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Keurig K525C Coffee Machine vs Keurig K575 Coffee Machine – Which One Is Best?


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Keurig currently stands as of the most well-known and high-quality Coffee machine manufacturers for people who don’t want to invest in one of the other big-name brands, such as Nescafé. Their machines range from small units, intended for a single individual living alone, to larger machines capable of serving a larger family, and heavy-duty machines intended for use in small offices or busy homes.

Despite their success in the market, Keurig’s method of labelling machines can be confusing at times. There is now a wide array of machines available, with a numbering system that ranges from K15 through to K600. Understanding the differences between these models and what they’re good at isn’t always so easy. So, we’re going to compare 2 of the most commonly confused models, below; the Keurig K525C and Keurig K575.

How We Will Compare Them

Because the numbering system is difficult to understand, we’re just going to focus on the most pertinent features of each coffee machine. Within each of these features, we’ll consider the pros and cons, the type of person that the feature is most suitable for, as well as potential alternatives to the product based on those key features. We’ll also look at where any differences lie between the two types of coffee machine.

Similarities Between the Keurig K525C and Keurig K575

On the surface of it, both the Keurig K525C and Keurig K575 appear to be the same, or very similar. Both machines feature a single physical button, which powers the machine on and off, as well as a LCD screen that's used for controlling the various functions that the machine offers. Both machines also have the water reservoir attached to the left-most side of the coffee maker, with a drip tray positioned beneath the coffee dispenser nozzle.

The means of inserting a coffee pod into the machine and brewing a hot drink is also identical. Lifting the handle on top of the machine reveals a housing for the coffee pod to be inserted into, at which point the handle is depressed and the brewing options become available. 

Feature Comparison of the Keurig K525C and Keurig K575

Model name

Keurig K525C



Reservoir size

80 ounces

80 ounces

Drink sizes

4, 6, 8, 10, 12 ounces

4, 6, 8, 10, 12 ounces

Carafe Sizes

22, 26, 30 ounces

22, 26, 30 ounces

Drink Strength Control

Hot Water on Demand

Reusable K-Cup Filter

Water Filters Included

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Water Filtration

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For all the control that the Keurig K525C and Keurig K575 offer around tailoring your drinks, such as strength and temperature adjustments, your drink could still easily be spoiled by impurities within the water that you use to brew your drink.

And let’s face it; most people will be using water straight from the kitchen faucet for convenience and to keep costs down. Though bottled water lacks the same problems, it’s also very expensive to use in your coffee machine on a daily basis.

The solution to this is a charcoal water filter. This is an extra that you’ll typically see only in the more expensive Keurig machines, but it is one that both the K525C and K575 have. However, the K575 has 2 included charcoal filters, whereas the K525C only comes with one filter included.

They’re not particularly pricey, but given how long they last, you’ll have a far longer period before having to purchase more if you get 2 from the offset. Bear in mind that not everybody will care about having their water filtered.

If you’re the type of person to throw instant, freeze-dried coffee into a mug and haphazardly pour in your water and sugar, then you’ll probably never notice the difference. 

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However, if you’re into using specialty coffees brewed to an exact temperature, with just the right amount of sweetener, then your drink’s flavor could potentially be spoiled with simple, unpurified tap water. The Keurig 575 wins purely on the basis of having an extra filter included. 

Bonus Extras

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Often, the major differences between one model of Keurig coffee machine and the next are in the optional extras included within the product package.

For example, as we have already mentioned, the Keurig K575 includes 2 water filters as part of the package.

These charcoal filters act by removing impurities from the water that you run through your coffee machine. 

They’re a completely optional accessory and aren’t included with all coffee machines, but it’s worth having them if you intend on using tap water to produce your hot drinks.

Conversely the Keurig K525C does not include any charcoal water filters. However, it has different accessories included within the box instead. Firstly, there’s a reusable filter called the ‘My K-Cup’ filter. This is not a charcoal water filter, but rather a reusable coffee filter that is placed in the K-Cup coffee pod compartment.

You can fill this filter with your own choice of ground coffee, rather than purchasing and using pre-packaged K-Cup coffee pods. This simply extends the range of drinks available to you when using this machine. 

Range of Drinks Available

The number of drinks varieties available for the Keurig coffee machine range is vast. With either of these machines, you’ll have access to an array of hot drinks selections, numbering somewhere around 500 or more to choose from.

This selection includes coffee, of course, but also tea, hot chocolate, and a number of other specialty drinks such as cold alternatives. This is true for both the Keurig K525C and Keurig K575, but the latter machine has a benefit over its counterpart.

