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Bad Habits That Are Making You Obese

Eating fat will not make you obese, but this obese has become the major issue around the world, Obesity is growing at alarming rate, still, people are not realizing the fact that being overweight is not a disease, it’s a lifestyle what we have adopted. If you’re overweight and you are not sure why then there could be a number of reasons but the main reason for this is again your lifestyle.

Overweight can be controlled to an extent and for a temporary period, but unless and until we find the real cause, it cannot be cured permanently. One should alter the habits of its own, these habits are making you Overweight.

So let’s know and try to get rid of Bad Habits which are making us Overweight.

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Watching Tv While Eating

Gulping down while watching tv is very harmful to health. Nowadays people mostly watch tv, while having breakfast or Dinner, which is not at all good for health. One tends to gain weight very quickly in this state. Actually, while watching tv your body is motionless, and you are burning fewer calories than usual. There are so many researchers around the internet that people watching tv for more than 2 hours are easily prone to obesity. While watching Tv, your are so engrossed in that, you forget how much you are eating and that too without hunger. Actually, your body wants to do something but you are forcing your mouth to do work.

So change this habit immediately and see the result.

Drinking Alchohol Too Much


Consuming too much of alcohol/beer is also the main reason of gaining weight. Actually, after drinking, alcohol triggers the brain to have fried and spicy foods. This is very clear that after having a peg or so one starts munching too much and doesn’t realize the calories one is consuming.

Always be a moderate drinker (One peg or so), it will never make you fat. Limit yourself to one peg and enjoy. “It’s you who is drinking, don’t make a drink, drinks you”.

Not Having Dinner Peacefully 


One should always have his dinner peacefully, nowadays is a trend or fashion to have dinner, while you are on your cell phone, doing text or playing your favorite game on your laptop. This is a very bad habit. While eating we should concentrate on eating only. One tends to forget and become mindless for eating, one tends to forget how much he has to eat and consume more than required.

Eat peacefully and if possible have dinner with family and enjoy it. Always try to have dinner at least two hours before going to sleep. If possible go for walk after dinner with your wife and children. This will boost your metabolism and result in good digestion.

Eating Fastfood


Eating fast foods quickly adds pounds to your body, they are full of fats. Fast foods add double the calorie what you eat home. Eating simple food will not only keeps you away from indigestion but will also keep your healthy. Always plan to eat at regular intervals, home made food. Try new recipes and make it for your family too. be healthy and make your family healthy.

Advice: Having big bites, White bread, Combo Meal and eating too fast is also major bad habits for gaining weight, do take out some to exercise from your busy schedule, go for a morning walk or to the gym.

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Bad Habits That Are Making You Obese


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