your mug serves you longer, you just need to remember several simple rules.


  • Wash your mug right after each use.
  • Use dish soap each time you clean your mug.
  • Use it for drinking your coffee black or with some additions such as milk, cream, syrup, sugar and so on. Just keep in mind that coffee syrup without sugar is healthier.
  • Keep it dry.
  • Clean stains properly.


  • Never scrub inside of your mug to avoid damages.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or sponges to clean your mug.
  • Never leave it unclear after drinking coffee.
  • Do not put it into the dishwasher unless it is allowed by the manufacturer.
  • Do not use fragrant syrups and other additions with strong taste when using a plastic mug.

FAQ About Coffee Mugs

FAQ About Coffee Mugs

Are ceramic coffee mugs safe?

Of course, ceramic mugs are absolutely safe and really perfect for coffee. It does not emit any harmful chemicals, has no fragrance and deals well with high temperatures.

What’s the best reusable coffee cup?

It is difficult to decide which the best reusable coffee mug is as it depends on your personal preferences and goals. Some people believe that plastic mugs are great as they can retain heat while being very durable. However, it may spoil the flavor and the smell of your coffee.

What is the best coffee mug to keep coffee hot?

If you want to keep your coffee hot as long as possible, just give preference to ceramic or stainless steel coffee mugs. Both of these materials have great heat retention properties. Stainless steel mugs are perfect for travelers while beautiful, trendy, ceramic mugs are great for home and office.

Are stainless steel mugs good for coffee?

When it comes to stainless steel mugs, they are very durable and easy to clean. Also, it retains heat, perfectly keeping your coffee warm for many hours. Nevertheless, some coffee makers claim that it may influence the taste of your coffee.

What are the best travel mugs?

There’s an incredible variety of travel mugs and they differ in many ways. Choose a perfect travel mug; you need to ensure it prevents spills, keeps your drink warm, can be easily cleaned and carried around. Speaking of other aspects, it is up to you which one to choose.

What is the best material for coffee mugs?

The choice of the best material for your coffee mug depends on your goals. You need to reveal when, where and how you are going to use it. Of course, you should also consider some personal preferences.

If you need to keep your coffee warm, give preference to ceramic and stainless steel mugs. If you are looking for some beautiful mugs to serve coffee for your guests, give preference to glass ones. Those made of plastic are the cheapest and most durable.


As you can now see, a coffee mug is a very important thing as it may impact your coffee in different ways. There are lots of points you should consider when choosing a coffee mug.

Just follow this guide and you will be able to find your perfect coffee mug easily. In fact, poured into a great mug, even instant coffee will improve your concentration. We hope your perfect mug will make you enjoy your coffee even more.

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