As we’ve touched on already, the Keurig K525C includes a ‘My K-Cup’ coffee filter, which can be filled with fresh coffee grounds. So, if you’ve got a preferred blend of coffee, but want the enhanced convenience of a coffee pod-based machine, then you can fill this reusable filter up with your own coffee grounds every morning. It can then be cleaned out afterwards for later use.

In terms of alternatives, the rest of the Keurig range has access to the same number of drink varieties, though you’ll want to be careful with any machine that calls itself a ‘2.0’ machine. These machines have a built-in feature that will reject any coffee pods other than official K-Cups, limiting the number of pods that you can choose from.

If you’re sitting on an existing stash of non-brand coffee pods, you won’t be able to use them in these types of Keurig machines. The Keurig K525C wins this one for its ‘My K-Cup’ filter, which extends your selection. 

Brew Sizes

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Controlling the size of your desired hot drink is possible with both the Keurig K525C and Keurig K575. This is achieved through adjustments made on the built-in LCD screen, and regardless of the choice you make, the machine will only ever require the same type and size of coffee pod. Drinks sizes that can be selected include 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 10oz and 12oz, with plenty of space for most mug sizes beneath the dispenser.

For larger travel mugs, you may be more limited with what you can fit beneath the nozzle. However, the drip tray on both machines is removable for easier access with tall travel mugs. This also makes it straightforward to empty out any spillage and clean the tray after use. Alternatively, if you’re a caffeine addict looking for an even bigger fix in the mornings, you could consider the Keurig K600, which can produce drinks sizes right up to 16oz.

It’s also worth mentioning that both machines can brew carafes of coffee, up to 30oz in size. For this feature to work, you need specialized coffee pods known as ‘K-Carafe Pods.’ However, the Keurig-branded carafe accessory isn’t packaged in the box with either machine, so you’ll have to either purchase it separately, or find a compatible alternative. 

Additional Functionality

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Many of the entry-level and cheaper coffee machines available in the Keurig range come with little in the way of additional functionality. By this we mean that they’re capable of brewing coffee straight from pod to cup, but don’t perform any additional tasks. Unlike such machines, both the Keurig K525C and Keurig K575 have two bonus functions that can come in handy.

Firstly, there’s the temperature adjustment settings. Whereas a kettle will always produce boiling hot water, either of these machines will allow you to choose from 5 different temperature settings. If you’re used to asking for your takeaway coffee to brewed cooler or just that little bit hotter, then you can finally emulate the same effect at home.

Secondly, there’s the ability to choose your coffee strength. Regardless of the strength that you take your cup of joe, you should be satisfied by the various settings offered by both of these machines. This feature is perfect for a larger family with multiple coffee drinkers in the home, as each person will likely have their preferred taste.

Finally, the hot water on demand feature is worth a mention. In combination with the ability to set your desired strength and choose the water temperature, this fine-tuning of your drink’s hot water content means that you should easily be able to achieve the perfect drink. This is dispensed from the same nozzle as your usual hot drinks and controlled via the LCD.

In the way of alternatives, not many machines offer more customization of you drink than this. Certainly, there’s no machine in the Keurig family with more to offer in the way of functionality.

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If you’d prefer a cheaper machine, then any of the other offerings in the Keurig family will typically come with a lower price tag, but you’ll likely sacrifice on strength and temperature control. 

Final Verdict

Providing a final verdict on the comparison between the Keurig K525C and Keurig575 hasn’t been an easy task, owing to the fact that the machines share so many similarities. For example, they boast the same size water reservoir, brew the same sizes of drink, and both come with Keurig’s more recent addition to their coffee machines, the high-resolution LCD screen for controlling your drinks selections.

However, there are some differences to note if you look closely enough. Though both machines have access to a vast array of hundreds of drinks, you can expand this range by hundreds, if not thousands more. The ‘My K-Cup’ reusable coffee filter opens you up to the endless varieties of ground coffee that are sold across the world.

What’s more, the Keurig K525C comes with additional coffee pods to get you started. Whereas the K575 comes with 6 K-Cup coffee pods, the K525C comes with 12. This might not seem like a large difference, but given that the K525C can often be picked up for less than the price of the K575, it’s certainly enough to tip the scales in light of so many other similarities between the two machines.

Based on the above two points, it’s clear that if we had to pick a winner out of the Keurig K525C and Keurig K575, we’d pick the K525C. With just a simple, $15 accessory, it manages to expand the range of drinks available considerably. Either of these machines would be perfectly suited to a coffee drinker who likes to enjoy their drinks in a very specific way, with a variety of optional settings that will allow you to specify exactly how tall, hot and strong you’d like your coffee to be.

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Keurig K525C Coffee Machine vs Keurig K575 Coffee Machine – Which One Is Best?


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