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Surprising recipes is the english version of gerechtenweb, my original version in dutch. Unfortunately, not everyone speaks dutch, so I decided to create an additional english version some time ago. It is about recipes, and about surprising. I like to experience uncommon combinations. Just recently, I discovered Pinterest, where I am also posting everything in one board, so that you have an easy overview of all the pictures. Hope you can enjoy it, and feedback is always welcome!
2023-01-09 16:34
This healthy coconut water smoothie is the best way to tank energy and vitamins after a physical exercise or a heavy night with alcohol. The post Healthy coconut water smoothie appeared firs… Read More
2022-12-14 19:50
We can't wait for autumn to make this pumpkin cake with raisins. It is the perfect treat to deal with the dark and rainy days of autumn. The post Pumpkin cake with raisins appeared first on… Read More
2022-11-25 18:10
The famous French Boursin cheese is the real hidden star of these mashed potatoes with French Boursin. Make it your midweek surprise! The post Mashed potatoes with French Boursin appeared fi… Read More
2022-11-24 18:38
This easy chestnut date mousse is a typical autumn dessert. But make enough of it, so you can use the leftovers as a breakfast spread. The post Chestnut date mousse appeared first on surpris… Read More
2022-11-22 21:14
A rollcake really looks fancy and professional. But still it is easy to make. This pumpkin pecan rollcake might be a great dessert idea. The post Pumpkin pecan rollcake appeared first on sur… Read More
2022-10-28 16:23
Thai curry with pork and pumpkin is a typical fall dish. Suitable for any day of the week. Easy to prepare and full of flavor. The post Thai curry with pork and pumpkin appeared first on sur… Read More
2022-10-13 16:53
This Käsespätzle - the German Mac&cheese - with caramelized onions is a typical German home-cooked food. An easy midweek meal. The post Käsespätzle - The German Mac&a&hell…Read More
2022-10-09 13:02
This vegetarian red lentil Bolognese is super tasty and ready in 30 minutes. Perfect for a quick evening lunch after a busy working day. The post Vegetarian red lentil Bolognese appeared fir… Read More
2022-10-05 14:34
How exotic can a cake be? This cherry coconut cake will make you dream of exotic white beaches. A perfect pairing. The post Cherry coconut cake appeared first on Read More
2022-09-24 19:23
This braised eggplant with meatballs will make your mouth water. And the best thing is: it is so easy to make! You will love it. The post Braised eggplant with meatballs appeared first on su… Read More
2022-08-30 16:33
When your basil plants grow and bloom, you can make this green fresh basil oil with it. Deliciously tasty and easy to store. The post Green fresh basil oil appeared first on surprising.recip… Read More
2022-08-26 16:37
This creamy pea mousse with mint is a solution for many occasions. You can serve it as a breakfast spread, an appetizer or a side dish. The post Creamy pea mousse with mint appeared first on… Read More
2022-08-21 18:06
This easy pasta with chicken and zucchini is an August evergreen. But also the perfect midweek meal for any other month of the year. The post Easy pasta with chicken and zucchini appeared fi… Read More
2022-08-09 18:32
This fish casserole with tomato-apple sauce is both budget-friendly and easy to make. Your perfect choice for an easy midweek meal. The post Fish casserole with tomato-apple sauce appeared f… Read More
2022-08-06 08:25
This delicious seafood fricassee is a light and festive meal. And it is particularly easy to prepare. Easy, tasty and colorful: Mediterranean. The post Delicious seafood fricassee appeared f… Read More
2022-07-27 19:07
This best blueberry bundt cake is the perfect fit for your Sunday afternoon coffee. So easy to make. But also healthy and delicious to eat. The post Best blueberry bundt cake appeared first… Read More
2022-07-25 15:04
