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Is it worth it to stay in Disney Movie Club after finishing your commitment?

Yesterday, a reader sent me a message wondering if it was worth it to stick with the Disney Movie Club after fulfilling your commitment.

I think it depends on how many more movies you plan on adding to your collection. If you have a lot (say, 7+), it might be worth it to consider finishing your commitment, canceling and re-enrolling with a similar sign-up bonus offer.

ONLY sign up if you use a promo allowing you to purchase 2 full-priced titles to finish your commitment. The deals where you need 3-4 typically aren’t worth it.

Currently, code 28563 will get you a Mickey Mouse fleece mini blanket, and you will need 2 regular-priced titles. Code 30058 is the same thing, but with an Olaf blanket. Your initial sign up is 5 Blu-ray combos for $1 each, an additional movie for $11.95 (this goes to a commitment, leaving two left), and an additional bonus title for $8.95.

I found those promo codes in a very helpful thread and I canceled my DMC. The rep on the phone said I could sign up again at any time. So I did.

I did this a few months ago. I wanted Up, Ratatouille, and 101 Dalmatians and Big Hero 6 ($19.99 on Amazon now) when they came out. My VIP offers still weren’t making it a good deal for me.


I used a promo code that gave me a Mickey Mouse fleece blanket, and I could get 7 movies with my initial sign-up for $21.90, and then I would need to buy 2 more movies full-price to fulfill my agreement.

That was easy to do, and I got 101 Dalmatians and Big Hero 6 (loved BH6! I had no idea what this was about based on previews, but we enjoyed it a lot). I got them on pre-order so they were $5 off each, AND I did that in a month where there was free shipping. Both counted to finish my agreement. At $24.95 each with free shipping, I spent $49.90.

So, I got 9 movies for $71.80. That is less than $8 each. Unbeatable.

If I used a VIP promo offer, something like buy one at regular price, get the rest for 50% off plus free shipping, I would still have paid much more for the 4 titles I definitely wanted. Doing a new sign-up offer saved money, and I added some movies I wouldn’t otherwise have considered (studio Ghibli productions — my 4yo especially enjoyed My Neighbor Totoro and Ponyo).

It’s important to note, during your initial sign-up, you aren’t able to get the full Disney Movie catalog. For one thing, if a movie is in the vault, it is unavailable period. But also, newer releases and some other titles aren’t necessarily going to be available for your sign-up offer. Be sure to check the availability to make sure the titles you want will count.

I have a quite full Disney & Pixar collection now. I will hang on to my VIP membership for now, but I will likely cancel at some point soon. Typically, new releases are cheaper in stores or Amazon during the first few days of their release. Then they have a price jump. That might be my best option for new releases. It isn’t worth it for me to sign up again right now, because there aren’t 7 titles available in the sign-up offer that I want.

Benefits of staying as a VIP member:

  • Discounts are typically better (i.e., buy one at regular price, get the rest of your order for 40-60% off and possibly free shipping, etc.). 
  • A free collectible pin with each full-priced title, or otherwise buy it for $4.95 (not available anywhere else). Disney pin collecting/trading is totally a thing.
  • Some older movies are only available here
  • Collectible lithographs come with new releases for VIPs in some instances

Wanted to put that out there in case any of you are DMC members or considering it. If you own a few Disney or Pixar movies and would like to own way more, the absolute cheapest way to build your collection through DMC — one or more times, if necessary. Just make sure you stick with one membership per household at a time. You cannot have two at once.

Other sources of Disney movies:

  • Library, of course! My library has many titles but not all by a long shot, though interlibrary loan is an option, too. Can’t beat free. 
  • Netflix streaming has a lot of Disney movies right now, including Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 which are both in the vault. Can’t buy them on DVD or Blu-Ray right now. A lot of titles are included — Mulan, Pocahontas, Hercules, Robin Hood, The Aristocats, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Dumbo, etc.
  • Think you may only want to screen a movie once? Rent it via an online streaming service, or Redbox, or a video store. Those still exist, what!

Want some help with the math on if it is worth it for YOU? Comment and let me know. 

* Amazon links and images are affiliate. DMC link is not.

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Is it worth it to stay in Disney Movie Club after finishing your commitment?


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