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Beef burger, brie, slow roasted tomatoes & onion marmalade

I am always on the hunt for new recipes and in particular beef Burger ideas.  I posted a few recipes lately that we all really enjoyed Slow Roasted Tomatoes and onion marmalade.  Seeing as I had them in the fridge and knowing they would taste great with some brie cheese – well, I decided to make some dry aged beef burgers for the family!

Dry Aged Beef Burger

Health Benefits – Really?

Well, I could wax lyrically about some made up google stats about why a beef burger is healthy and good for you. But we all know that would be a pile of fake news.  Lord knows there is enough of that going around these days!

Truthfully the benefits of a burger are as follows

  1. It’s quick to make
  2. You can eat it on the couch
  3. No cutlery to wash up and what’s better if you BBQ it then  no pans to wash either!
  4. It tastes AMAZING
  5. Will put you into a food coma quick enough
  6. If your ladyfriend is like mine then she won’t finish it and you get 1.2 dinners instead of just 1 – BONUS!

What makes a good beef burger?

Dry Aged Beef Burger

There are multiple elements when making a burger.  Any old clown can grill a bit of meat and throw it between to slices of bread and call it a burger but knowing how to execute it correctly is the key!

  • Choose good quality meat. I used dry aged meat for this one from my local butcher and TRUST me it was worth every penny.  You want your burger to have a good ratio of meat : fat.  I’m a 80 : 20 or 75 : 25 person where possible
  • Size.  Guess what?  It matters!!  Firstly take into consideration your bun when shaping it.  But more importantly you think the bigger the better but in this case it ain’t.  I go with about 150g to 180g.  Anything smaller and it’s a bloody slider.  Anything bigger and it can start to get messy
  • Toppings.  Choose wisely.  Compliment the burger and put them in proportion.  I LOVE bacon but putting 8 slices in your burger probably makes it more a bacon sandwich than burger!
  • Protect the bun.  This means you need to protect it from the meat/juices.  Nothing worse than soggy buns 😉  Firstly, toast the bun, secondly allow the beef burger to rest a moment before placing it on the bun and thirdly lettuce.  I know, I know it’s “healthy” but trust me when I say putting lettuce on the bottom will stop the bun getting soggy and having to use a knife/fork to eat it.  See benefits above!
  • Temperature.  Nobody likes dry beef.  Sorry, I am sure people do but WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU!!  Cooking your burger to medium is (in my opinion the way to go), this means hitting about 60c or 140f and letting it rest for a minute.

Follow these basic instructions and you are pretty much there in making the ultimate burger – if I have missed anything then feel free to scold me and let me know!

Follow Along

I hope that my ramblings entertained you for a couple minutes and that you enjoyed the recipe.  Feel free to SUBSCRIBE and follow my culinary journey or at worst hit me up on instagram and FB to see the latest posts.

Happy Cooking and Happy Eating Friends!

Beef burger, brie, slow roasted tomatoes & onion marmalade

This dry aged beef burger with the addition of brie, slow roasted tomatoes & onion marmalade is, well, drool worthy!

  • 180 g beef patty (these are dry aged)
  • 3 slow roasted tomatoes (see link)
  • 1 handful rocket
  • 1 tbsp onion marmalade (see link)
  • 3 slices brie
  • 1 tbsp mayo or garlic aioli
  • 1 burger bun
  1. Grill the burger for 2 mins each side for a medium burger. Place brie slices on top of burger and allow to melt.  If you like it cooked a little more then a further minute each side should be sufficient. 

  2. Place a little garlic aioli or mayo on the bottom bun, top with rocket and place burger on top. Put tomatoes on top of burger and spread onion marmalade on the top burger bun.

  3. Add beer and DEMOLISH!

Essential Tools

  • sharp knife
  • chopping board
  • BBQ or grill pan
  • tongs


  • shop bought onion marmalade is ok to use too but there is nothing better than making your own – in my opinion!
  • when melting cheese it’s best to add it near the end of the cooking process and either close the lid on your bbq or cover your pan with a lid so that it melts easier

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Beef burger, brie, slow roasted tomatoes & onion marmalade


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