This arugula Caprese with mini fried egg helps you to survive the hot summer days. It is light and tasty and above all easy to make. The post Arugula Caprese with mini fried egg appeared fir… Read More
2022-07-20 18:29
This summer salmon salad is ready in 15 minutes. Easy to make, tasty and healthy to survive on hot summer days. With a cool glass of wine. The post Summer salmon salad appeared first on surp… Read More
2022-07-12 19:05
Survival strategies for hot summers. This summer watermelon gazpacho will help you to cope with the hot summer days. Healthy and delicious! The post Summer watermelon gazpacho appeared first… Read More
2022-07-09 13:25
This tasty eggplant lasagna with fresh vegetables is one of the best oven dishes you can make. Simple, healthy and tasty! The post Eggplant lasagna with fresh vegetables appeared first on su… Read More
2022-07-01 17:54
These simple and healthy German Schupfnudel with broccoli and bacon strips are ready in 20 minutes. An easy and healthy midweek alternative. The post German Schupfnudel with broccoli appeare… Read More
2022-05-20 11:24
This roasted yellow bell pepper with tuna is the best choice for a light lunch on hot summer days. You can also serve it as a starter. The post Roasted yellow bell pepper with tuna appeared… Read More
2022-05-17 18:57
This Asian orange chicken is super easy to make and full of flavors. Rarely you will find so much flavor on one and the same plate. The post Asian orange chicken appeared first on surprising… Read More
2022-05-08 09:55
Do you fancy a tasty and healthy lunch? Or a light meal? Then you should definitely try this easy vegetarian fennel curry. The post Easy vegetarian fennel curry appeared first on surprising… Read More
2022-04-22 14:08
This grilled ham and cheese pasta is the perfect comfort food after an active day. Easy to prepare and packed with calories to recover. The post Grilled ham and cheese pasta appeared first o… Read More
2022-03-30 17:54
This Greek walnut cake is very easy to make. And very healthy! The perfect Sunday afternoon treat for a beginning autumn. The post Greek walnut cake appeared first on Read More
2022-03-12 10:34
A midweek lunch. This vegetarian tagliatelle with healthy Gorgonzola sauce is ready in no time. And very tasteful with leek and spinach. The post Tagliatelle with healthy Gorgonzola sauce ap… Read More
2022-03-09 19:11
Delicious dessert crepes with pudding. A traditional family recipe of our grandmother that pleases many generations in our family. The post Delicious dessert crepes with pudding appeared fir… Read More
2022-02-27 10:04
Easy and surprising. This carrot-apple salad is ready in no time. And it suits as a side with wintry sausages as well as a summer BBQ. The post Carrot-apple salad appeared first on surprisin… Read More
2022-02-19 11:13
Wasabi-ginger mayonnaise brings a touch of Japan to your classic mayo. Without being dominant it gives an extra flavour to your salad. The post Wasabi-ginger mayonnaise appeared first on su… Read More
2022-02-08 17:46
The best Sunday afternoon treat with your family. This Swiss carrot cake with hazelnut and Kirsch is easy to make and fluffy to eat. The post Swiss carrot cake appeared first on surprising… Read More
2022-01-19 19:06
This easy red lentil soup with chorizo is the perfect comfort meal after a cold winter day outdoors. A hearty soup that gives energy. Continue reading “Red lentil soup with chorizo&r&helli…Read More
2022-01-17 18:14
Don't throw away leftover stale croissants! Process them in this outrageously delicious stale croissant chocolate pudding. Continue reading “stale croissant chocolate pudding”… Read More
2022-01-10 19:39
You need only three ingredients to make this Lebanese inspired makdous with ajvar. And you can serve this mezze within 20 minutes of time! Continue reading “Lebanese inspired makdous… Read More
2021-12-09 21:14
Be surprised by this starter with hot smoked salmon, cucumber and apple. The adjectives surprising, tasty, simple and healthy explain it all! Continue reading “Hot smoked salmon with… Read More
2021-11-17 12:26
This chicory-apple salad with smoked salmon is a tasty, fresh and simple starter. Fits ideally in an end-of-year menu. Continue reading “chicory-apple salad”… The post c… Read More
2021-11-14 09:15
This spicy curry-pumpkin soup is an autumn evergreen. Perfect for a warm feeling on a cold and windy autumn day. A must try recipe! Continue reading “Spicy curry-pumpkin soup”… Read More
2021-11-09 18:24
Changua with croutons is an adaptation of the Colombian breakfast classic changua. This is based on milk, water, eggs and cilantro. Continue reading “Changua with croutons”&hel&helli…Read More
2021-10-13 15:50
Waterzooi, or Ghent chicken casserole, is one of the classic dishes from the Belgian cuisine. It is super delicious and easy to make. Continue reading “Ghent chicken casserole &ndash&helli…Read More
2021-08-02 16:48
Curry laksa chicken soup is an healthy and easy to make meal form South East Asia. In half an hour you can have it in your plate. Continue reading “Laksa curry chicken soup”&he&helli…Read More
2021-07-19 15:41
Quickly prepared, healthy, tasty and refreshing. This easy and refreshing Greek tzatziki is made for enjoying and survive hot summer days. Continue reading “Easy and refreshing Greek… Read More
2021-07-09 18:57
An exciting (delicious) combination of Belgian and Indian cuisine: Belgian red tandoori waffles are really unique! Taste them and love them! Continue reading “Belgian red tandoori wa… Read More
2021-07-06 20:16
These Greek-style stuffed zucchini are tasty and healthy. And above, in this article, you'll learn all about Orzo, the Greek pasta. Continue reading “Greek-style stuffed zucchini&rdq&helli…Read More
2021-06-29 19:51
Is there a law for asparagus recipes in Belgium? Asparagus by Belgian law. And what is the link with asparagus in mountain cheese gratin? Continue reading “Asparagus by Belgian law&r&helli…Read More
2021-06-18 13:21
This easy summer lunch with chicken and croutons is ready in 30 minutes. The easy and healthy solution for hot summer days! Continue reading “Summer lunch with chicken and croutons&r&helli…Read More
2021-05-31 19:37
These sweet and sour pork squares are so easy to make. No need to have it delivered: it is faster and more tasty when you make them yourself. Continue reading “Sweet and sour pork sq… Read More
2021-05-25 17:54
This is a super easy recipe for making mayonnaise. But we also look at its origins: Mahonnaise - the origin of mayonnaise. Continue reading “Mahonnaise – the origin of mayonnai… Read More
2021-05-14 14:48
Brining is a very old method for preserving food. These easy and delicious pickled radishes can be kept for weeks in the refrigerator. Continue reading “Easy and delicious pickled ra… Read More
2021-04-17 09:30
Wine is of course the ultimate pairing for many delicious meals. But there are also a lot of surprising ways to use wine in cooking. Continue reading “Surprising ways to use wine in… Read More
2021-04-03 14:21
The perfect choice for a 30 minute midweek lunch. This easy potato chorizo stew is ready in no time with only two main ingredients. Continue reading “Easy potato chorizo stew”… Read More
2021-03-13 09:19
Delicious with your coffee or tea. You just cannot resist these tasty Madeleines with cranberries soaked in orange juice. Continue reading “Tasty Madeleines with cranberries”&h&helli…Read More
2021-03-07 10:27
I love carrots and eat them a lot! But are you also… Continue reading “rum braised not glazed carrots”… The post rum braised not glazed carrots appeared first on… Read More
2021-02-16 20:11
Never throw away the radish greens! They taste delicious and you can use them in many ways. For example in mashed potatoes with radish green. Continue reading “Mashed potatoes with r… Read More
2021-02-09 21:22
Most often radishes are eaten raw. But in this butter bakes radish recipe they become surprisingly tender and juicy. Try this new side dish! Continue reading “butter baked radish rec… Read More
2021-01-23 11:44
This nest with seasoned tuna is surprisingly easy. The ideal choice for some variation in your weekday menu. Easy, tasty but still different. Continue reading “nest with seasoned tun… Read More
2021-01-19 17:53
This sensational mozzarella panna cotta is easy and surprising. Finished with finely chopped grapes and walnuts it makes a delicious dessert! Continue reading “sensational Mozzarella… Read More
2021-01-11 20:55
This rabbit back in cherry beer might become the new Christmas classic. On top of potato waffles they are super tasty. And easy to make! Continue reading “rabbit back in cherry beer… Read More
2020-12-28 09:59
2020 was a year never to forget. Surprising.2020 is a roundup of the 15 most surprising recipes of the memorable year 2020. Continue reading “surprising.2020”… The post… Read More
2020-12-09 10:15
On special days you may want something different from your classical freshly pressed orange juice. Try this festive fruit juice for breakfast! Continue reading “festive fruit juice f… Read More
2020-11-25 19:36
This fish soup for the fall is packed with vitamins and energy. In addition to the North Sea fish it contains leek, bell pepper and pumpkin. Continue reading “fish soup for the fall… Read More
2020-11-12 19:10
Sorry supermarkets, but I won't buy any lemon curd anymore. This homemade 4 ingredient canary yellow lemon curd is way too tasty! Continue reading “canary yellow lemon curd”&he&helli…Read More
2020-11-09 11:11
Banana is more than just a fruit. In 10x surprising.banana you wil discover the tastiest and most surprising recipes with bananas. Continue reading “10x surprising.banana”&hell&helli…Read More
2020-11-03 16:11
Easy, festive and perfecty preparable in advance. This exotic coconut rice with mango is the most comforting dessert for dark winter days. Continue reading “exotic coconut rice with… Read More
2020-10-30 17:35
Get the Caribbean in your kitchen. This easy Cuban green plantain soup is tasty and healthy at the same time. A real surprising.soup! Continue reading “Cuban green plantain soup&rdqu&helli…Read More
2020-10-21 16:40
The perfect pie for autumn and Halloween: Biscoff pumpkin pie. The warm colors of fall for cocooning while it rains and storms outside. Continue reading “Biscoff pumpkin pie”&h&helli…Read More
2020-10-09 20:09
A surprising taste for breakfast: carrot jam with citrus. Perfect with feta or goat cheese on your morning cracker. Or on a scone with a dot of cream! Continue reading “carrot jam wi… Read More
2020-09-22 19:06
These easy Flemish gingerbread muffins are a delicious variation on the Flemish gingerbread loaf. Perfect for breakfast or afternoon tea. Continue reading “easy Flemish gingerbread m… Read More
2020-09-19 08:45
These crispy goldenbrown zucchini chips with Parmesan are perfect as a snack or an appetizer: easy to make, healthy and surprising. Continue reading “crispy goldenbrown zucchini chip… Read More
2020-08-25 17:24
With this banana omelette for breakfast you have a strong start in the day. One banana, two eggs and ten minutes of time is all you need! Continue reading “banana omelette for breakf… Read More
2020-08-14 07:15
your favorite Flemish gingerbread is delicious with your breakfast or as a snack. This is the basic recipe on which you can vary with spices. Continue reading “your favorite Flemish… Read More
2020-07-16 19:51
For sure the idea of a curry banana peel curry sounds very suprising for a lot of people. But it is a lovely vegetarian dish and you really should try it! Continue reading “banana pe… Read More
2020-07-12 12:15
In this delicious cashew.chicken the main role is for the tasty golden brown baked cashew nuts. The sweet&sour marinated chicken excels as supporting act. Continue reading “delic… Read More
2020-07-03 18:40
This creamy peach gazpacho with almonds is a very special alternative for the well known classic gazpacho with tomatoes. But it is super easy and tasty! Continue reading “creamy peac… Read More
2020-06-06 08:09
Mac&Biscoff tiramisu is a new and surprising variant on the famous Italian dessert. Milk cooked macaroni and Belgian Biscoff cookies in a mascarpone cream. Continue reading “Mac… Read More
2020-05-26 19:38
Highstreet strawberry cake is a cream cake filled and finished with the world famous strawberries from Hoogstraten, in the North of Belgium. Continue reading “Highstreet strawberry c… Read More
2020-05-23 08:52
Asparago tonnato is a starter with asparagus and tuna fish sauce. It is inspired on the world famous vitello tonnato. Asparagus as you have never eaten it! Continue reading “asparago… Read More
2020-05-17 18:54
Eggplant con chili is a vegetarian variant on the well known chili con carne. The eggplant is filled with chili bean sauce and topped with grated cheese. Continue reading “eggplant c… Read More
2020-05-12 18:41
Köttbullar with parsley potatoes are a typical Swedish dish. Known from Ikea, but also easily made at home. Try different meatballs, try Swedish meatballs. Continue reading “K&o&helli…Read More
2020-05-03 11:26
"Alla puttanesca" is an Italian pasta sauce, made of leftovers in the kitchen. This special style puttanesca uses leftovers like olives and bacon strips. Continue reading “special st… Read More
2020-04-29 19:03
Cardamom is often referred to as the "Queen of spices". Cardamom cupcakes are the "Queen of cupcakes". Easy, surprising and so tasty! Continue reading “cardamom cupcakes”&hell&helli…Read More
2020-04-26 08:26
Passionate asparagus are a super easy and surprising combination with the white gold of spring and passion fruit. Steamed "en papillotte" in the oven. Continue reading “passionate as… Read More
2020-04-19 10:20
Green pea soup with mint is a tasty vegetarian alternative for the classical version with bacon. A typical green winter soup with a fresh taste of summer. Continue reading “green pea… Read More
2020-04-11 18:52
Easter marks the end of the fasting period. In the Eastern European countries Paska - Slovak Easter bread is a traditional food for Easter. Continue reading “Paska – Slovak Eas… Read More
2020-04-07 19:21
Traditional whole wheat pancakes are a beloved classic meal in any family. Here I finished them with bananas, date syrup and icing sugar. Continue reading “traditional whole wheat pa… Read More
2020-03-31 18:51
Gnocchi with cranberry sauce is a delicous North-South combination with Italian and Finnish ingredients. Sweet&sour, and ready in no time. Continue reading “gnocchi with cranberr… Read More
2020-03-24 20:21
This starter of smoked mackerel on a leek stew with mushrooms and cherry tomatoes is easy and ready in no time. Perfect for Easter. Continue reading “smoked mackerel on a leek stew&r&helli…Read More
2020-03-21 19:11
A red bell pepper filled with the typical ingredients for an English breakfast: egg, bacon, mushrooms and a cherry tomato. Continue reading “English breakfast in a bell pepper”… Read More
2020-03-06 09:13
white-orange mashed cauliflower gratin can be eaten as a side dish or as a light lunch. Just delicious with the melted cheddar and the crunchy bacon strips. Continue reading “White-o… Read More
2020-03-03 15:14
This African peanut stew is vegan with carrots, sweet potatoes, bell pepper, spinach and of course peanuts. It brings North Africa on your plate. Continue reading “African peanut ste… Read More
2020-02-22 07:56
Boursin bites with smoked salmon are the perfect appetizer for a gathering with family or friends. Easy to make, light to digest and surprisingly tasty. Continue reading “Boursin bit… Read More
2020-01-25 11:36
This vegetarian orzo soup will give you energy and vitamines for the rest of the day. the Greek orzo pasta and fresh vegetables are healthy and give energy. Continue reading “Vegetar… Read More
2020-01-14 20:08
Parsley root is a so-called forgotten vegetable. It has a stronger taste than parsnip. Together with mashed potatoes it makes a delicious puree. Continue reading “parsley root puree… Read More
2020-01-09 19:08
A banana split breakfast is the healthy alternative for the well known dessert. the main actor is in both cases the same: a banana lengthwise cut in half. Continue reading “Banana s… Read More

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